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Welcome to DeviantLoveSoftware

Deviant Love is a browser extension for Firefox & Chrome that gives art appreciators an artist-oriented view of their Faves, and this group is where you'll find news & musings on its development, as well as plenty of opportunities to provide your feedback.

Questions? Bug reports? Ideas? Feel free to leave 'em in a comment here. You can also submit visual suggestions to the Mock-ups and Suggestions folder (which doesn't require group membership), or learn & discuss the future of Deviant Love at the roadmap. Note that by participating here, you agree to Deviant Love's Code of Conduct.

You can find the source code and help with development at the GitHub repo. Consider noting me so we can coordinate our efforts.

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Deviant Love for Firefox and Chrome by PixievoltNo1
Mock-ups and Suggestions


Ten years and a few months ago, on April 4, 2010, I released Deviant Love 1.0 with the intent of helping all of us appreciate the people who make the art we love. Today, I am proud to announce a version that puts everything that's been made for 3.0 so far into a DeviantArt Eclipse-compatible package!
2.10 Announcement Intro

Eclipse Compatibility

"Eclipse" is the codename for what is now the current version of DeviantArt. Under this version, past versions of Deviant Love couldn't gather enough information from a Faves page to start a scan, but that's now been resolved.

All That 3.0 Goodness And Then Some

Though I'm not considering 3.0 done until I implement skin support, there's a lot I've already done that I've decided to mix into this special release:
  • A lot of design work that went into making Deviant Love friendlier, more enjoyable, and more usable-via-touchscreen:
2.10 Announcement New Design
  • Deviant Love 3.0 introduced an icon to be shown at the left of an artist's line when you're not watching their deviations. For 2.10 and a future 3.0 release, that icon's been simplified to a small circle. As usual, if you see it next to an artist you've faved a lot of art from, you know what to do!
  • Firefox for Android compatibility comes to a stable release for the first time, and it's been improved even further! (Though do note that Firefox is about to release a new version that currently doesn't allow Deviant Love to be installed.) Everything not directly related to Deviant Love's main purpose is now kept in a hamburger menu to keep the interface compact for smartphones, and Deviant Love now integrates with the back button so it'll just close Deviant Love instead of taking you off the Faves page.
There is one notable design difference between 3.0 and 2.10 - though both versions provide a button to let you easily access extension options, 3.0 had it on an "action bar", while 2.10 keeps the traditional find bar and puts the options button in the top-right corner. (Both versions instead put it in the hamburger menu on Firefox for Android.)


In addition to the 3.0 design changes, the Find bar now shows you results as you type in it, so you can find what you're looking for even faster. If this is a problem for you, you can turn it off in Options.

Get It

Deviant Love for Chrome (There may be a delay before version 2.10 is available.)

The Future

Mental health issues massively delayed this release, and unfortunately you should expect more delays on the road to version 3.0. I won't give up on making it a reality, though! One of my troubles has been money, so if you like, you can personally contribute to helping me feel better at my Sponsus page - every dollar counts! And in the meantime, feel free to send bug reports and other feedback on version 2.10, and I will respond to all of it as best as I can. Also, spreading the word about Deviant Love will help to build a supportive userbase, and is muchly appreciated!
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You should put up the deviation in question on the group gallery! It's not immediately evident what this group is about.
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