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deviant_ID Card Template

By deviantdark
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subject: deviantID card template
software: adobe photoshop CS3

This is my first .psd sharing here in dA.
I created a 3D card to be my deviantart ID, so I wanted to share with all of you.

The .psd is preformatted with levels tou can customize, including your picture, your informations, and so on.

I have included a font file eather. There is a simple README file with instructions on how to install it. Please read it before editing the .psd.

The .zip file containing this stuff sizes almost 10MBs.
The ID card template is 1800x900 pixels large [high quality!].

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Such a great work and template for an id ..Im sure many people will really like this..
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Wow is this true?There is a deviantart id?  such a nice job done..
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Hats Off To you Sir
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Great job, adding to favs now
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ARGGG You Guys The Download is Under the Fav Button Nico Annoyed Icon Kaori Annoyed Icon Tomoko Looks Icon Tomoko Nervous Icon 
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thanks =).. but.. how can download this file?
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Nice Work
File no longer available :( baaaad thing :(
I cannot download the plz !!
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can you edit it in gimp or do you have to have photoshop?
muchas gracias
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excellent job, congratulations.!!
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