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About Varied / Hobbyist José Javier Ayala Vélez19/Male/Puerto Rico Groups :iconomniverse-squad: Omniverse-Squad
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Jose (Gacha Life) by DeviantMaster2014 Jose (Gacha Life) :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 5 7 RWBY OC Team - Team VOLT - Rebooted by DeviantMaster2014 RWBY OC Team - Team VOLT - Rebooted :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 7 4
Sailor Chibi Stellar's Wuxi Finger Hold
Dark Star: You....can't...defeat me ! You...You're nothing but....a....little... star...child! *tries to punch Sailor Chibi Stellar*
*Suddenly, the Sailor Chibi Stellar grabbed Dark Star by just grabbing hold of one of her fingers.*
Sailor Chibi Stellar: I'm not a little star child. I'm THE Little Star Child! I am Sailor Stellar Moon, Daughter of Sailor Stellar and Solar Knight, and I will rid the future of your crimes!
*Sailor Chibi Stellar then lifts up her own pinkie finger in order to position an attack. Sailor Stellar and Solar Knight also join in and grab Dark Star's finger and lift up their own pinkies.*
Dark Star: *Gasps in shock* The Wuxi Finger Hold.
Sailor Stellar: Oh, so you DO know this hold, Dark Star. Well, let us tell you one thing before we perform this last neat little trick to you.
Solar Knight: Surprisingly, the hardest part about this trick is resulting clean up of the aftermath of this attack.
Dark Star: You're bluffing. You're bluffing. Neither of you were ever t
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 3 3
Densetsu/Yume Precure Logo by DeviantMaster2014 Densetsu/Yume Precure Logo :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 4 4 Densetsu/Yume Precure (Shine Trans.) by DeviantMaster2014 Densetsu/Yume Precure (Shine Trans.) :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 12 0 Densetsu/Yume Precure (Shine) by DeviantMaster2014 Densetsu/Yume Precure (Shine) :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 12 0 Evillious Chronicles OC - Maxwell Jr. by DeviantMaster2014 Evillious Chronicles OC - Maxwell Jr. :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 8 4 The Hated Children that became Princesses Logo by DeviantMaster2014 The Hated Children that became Princesses Logo :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 2 5 Densetsu/Yume Precure (Rose and Blue Trans.) by DeviantMaster2014 Densetsu/Yume Precure (Rose and Blue Trans.) :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 27 0 Densetsu/Yume Precure (Rose and Blu) by DeviantMaster2014 Densetsu/Yume Precure (Rose and Blu) :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 20 8
Omniverse Squad Sings: Cendrillon
サンドリヨン (Cendrillon)
VocalsAi Hoshiko/Sailor StellarRyuu Taiyou/Solar KnightAi
asa made odoru yume dake misete
tokei no kane ga toku mahou
aimaina yubi sasou kaidan
san-dan tobashi ni hanete iku
basha no naka de furueteta
Ryuu & Ai
mijimena furugi mekuri megure yoru no butou
Ai & Ryuu
mishiranu kao sagasu sasayaku ano koe ga
nigiri shimeta yaiba tsuki tate subete wo ubaeto
Ryuu & Ai
minashigo tsudou shiro emi kamen ni egaite
itsuwari no itsukushimi sae hane de tsutsumu SERAPH
hai no naka de akaku tokete majiru GLASS no kutsu
imasara kaeru furuete iru no
anata ga me wo yaru tokei
kutsu nugi odoru SLOPE nukete
nodo made nobiru yubi no saki de
sukuu shizuku kuchi zukete
Ryuu & Ai
hashiru shyoudou sebone nukete iku setsuna
Ai & Ryuu
kane wa narasa nai de anata ni hizamazuki
mada dame to sakenda migite ga tsuki sasu sayonara
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 8 3
VOCALOID - Hatsune Miku no Tanjoubi
It was a very special day in the Crypton Household, the day was August 31st, meaning that it was Miku's birthday that day. Miku had been out of town for a while, so Luka, the big sister figure of the group, thought it would be a pretty good idea to plan a surprise party for Miku. The rest of Miku's colleagues, Rin, Len, KAITO and MEIKO, agreed with this, and sometime after, everything was ready.
"Miku's going to be surprised!" Rin shouted.
"Rin, quiet! She's coming!" said Len, as he shushed Rin and ran torwards the light switch and turned the lights off.
"Hide everyone!" said KAITO, as everyone hid.
Miku then opened the door to the house.
"Hello? Guys?" Miku said, as she entered the dark house, only for Len to turn the lights back on and everyone popped out from their places.
"Surprise!" everyone shouted.
Miku was flustered. "Aw, you guys..." she said, as MEIKO walked torwards her middle daughter figure.
"It was Luka's idea to surprise you with this party, Miku," MEIKO said.
"You reall
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 11 18
Smile Precure QR Codes by DeviantMaster2014 Smile Precure QR Codes :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 41 9 MLP Fusion Lab 01 - Colorful Breeze (Click DL) by DeviantMaster2014 MLP Fusion Lab 01 - Colorful Breeze (Click DL) :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 4 0 MLP Fusion Lab 01 - Colorful Breeze by DeviantMaster2014 MLP Fusion Lab 01 - Colorful Breeze :icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 10 2
Omniverse Squad Sings - Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga
組曲「ニコニコ動画」Kumikyoku "Nico Nico Douga"
IRLJose J. Ayala (Me, :iconDeviantMaster2014: )From VOCALOIDHose "JAVI" HikarineFrom UTAUUTAU XtremeHourousha Kashikoi-otoAone & Akane NiotoDragu ONJOFrom Evillious ChroniclesAlexander/Hero XFrom Sailor MoonAi Hoshiko/Sailor StellarRyuu Taiyou/Solar KnightAi "Aiko" Hoshiko II/Sailor Chibi StellarFrom DanganronpaKibou Senshi, the Ultimate Sword WarriorFrom RWBYTeam VOLTVio MurasakiOcean PuleunLinnie BelyyTara Cota
01 - エージェント夜を往く (Agent Yoru o Yuku) - THE iDOLM @ STER ft. Hose "JAVI" Hikarine
motto takamete haenaku kokoro no oku made
anata dake ga tsukaeru TECHNIQUE de
tokashitsukushite, tokashitsukushite
tokashitsukushite, tokashitsukushite
motto takamete haenaku kokoro no oku made
anata dake ga tsukaeru TECH
:icondeviantmaster2014:DeviantMaster2014 3 0
This is just some of my gallery. Click the button to see more.


Peach and Maguro Riding a Horse Together! by Sandrag1 Peach and Maguro Riding a Horse Together! :iconsandrag1:Sandrag1 1 0
Mature content
The Clockwork Corset :iconartikano:Artikano 78 13
Merry Chrismas by TeddyTaw Merry Chrismas :iconteddytaw:TeddyTaw 3 2 If The World Of Light Was A 1930s Styled Boss Rush by edencrafty127 If The World Of Light Was A 1930s Styled Boss Rush :iconedencrafty127:edencrafty127 12 1 Karavala Kara Smash by JoeyB1001 Karavala Kara Smash :iconjoeyb1001:JoeyB1001 2 0 Shizuka Marikawa: Asleep by OCTOPUS-SLIME Shizuka Marikawa: Asleep :iconoctopus-slime:OCTOPUS-SLIME 10 1 Saya Takagi: Asleep by OCTOPUS-SLIME Saya Takagi: Asleep :iconoctopus-slime:OCTOPUS-SLIME 9 1 Hiding in the library by TheSilentDreamer26 Hiding in the library :iconthesilentdreamer26:TheSilentDreamer26 2 0 Asleep by Sheharzad-Arshad Asleep :iconsheharzad-arshad:Sheharzad-Arshad 26 3 Caught Red...Faced? by Amelius Caught Red...Faced? :iconamelius:Amelius 42 24 Puddle of Colours by Hitokiri-Shinzui Puddle of Colours :iconhitokiri-shinzui:Hitokiri-Shinzui 149 97 .::zZzZzZz..cooookiiessss...zZzZzZ::. by IntelligentBiscuit .::zZzZzZz..cooookiiessss...zZzZzZ::. :iconintelligentbiscuit:IntelligentBiscuit 12 10 My First Animation by Baka-Youkai-Neko My First Animation :iconbaka-youkai-neko:Baka-Youkai-Neko 11 3 Boobside Book by TheXanafar
Mature content
Boobside Book :iconthexanafar:TheXanafar 185 10
Not time for bedtime by Sukia-chan Not time for bedtime :iconsukia-chan:Sukia-chan 11 2 Day 8: Sleeping by PikaGirl270 Day 8: Sleeping :iconpikagirl270:PikaGirl270 3 0


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José Javier Ayala Vélez
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Puerto Rico
I am the creator of the UTAUloid Hourousha Kashikoi-oto and the RWBY Team VOLT, as well as the Omniverse Squad in general.

My birthday badge

RP and Fanfic Requests are currently open. Everything else is currently out of the question.



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Maxwell Jr, Guardian of the Saints/Hero Z: :iconheroz-maxwelljr:


How would you guys like it if I wrote Stories based on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Classic Mode? Since each character has their own unique set of opponents, there would be a lot of stories.
Rest in Peace, Stephen Hillenburg. You will be missed.



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I have just created a new OC, and here's what you should know about him.

Maxwell Jr., Guardian of the Saints (Hero Z) (マックスウェル二世、聖人の保護者(ヒーローZ))

  1. Maxwell Jr, along side his brother Alexander, is one of the two rulers of the Kingdom of Crystalis.
  2. When their father, Maxwell Sr, was murdered, and when the two ran to Evillious, Levia-Behemo had chosen him to be the Guardian of the Saints.
  3. After reforming his brother and helping to reclaim the Crystalian throne, Maxwell Jr. was given the alias Hero Z and was embedded with the white gem known as the Saints' Charm.
  4. Maxwell Jr. is often nicknamed "MJ."
  5. In contrast to Alexander, MJ is an assassin. He prefers to take down his enemies with stealth before making a quick getaway, as opposed to Alexander's more offensive magic and skills with weapons.
  6. The two brothers' contrast to the other, as they either use black or white for the main color and the opposite for the auxiliary color. And their hair color follows this, too.
  7. The two brothers go under the collective alias "Hero Brothers XZ."
  8. He's the one that dealt the killing blow to his father's murderer after Alexander enchanted MJ's hidden blade.
I tag:
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:iconjadejoes: Akui
:iconknucklesmega: Aruma
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