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Silent Flame
Silent flame, whence came thy splendor?
What great hand did spark thine ember?
Thy golden tongues caress my skin
And set my blood to burning
Just how many starlit nights
And long days past didst thou ignite
This seething passion, raging hot
And set my heart to yearning?
Come and take me, cursed fire
From heat-forged birth to funeral pyre
Thy scarlet lips to char us all
And keep the blue world turning
Come and dance then, weave thy beat
And from my crown unto my feet
Thine ancient and eternal heat
With mine icy veins shall meet
And take me to mine end
:icondeviantkriegen:deviantkriegen 4 1
Drums in the Night
Shrouded was the moon
When first I heard the Drum
A palm struck skin, spoke life and death
In ancient, terrible rhythm
Scattered were the fires
In deeply wooded hills
The wounded wept, the weary sighed
The Drum beat and they were gone
Torpid were my limbs
In that fevered fervor
My mouth bled fear, my eyes beheld
That distant, cold abyss
Welcome was the sun
In those dark, cursed hills
It brought me to, the men returned
We rose and marched, sanguine
But red was the sky
When last I heard the Drum
The bodies fell, the fires roared
In ancient, sacred rhythm
It beckoned to us
And the black hills crumbled
Into that cold, terrible fire
The drum beat and I was gone
:icondeviantkriegen:deviantkriegen 3 0
Fine, take it all
But I'll be back tomorrow
And things will change
There's so much more
I can't obsess forever
The world won't wait
So here I go
I'll find a new distraction
I know I can
But doubt prevails
I don't know where I'm going
Are you still there?
:icondeviantkriegen:deviantkriegen 0 0
what am i doing on this site
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dandelions are yellow
And grass is green.
:icondeviantkriegen:deviantkriegen 5 2
The Song of Kolgrim
Beyond the Northern Sea
Past ebon walls of stone
On the battlefield of Fjallinbrie
Brave Kolgrim stood alone
A thousand warriors lay
The air did reek of death
And the mighty slayer's name was spoke
On many a dying breath
For on that fateful day
The Blood God woke again
And rose up from the black abyss
To enslave the world of men
Yet Kolgrim stood his ground
His ax and shield bared
And he bade the fiend to slake its thirst
On Kolgrim if it dared
The mighty demon came
And met with Kolgrim's steel
And the slayer gave a fearsome roar
Which sent the fiend to reel
Then he felt Bear's fury
From deep within his heart
And Kolgrim embraced his spirit rage
And charged his counterpart
Blood God and Man Beast
They warred for all the world
And as it seemed the fiend would fall
Its great black wings unfurled
It swooped down from the cliffs
To haunt another land
And Kolgrim knew what he must do
Redemption was at hand
And so brave Kolgrim leapt
Steel ax met demon bone
And they plunged into the sea belo
:icondeviantkriegen:deviantkriegen 1 3
Ode to the Supervillain
Born a genius with great power.
Thrust into a world wretched and rotten.
You knew within that this was your hour.
The fate for which you'd been begotten.
Growing in strength, you leapt through life,
Dismissing those who held you back.
Not a soul understood your strife.
For you possess what they all lack.
Pragmatism, dedication, and great ambition.
Though you were surrounded by idealistic fools,
You'd show them all; this was your mission.
They would become your unwitting tools.
And so it went; you soared indeed.
From the vapid droves you emerged a man.
Obtaining everything you'd need:
Wealth, influence, and a master plan.
You would rise to a seat of power.
The masses would kneel and call you king.
From the depths of your dark tower,
This wretched world to its knees you'd bring.
There is only one man that stands in your way.
The vigilante with the silly cape.
He foils your plans day after day.
But surely you'll defeat him; he cannot escape.
Yet he pummels your henchmen, this heroic clown
:icondeviantkriegen:deviantkriegen 0 1
Anarchic Musings
Sadism sleeps in silken sheets.
Greed grows fat but discontent.
Wicked acts are well rewarded,
While cruel justice falls on the innocent.
Hapless humans happily toil;
Wage-slaves slavering over every cent,
Like chasing carrots on a string,
Not seeing how precious time is spent.
We cannot bear to see the truth;
That we are all of us living lies,
And the world is coming to an end.
Earth is a corpse, and we are flies.
And so in gilded grief we sleep,
Pretending the world is just and fair,
As we tear it apart in the name of wealth.
There's only so much a planet can bear.
And as a dog must scratch its fleas,
So must Earth react to man.
The seas may boil, the ground may quake,
Our world will reject us if it can.
:icondeviantkriegen:deviantkriegen 4 3
Silence by deviantkriegen Silence :icondeviantkriegen:deviantkriegen 3 1


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And now to express my inner anguish through the majesty of Haiku.

You'd think this drama
Would inspire me to write more.
It doesn't, really.


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United States
This magnificent gentleman was born in Reno, Nevada. Doctors were shocked when he burst forth from his mother's uterus, already sporting a full-grown beard. Humbly, they looked at the mother and said,
"Congratulations; It's a MAN."

Sean's childhood was somewhat difficult. He lived in six different states over the course of ten years. However, no matter where he lived, he always felt out of place. It was as if he was ahead of his time, and no mere mortal could challenge him or stimulate his obscenely brilliant intellect. The teachers were useless. His "friends" merely held him back. Over time, he developed into a true paragon of intelligence, good looks, and swagger.

Currently, Sean can be found living in California. When he is not writing autobiographies in the third person, he enjoys playing video games and making mediocre artwork.


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