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RSS feed button pack

subject: collection of RSS feed buttons
software: unknown

A collection of 18 different white backgrounded PNGs 190x190 pixels resolutioned, kindly suitable for any RSS linking subscription website.
All these buttons are the result of a collection I made around the web.
Most of these buttons are made by, and freely available at his website.
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Amazing work, see more like this at - The source of grapic design and web development blog..
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I'd like to learn to make this type icon.
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Hi, do you know who designed this set of icon? I want to hire him for some work.

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Can i use these on my projects?
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Beautiful Work!!Congratulations!
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Superb collection. Thanks so much!
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Amazing Work buddy
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Is it possible to download it? :(
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Download link is fixed now ;)
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Thanks mate! I used your staff.
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Awesome collection, added to favourites
Hi again, im just too curious,

you write software:unknown, could you please tell what software you used to make these icons, Illustrator?
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As I wrote within the deviation comments and within the replies above, this images have been designed by, and I just preoceeded collecting and sharing them here in dA.
So, I can't know which software he did use.
I guess something about illustrator and/or photoshop :)
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That was an irony, dude...
At least you put them into some kind of order.
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Dear deviantdark,
Some of the icons you have brazenly stolen are NOT provided freely by Design-Freak.
Please contact the author via [link]
to determine which are free and which are not, and remove the necessary from the zip file.

And please be more careful next time with intellectual property that does not belong to you.
Some people have paid for exclusive rights on custom made icons.


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