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Ubuntu Stickers

subject: Ubuntu stickers
software: adobe photoshop CS3

A collection of 5 stickers [but soon the number can increase...] with the Ubuntu logo.
It is perfectly suitable for laptops, and also for desktops or wherever you can attach a sticker.
All images are in a 850x1276 pixels resolution, for a great hi-res printing.

Feel free to download, link, redistribute, edit and print all the stickers I submitted. Perfectly in line with the Ubuntu philosophy.

To download the Ubuntu Stickers click here.
I hope you like them.
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Looks great i put it next to the ones I got from hear for free

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We're always looking for talented Ubuntu Artist.

Please visit: Ubuntu Artwork Team

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thanks for this :) look very cool.
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nice! i love the one in the middle :w00t:
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sarebbe possibile averle con le scritte in italiano?
grazie :D
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Well till now all versions of PS run flawlessly on Wine except for CS3.
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I knew it.. but I sincerely don't like running Wine anymore.
Better to leave all MS products at all, and all relative softwares :)
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Nice stickers, have you actually gotten PS CS3 to run on Ubuntu with wine with normal performance?
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I did'em all when I still had a dual-boot Ubuntu/Vista.
Now I sporadically run PSCS3 on my VirtualBox with XP sp2. Never tried Wine, only Crossover with PS7 some time ago.
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Very good !
I am in a Linux association. I will paste it on many PCs !
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Did you ever see my aluminium ones?

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They're absolutely great! A must for everyone... good job!
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Too bad it doesn't work well for Windows =(
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What do you mean, dear?
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There is a "Unsuited for Windows XP" label....
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hehehe LOL
It does mean that every PC is unsuited for windows XP, and that windows vista is impossible :P
It's like a joke, because Ubuntu is the opposite of all windows platforms:

Ubuntu = Stable, Free, Safe from viruses, also available for ancient hardwares machines

Windows = Unstable, Subject to payment, Full of viruses and antivirus/antispyware/antimalware/antiALL softwares, and vista is only availble on PCs with last-generation hardware

As you can see, Linux Ubuntu is a great free alternative to windows operative systems, and it includes in it every kind of application a user can expect from: a free internet browser [Firefox], a free photomanipulation software [GIMP], a free email client [Evolution or ThunderBird], an intuitive desktop interface, etc...

You can grab many other informations here.

The label doesn't mean that this deviation is unsuited for windows xp users :D
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I love your stickers. Now I just have to find a proper color printer to use to print them out. I'm running Ubuntu on my PC and on my laptop, and they both need to show off more ;)
However, one notice: Ubuntu is NOT available for ancient platforms. You can try Xubuntu, or some other lightweight version, but the latest version (Gutsy 7.10) is much too heavyweight for anything with less than a 1 GHz processor and 256 MB RAM. Not that that isn't "old", it's just that with great pain I learned I can't run Ubuntu on my 200 MHz 64 MB RAM comp... Oh well.
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You're just right.
Ubuntu needs some hardware which is not so '90s.
Your 200Mhz + 64MBs RAM is good for something like Xubuntu [which is like Ubuntu but XFCE instead of Gnome] or another lightweight Linux distro.

Thanks for appreciating my stickers :)
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