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hydroxygen iconset

By deviantdark
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subject: gnome iconset
software: unknown + the GIMP

This is the best I could have ever made.
A full iconset for gnome desktops [windows or mac users won't be able to install it].
I also included a script which lets you modify the colours and the aspect of many icons, like folders ones, apps, buttons, etc.

This is not a complete artwork made from me.
It's a little artwork made by me, and the rest is a collectwork.

This work is released under a CCGNU/GPL License.


Download the .zip file and extract if into your desktop.
Then drag&drop the .tar.gz file into the Themes window to install the iconset.
Further instructions [related to the script modifications] included within the .zip and the tar.gz file.

The iconset is 70+MB weight.


· 19 gen 2008: fixed rhythmbox01 bug; added folder-linux; changed folder-txt; added akonadi icon; added new default evolution icon.
· 18 gen 2008: fixed brown folders bug;
inverted evolution icons; added drives for windows disk and macos disk; added new customization script entries for fusion icon, rhythmbox and emesene; added new icon for checkgmail; changed battery charging icons; changed iconset license.
· 25 dic 2008: changed recent documents and system search icons; fixed some stock icon; added icons and script instructions for digikam and solfege.
· 17 dic 2008: changed cd icons on all stuffs [mimetypes and devices]; changed real player mimetypes; added comix icon; changed .exe, makefile, script and other mimetypes.
· 11 dic 2008: fixed a script bug; changed icons for audacious in traybar; added icon for wicd.
· 06 dic 2008: changed internet emblem for all instances [again!]; added new icons and script instructions to set them up; changed icons for gparted, calculator and gnomad2; added icon for sound recorder and application-octet-stream.
· 05 dic 2008: changed internet emblem for all instances; changed and added several mimetypes; changed gftp and google earth icons.
· 04 dic 2008: added different user-trash icons [customizable via script]; changed icons for vlc, document-send, add-folder-to-archive, add-files-to-archive, gnome-mime-application-x-archive; added new firefox icon; added icons for crossover, autopackage-manager-gtk, kbruch and wine related.
· 01 dic 2008: changed icons for audio-muted; added icons for rhythmbox righ menu; added music catalog, repeat and shuffle icons; added anarchy distributor logo.
· 29 nov 2008: changed icon for dvd95; added icons for amule, v for vendetta distributor logo, backup hard disk, audio hard disk, several distros hard disk.
· 20 nov 2008: added icons for: emerald, emerald mimetypes, beryl-manager, aptoncd, openoffice3 suite and sunbird; changed icons for amarok; added several emblem icons; changed default folders' icons into black; removed script instructions to customize icons.
· 12 nov 2008: changed icons for: evolution, gnome-fs-bookmarks, gnome-panel-force-quit, gnome-network-preferences, help, preferences-desktop-theme and applications-internet, web-browser, document-send, added folders' icons with ubuntu and wallpapers overlaying elements.
· 04 nov 2008: changed openoffice icons and added script instructions to customize them, changed icons for: office, system monitor, system-software-update, software-properties, gnome-nettool, gparted and sound-juicer, added icon for thunar file manager.
· 04 nov 2008: added script instructions to edit volume icons and edit/find icons, added icons for cgoban, aptana, gambas2, added distributor logo for foresight, ubuntustudio and poseidon linux, changed gnomebacker icon.
· 01 nov 2008: fixed non-changing colour games' folder, removed "folder-yellow" duplicates, removed fella and 3crescent distributor logos, added italian language instructions [available into the before installing please READ txt file], changed: edit/edit-find icons, gconf-editor icons, media-dvd icons.
· 29 oct 2008: changed volume icons and gimp one, removed desktop overlay element.
· 25 oct 2008: added icons for folder-games, mame [gxmame] and linuxdcpp. changed icons for emesene.
· 22 oct 2008: added new wireless signal status icons, new minimal navigation arrows and 2 new distributor-logos.
· 18 oct 2008: added folders icons for: dock icons, virtualbox sharing, mail, scripts, neverwinter nights, fonts. Changed some other icons and removed some unnecessary ones.
· 16 oct 2008 :added icons for wireless network manager status.
© 2008 - 2021 deviantdark
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Thank you, love your work!

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Coolest icon ever deviantdark .. Good job!
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great job... I love it (。◕‿◕。)   +favlove    Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!
I had to add some icons to appear as normal Ubuntu 12.04 does not recognize some shortcuts (eg. Documents, Music, Videos, Templates, Downloads)
for example in the theme folder found in each color-docs.png folder, add folder-documents.png, etc ...
jai also had to modify the script to create shortcuts recognized by Ubuntu and Cairo-dock
it took me a while but I have an archive of complete and functional theme to propose
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Five years later and this is the most beautiful icon theme I have ever seen for gnome
this is the best theme I've ever used!
but i had some problem with this theme on Ubuntu 12.04 , Cairo-dock session, maybe only on my computer but :
the applet Shorcuts show the hardrives and folders (User, sounds, Videos,...) the icons looks like GNOME theme, let me explain how fix that
for example, the icon of the folder "downloads" ,there are only "folder-downloads.png", add "folder_download.png" and "folder-download.png"
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tried to install this theme per the directions in the 'before installing please READ' and 'customizing-instructions'. When I issue the command to remove the icon-theme.cache I get an error message stating 'No such file or directory'
no, this is not a problem, you can type the ./ command without "sudo rm ~/.icons/hydroxygen/icon-theme.cache" before.
it work
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Upload in png or ICO please? Otherwise as very nice iconset did you make these?
I want to use this icon set but I cannot customize it the way it is described. Because the needful script file is missing in the pack. When I type in the terminal:
sudo rm ~/.icons/hydroxygen/icon-theme.cache

it says there's no such file.
Maybe the problem is with the version of Ubuntu I'm using (12.04)? Please help!
no, this is not a problem, you can type the ./ command without "sudo rm ~/.icons/hydroxygen/icon-theme.cache" before.
it work
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awesome... I'll definitely have to try this out once I figure out how to add icons to xfce ;p
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Hello, it is cool iconset! I like them. I don't like Faience. But how to create one of them? Only one icon. Can you give me one tutorial? Thanks.
You are an Artist , Very nice icons

Thank you very much .
This icon set as a license problem, please fix it. The original icon set this icon set "steals" its icons is "oxygen" an LGPL icon set, GPL is a more restrictive licence so you can not use it.
Secondly you seam to imply that you did this icons, were it is not true, this icons were mostly made by Nuno Pinheiro, David Vignoni, and Everado Coelho (crystal), yeat you seam to take credit for our work....plase make it clear that this is derevative work from other people and fix the licensing issue... BTW I'm not sure all of the icon set's you used here are compatible licensing wise, please verify that.

Cheers Nuno Pinheiro, Oxygen theme coordinator.
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Very nice and complete set. Thanks!
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Nice iconset. I use it since 2 years.

Today I updated my test machine from Ubuntu 11.04 (bases on Gnome2.6) to Ubuntu 11.10 beta (bases on Gnome3.0) and the iconset doesn't work properly.

Please update the iconset for Gnome3.
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All icons that worked with GNOME 2 work with GNOME 3. Ubuntu 11.10 makes it a little complicated.

You need to download "GNOME Tweak Tool" (sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool). It'll show up in your applications as "Advanced Settings". Go to the "theme" tab and change the icons from there.
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At dconf-editor you can change the icon set and theme at org/gnome/desktop/interface .
But some icons are missing in nautilus favorite list (for example for "Music" and "Downloads").
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I can't install "GNOME Tweak Tool" from Ubuntu's repository, because it depends on "Gnome Shell" package. "Gnome Shell" package conflicts with "Unity" package.

Gnome Shell is a tablet user interface only for me, nothing that I want on my Desktop PC.

I can change the icon set with dconf-editor (from package "dconf-tools"), but some icons seems to be not correct - some icons are missing. :( I rebuilt the icon cache, too.
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