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If you had it your way what sort of changes would you make to deviantART?

If I had my way...I would try to stabilize the current features before offering new ones. I would also make some minor tweaks to the site layout and, specifically, the front page. And also, I would change some policies to a more tolerant direction.  But yeah, these are just my very personal views and since I’m not in charge, and being an authority obedient Finn, I’ll support the current agenda and direction fully.

I'm on the other side of the globe but still I can mention you at parties and people know who I'm talking about. How has all this popularity affected your life?

Wow...that sounds cool, the party thing. The popularity...I have to keep in mind, it's only on the internet, it's not like I’m a celebrity or anything. But anyway, how it's affected is that I spend more and more time, and steadily too, by the computer, because there are so many things for me happening on the internet. Answering the emails and all other communication take a huge amount if my time, but I’m wiling to give that because I like what I’m doing. The popularity itself has interesting affects...people act different around me on the internet, there are those who judge me without knowing and those who kiss my ass. I never had a lot of trust for others and now even less but I’m not really complaining, I’m an attention whore in the end. If we think of popularity as the general interest towards my work and such, having an audience has of course motivated me a lot, to try harder and more and so forth. All in all photography has become a big part of my life and being or becoming popular because of my work is an honor.

In one of your journal entries you described your audience as a sort of collective "hive mind". Would you mind going into detail about this hive mind's likes and dislikes?

Well, it was partly a joke but there was a seed of truth as well. To brutally stereotype: my audience seems to like material that shocks them, but in a good way, mind twisters if you will. I presume a great deal of my audience is Goths or into dark themes, whether it is teenage phase or something more permanent varies. I think many of them are mass consumers of media, movies and such, hence they understand the similarities and hints in that direction but at the same time that is why they might want 'more' than the average flower picture. By more I don't mean that the flower picture is actually less, I’m not saying that this 'numbness' is good at all, but it's like the eyes really need something flashy and drastic to keep the attention. The attention span is generally short. I would say they also enjoy violence and sex or sexual connotations when presented in a visually pleasing manner, like many movies these days do... they have a slightly more open minded attitude than the average citizen but not that much. To be honest I don't think all that many people who like my work actually get it the way I would like it to be understood. But never mind. Woops, I spoke in a slightly degrading manner (almost) of my audience, but that is hard to avoid when talking about stereotypes usually... I do appreciate my audience a lot.

How has your photography changed since you first started and what sort of changes are you experimenting with recently?

I think that as I’ve learned the technical side more I’ve been able to do more things, but it's not like my mind has changed, I used to draw similar things, now I’m able to better express my ideas. But to compare with my very first photos I have more morbid themes now, as well as more intelligent, occasionally. By intelligent I mean witty, deep. But all in all I would say I’ve just become more able to express the ideas and visions I had in the first place. I am constantly trying to experiment with different styles that I see in magazines for example, but I usually fail, I’m very stuck in the visual style that I do, clean and focused color photos. I would like to experiment more with fashion photography kind of style (not content) and to generally explore a bit but it is just very hard as learning new things always is. Also I think I’m constantly learning technique. Oh and, I think I’m more and more going into nudity and sexual themes, don’t know why. Also men are finally starting to seem like more interesting subjects but in very neutral ideas only.

Any predictions?

Wow that's vague. For myself? I think it's obnoxious to predict getting better but I think if I try and want to, it's hard to avoid. I don't expect any major changes, growth in sales of my prints and work in general although I still don't plan to actively market anything. I will just keep shooting and hopefully try new things and expand artistically.

Interview with ©suzi9mm

Art work rendered by =reddoor
Reference Drawing [link]
Written by =johnnyjinx

It’s a bit of a trick to interview someone as well known as Jenni. Arguably one of the most popular people on dA, Jenni makes very little about herself or her work a mystery. When you take into account the other interviews she’s answered and her extensively detailed, often delightfully opinionated journal, even if there isn't much ground left to cover - its fun just to read what she has to say.

Continued from Part I
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supremextreme's avatar
Wonderfully insightful interview. A great read. It's fun to see what goes on inside the minds of others. It's easy to have preconceptions about people and this wonderful forum helps to clear a lot of that up. Well done, Double J.
Illiterate-Cell's avatar
This is so interesting.. I love it. I like reading a "Real" point of veiw from a well known artist.. Man.. I can't get over how cool this DA account is.. You may be my favorite group thing
Nicely written!!
deviantINTERVIEW's avatar
With flattery like that you may become my favorite reader. Hey - after we announce the current contest's winner (on the 27th) we'll be holding another contest. I can't get into it right now except to say that if you can write a sentence you should enter.
xEXILEDx's avatar
Jen has some wicked minds. Interesting stuff here. :thumbsup: Thanks.
deviantINTERVIEW's avatar
Jen was a fun interview. Out of my league for sure but still fun. Thanks for the comment.

xEXILEDx's avatar
Out of legue? nooo! You stared this! she just stole your Idea.
deviantINTERVIEW's avatar
lol - you're funny. Bless you!

BTW - how is it that you're able to see the interview?Its not showing up in any of my galleries. It says I have 12 deviations but I can't see it anywhere. My paranoid mind suspects a conspiracy. Mwah!
xEXILEDx's avatar
Was it put into storage maybe?
deviantINTERVIEW's avatar
Nope. Its just not showing up. How annoying. Perhaps if I reclassify it as digital art...
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:shrug: Give it a day to show up?
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Lets hope thats the case. But if so - how lame is that! Thanks for your help.
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