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Tue Mar 29, 2011, 5:10 PM by iLantiis:iconilantiis:

:pointr: How do I join this group? top
To join, you simply need to click the Join this Group link. Once you join, you will want to check out our member's guide!

:pointr: How do I submit art to the group? top
Take a look at this detailed tutorial by Anjellyjoy for instructions on how to submit a deviation using the deviantART Groups system. In deviantHEART, you can submit to both the Gallery and Collections!

:pointr: What do the folder names mean? top
:pointr: I don't know what folder to submit to!
Remember that all art must be positive! Please see our Gallery Structure for an overview of all our galleries and what can be submitted there.

:pointr: Why was my submission declined? top
:pointr: Why didn't I get a response when my submission was declined?
Please take a moment to review the submission guide. Because art is so subjective, we use our best judgement through a voting system where each admin votes yes or no to determine if your piece meets the generally accepted criteria for our group gallery. We do try to reply to explain why we decline some pieces, but in some cases, the voting is too close for a specific reason to be given. You do have the option to appeal the decision by sending the group a note.

:pointr: How can I help deviantHEART? top
You can help deviantHEART by volunteering, submitting positive works, and by sharing your knowledge and experiences with the people around you. A positive attitude is all it takes! To learn about volunteering, you can visit the volunteer's guide. To learn more about submitting art, you can visit the submission guide.

:pointr: What do we do in the chatroom? top
:pointr: Why should I bother visiting a chat event?
The chatroom is a live meeting place for our group. You can ask on-the-spot questions to the volunteers and moderators, suggest ideas and get immediate feedback, or request changes you would like to see. Sometimes, we give away points to members who come to the scheduled chat events, and we also love to play both Eye Spy and Heart2Art. You can read more about those in the activity guide.

:pointr: Someone is bothering me. Can you help me? top
If you are having problems with another user, block them. Should the deviant persist after being blocked, report it to the Help Desk. Asking other users to get involved could get you suspended or banned. If you are having problems or see problems with a member of the group or chatroom, please contact us via note with links or screenshots of the incident so it can be addressed. If someone is taking your work without permission, you need to report the work to dA with the "Report Deviation" link found on every deviation. You can also contact one of the many anti-theft groups OR directly contact the help desk if it is multiple works. deviantHEART will not make reports for you or get involved.

:pointr: I found a spelling / grammatical error! top
Run for the hills! ... Just kidding. Just send us a note and tell us where you found it or leave a comment on the blog. If you are a volunteer or moderator, you can be really proactive and just edit the blog and fix it. Lantiis is a math geek, so spelling is as complex to her as statistical analysis and number theory is to most of the English majors!

:pointr: My Question wasn't answered here... top
No problem! Please send the group a note with your question. We will answer it, and we may even add it to this list!

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