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Welcome to DeviantDinosaurs!

Joining is simple. There are no requirements and you will be automatically approved.

What can be Submitted:
:bulletblue: -We accept all deviations that have dinosaurs in them. We also accept other species found in the Mesozoic (Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous)
:bulletblue: -If for some reason your deviation was declined/deleted, it did not belong in the folder. Please be responsible and submit your deviation to the correct folder or contact Admins.
:bulletblue: -Please submit your deviation(s) to the correct folder. If you do not know what your deviation belongs, note us beforehand.
:bulletblue: -Your deviation may take a while to be accepted due to a large backlog of submissions. Submitting multiple times is obviously fruitless.

Submission Amount:
There is no submission limit at this time.

Folder Topics
:bulletgreen: Ornithischians: A large taxonomic group of herbivorous dinosaurs.
:bulletgreen: Saurischians: All carnivorous dinosaurs (certain types of theropods) are saurischians, as are all of the birds and one of the two primary lineages of herbivorous dinosaurs, the sauropodomorphs.
:bulletgreen: Marine Reptiles: Includes all mososaurs, ichthyosaurs, sauropterygians, and neodiapsids.
:bulletgreen: Synapsids: Mammalian ancestors found in the Mesozoic period can be placed here.
:bulletgreen: Pterosaurs: Flying reptiles, not related to dinosaurs, can be placed here.
:bulletgreen: Other Archosaurs: Crocodylomorphs and their allies. Pretty much any other archosaur that is not a dinosaur or pterosaur goes here.
:bulletgreen: Mesozoic Lepidosaurs: Saurians that are split off from archosaurs. Snakes, lizards, and their allies can be placed here.
:bulletgreen: Mesozoic Fish and Amphibians: Fish with fleshy lobes and stuff found the the Mesozoic can be placed here.
:bulletgreen: Invertebrates: Invertebrate species found the the Mesozoic can be placed here.
:bulletgreen: Multiples: Deviations comprising of different species like "T-rex vs. Ornithischian" can be placed here.
:bulletgreen: Speculative Evolution, OCs, and Fanart: Artwork depicting fanart, original characters, and speculative evolution can be placed here.
:bulletgreen: Jewelry and Apparel: T-shirts, jewelry, and other physical related items belong here.
:bulletgreen: Literature and Comics: Your comics and writings belong in this folder. Feel free to submit your findings to our journal!

:bulletblue: This is a science based group. Any deviations featuring humans and dinosaurs must be submitted to the Speculative Evolution, OCs, and Fanart or Literature and Comics folders. :bulletblue:

:bulletred: All artwork should belong to you. If you have a deviation of another person's work make sure they are credited. This especially goes for photo manipulations. If you submit a deviation that violates any rules or contains art thievery it will be declined or deleted. :bulletred:

Thank you!
Hello members of DeviantDinosaurs.

:bulletgreen: Your art will now be automatically approved when submitting deviations to this group, so there doesn't need to be a moderator around to approve your art to get into the group. You're limited to two submissions per day so there is no sudden flooding or spam. I hope that helps with the submission process!

:bulletgreen: I am also looking for members who would be interested in being a moderator of this group. Responsibilities would include looking through the submitted art every once and a while and sorting any submissions that are in the wrong folders or deleting submissions that aren't meant to be in the group (like dragons or fantasy creatures). If you are interested in helping out, just leave a comment below and I'll look into making you a moderator.

Thank you, and I hope these changes will help revive this group.
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