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OmniverseWare - Intro
Omniverse Squad HQ
*Jose Ayala (me) enters HQ to confront Omnis.*
Jose: Lord Omnis, we have captured the Leader of the Traitors.
Omnis: Excellent work, Jose.
*Two Omniverse Soldiers are seen carrying the Lead Traitor from either hand.*
Omniverse Soldier A: What punishment shall be cast upon him?
Omnis: He is sentenced to Death by Firing Squad, along with anyone else who dare scheme against us, and the entire Omniverse Squad.
Omniverse Soldier B: Affirmative.
Lead Traitor: *as he is taken away* You may have my life now, but the Kuroclaw Army will have yours in return...
*The Two Omniverse Soldiers and the Lead Traitor leave the area*
Jose: Many of these missions can be so tiring sometimes...
Omnis: We are due for a break from these missions.
Jose: Yeah, not to mention, our funds are kinda starting to run low.
Omnis: Hm, there is the Diamond City Arcade, where the Microgames made by WarioWare, Inc. are being compiled.
Jose: Microgames... genius! We can make some of our own! And ho
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 4 4
Guardian Angel (Cutie Marked) by DeviantMaster2014 Guardian Angel (Cutie Marked) :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 10 2 Guardian Angel (Blank Flank) by DeviantMaster2014 Guardian Angel (Blank Flank) :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 10 23 Omega Blade (Earth Pony) by DeviantMaster2014 Omega Blade (Earth Pony) :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 12 42 Morganite Comet (Danah's Ponysona) by DeviantMaster2014 Morganite Comet (Danah's Ponysona) :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 8 6 Morganite Comet (Danah's Ponysona) V3 Compatible by DeviantMaster2014 Morganite Comet (Danah's Ponysona) V3 Compatible :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 7 1 DA Eclipse Test by DeviantMaster2014 DA Eclipse Test :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 7 18 Star Twinkle Precure QR Codes by DeviantMaster2014 Star Twinkle Precure QR Codes :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 21 26
Ai no Haiku
One's goal of true love
A never ending story
Its goal keeps changing
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 2 4
Omniverse Log - New Member
Author: Commander José J. Ayala
Date: February 6th, 2019
Omniverse Log - Entry 3
Unrelated to the first two entries, the Omniverse Squad received a new member, in the form of Danah Rocha, who has been through the Yo-Kai Watch and Pretty Cure Dimension Complexes. For the sake of my interests, we'll focus on the second one. In the Pretty Cure Dimension Complex, she's befriended some of the titular heroines, with KiraKira Pretty Cure a la Mode being her personal favorite. I'm more of a Smile/HUGtto Person, but if there are two things we have in common, it's that we both have our own team of Pretty Cure soldiers (Densetsu/Yume Pretty Cure for me, Yo-Kai Pretty Cure for Danah), and that we both can become Pretty Cure warriors ourselves. My Curesona as we now call it, is known as the Guardian of All Souls, Cure Omnis, while Danah has two in the form of KiraKira Pretty Cure a la Mode's Cure Lollipop, and HUGtto Pretty Cure's Cure Soundtrack, with a third one in the form of Star Twinkle P
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 3 3
HUGtto Pretty Cure Mirai
Hugmi "Hugtan" Nono (野乃はぐみ・はぐたん), daughter of Hana Nono (野乃はなの娘) as Cure Tommorow (キュアトゥモロー)
Motif: Artist
Aozora Yakushiji (薬師寺あおぞら), daughter of Saaya Yakushiji (薬師寺さあやの娘) as Cure Éclat (キュアイークラ)
Motif: Nurse
Hoshino Kagayaki (輝木ほしの), daughter of Homare Kagayaki (輝木ほまれの娘) as Cure Sucré (キュアスークレ)
Motif: Preschool Teacher
Daisuki Aisaki-Amour (愛崎・アムールだいすき), daughter of Emiru Aisaki (愛崎えみるの娘) as Cure C
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 4 36
Omniverse Log - Reason for Rescue
Author: Commander José J. Ayala
Date: January 8th, 2019
Omniverse Log - Entry 2
As some might recall, Faba of the Aether Foundation came up with the crazy idea of kidnapping Hugtan for her supply of Asu Power. Of course, I tried to stop that from happening, but Faba was really sneaky and sent Kiwae and Sophocles to kidnap her and succeeded. This, of course, was bad news, because the All-Stars Parthenon sent the international Cures on the search and they themselves had to help the HUGtto Cures, because, just as I feared, they were on an emotional rampage. This was what motivated me and the Densetsu/Yume Fairies to go rescue her. When we got to Aether Paradise, Hugtan had provided 75 Batteries worth of Asu Power, which is enough to summon Mother Heart into their world for approval of the Anti-Paradox Machine, as mentioned in the previous entry. We only came for Hugtan, and when we got her back to her home world, we got a message from Faba that he, in his words, "wasn't done getting
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 6 123
angelthewingedcat Colab Entry by DeviantMaster2014 angelthewingedcat Colab Entry :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 7 10
Operation Hugtan Rescue
Me: *watching over the events of Hana's group* I was afraid of that. I knew that kidnapping Hugtan was a mistake! *to the Densetsu/Yume Precure Fairies* Guys, I'm sending you guys into the Pokémon World to rescue Hugtan. One of our Omniverse Spies just gave us new intel. It seems that George Kurai of Criasu Corporation has targeted Hugtan. We should keep an eye out for him.
Momo: Right-momo!
Mi-chan: We'll get on it!
*We all get on the OmniSkyship*
OS-DOS (OmniSkyship's Dimensional Operating System): WHERE TO, JOSÉ?
Me: To Aether Paradise, and step on it!
*The OmniSkyship opens a portal large enough to allow it to go through*
Me: Don't worry, Hugtan. We're coming for you!
*The OmniSkyship goes through the portal*
Aether Paradise, Alola Region
*The Skyship appears from the portal and we are lowed to the Second Floor as the OmniSkyship activates its camouflage*
Me: OK! Let's go over the mission again.
*As I narrate, we go th
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 3 48
Omniverse Log - Hiding the Mold
Author: Commander José J. Ayala
Date: December 21st, 2018
Omniverse Log - Entry 1
Just a few days ago, Ash Ketchum's older brother Yana Ketchum has unveiled and activated a device known as the Anti-Paradox, a device that can nullify any changes to the space-time continuum, as a response to former Criasu Corporation employee Dr. Traum messing with time in the Pretty Cure World. This also came with the side effect of preventing time travelers from the future, such as the Android Lulu Armour, known in HUGtto Pretty Cure as Cure Armour, the Fairy Harriham Harry, and Hugtan, known from the future as Cure Tommorow, from ever returning to the future if the past was changed too much for their own good. The device required a key to be inserted in addition to pressing the button on it to be activated and will be powered by default. The key in question has been destroyed, and I was given the only mold in the Omniverse able to recreate said key. In order to prevent our enemies from finding sa
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 4 80
Omniverse Squad News 12/18/2018
Grandfather of Future Idol Murdered during Illuminati Meeting!
Cure Rose: This is Cure Rose from Densetsu/Yume Precure, reporting live from the Pretty Cure World that the grandfather of HUGtto Pretty Cure's Emiru Aisaki, also known as Cure Ma-Cherie has been murdered during a meeting with fellow Dimensional Freedom Fighters, the Illuminati. They say that a mysterious figure game in with a gun and shot the old man dead. What happened when it went down? Well, the Illuminati's Frank Jones alongside three locals of this world were talking to Old Man Aisaki about Emiru's Future Carrer of becoming an idol. The Old Man feared that Emiru would leave the family to persue her dream. It turns out that it was a set up by a man named Bishin, one of the members of the Criasu Corporation, the vision of which is to stop time in order to find "true happiness." This would be the equivalent of the Time Control Incident from a couple of weeks ago. In that scandal, Dr. Traum, who also used t
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 2 22
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Lyra Johnson Short Info
Full name: Lyra Heart Johnson
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Nicknames: Kotone (her Japanese name), Ly (by Ethan), Gremlin (by Ethan), Cupcake, Angel, Sugar (by Lawrence), Sweetheart (by Ethel), Big sis (by Brandon and Beatrice), Lyra Heartstrings (by her girl friends)
Birthday: July 20
Clothing: She wears a white poofy hat with a large crimson red ribbon tied in a bow on it, a black top under a quarter-sleeved crimson red sweater with a white collar, dark blue denim dungaree shorts, white over the knee socks with black elastic, and crimson red slip on shoes with white soles. She also has a straw colored shoulder bag.
Her sleeping attire consists of a slightly oversized shirt with a Lyra Heartstrings print along with red and blue checkered pyjama pants.
Hometown: New Bark Town, Johto
Personality: Polite, optimistic, adorable, goofy, kind, loving, pure, generous, helpful, caring
Family: Lawrence (father), Lynne (biological mother, d
:iconflorafion19:florafion19 3 6
Tenshi Chillin' by LuckyMcCloud Tenshi Chillin' :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 4 0 Adventurer Duo's Rest by LuckyMcCloud Adventurer Duo's Rest :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 12 0 Nep Sleep 3.5 A Little Bit of Ship Tease by LuckyMcCloud Nep Sleep 3.5 A Little Bit of Ship Tease :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 11 0 Nep Sleep 3 Peaceful Sleep by LuckyMcCloud Nep Sleep 3 Peaceful Sleep :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 13 1 Nep Sleep 2 The Neppening by LuckyMcCloud Nep Sleep 2 The Neppening :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 10 0 Nep Sleep by LuckyMcCloud Nep Sleep :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 18 2 Gamindustri Academy - The Gang by LuckyMcCloud Gamindustri Academy - The Gang :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 20 5 Late Night movies by LuckyMcCloud Late Night movies :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 11 1 Childish Mischief by LuckyMcCloud Childish Mischief :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 18 9 Child rearing with the Neps by LuckyMcCloud Child rearing with the Neps :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 8 1 Rest and Recovery by LuckyMcCloud Rest and Recovery :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 10 0 Innocent Complements by LuckyMcCloud Innocent Complements :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 16 3 Finally Done by LuckyMcCloud Finally Done :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 5 2 Neps Road Trip by LuckyMcCloud Neps Road Trip :iconluckymccloud:LuckyMcCloud 29 3
Nate and Rosa Hernandez Short Info
(My versions of the B2W2 protagonists. Golly I miss playing the games so much xP Iphone won't let me do emulators again)
Full name: Nathan Blake Hernandez
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Nicknames: Kyouhei (his Japanese name), Nate (for short, by everyone), Son (by his parents) Bro (by Rosa), Dork, Dweeb (by Hilda), Cuz (by Hilda), Cousin (by Hilbert)
Birthday: July 9
Clothing: He wears a scarlet red tennis visor with a black and white logo. His outfit consists of a cobalt blue short-sleeved jacket with beige knee length shorts, and underneath that, a shiny black wetsuit with teal accenting, that has elbow-length sleeves and nearly full-length legs, but falls short enough to show that he isn't wearing socks. He wears red and black sneakers with white laces, and carries a large white messenger bag with a blue stripe.
Hometown: Aspertia City, Unova
Personality: Determined, relaxed, playful, adventurous, brave, good-natured, caring,
:iconflorafion19:florafion19 3 7


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