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Powered by GNU-Linux

subject: GNU/Linux stickers
software: adobe photoshop CS3

16 brand new GNU/Linux stickers.
All the logo, registered name and detail are trademark of their respective owner.

The .zip package contains 16 different PNGs to use as laptop stickers.
They are features by the most used GNU/Linux Distros worldwide.


- ArchLinux
- Debian
- Fedora
- Foresight
- Gentoo
- Kubuntu
- Mandriva
- Linux Mint
- openSUSE
- PCLinuxOS
- Red Hat
- Sabayon
- Slackware
- Slax
- Ubuntu
- Xubuntu

All PNGs are 200x300px wide.
No higher resolution available, sorry.
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Mint is my fav.😉
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the work you've done is very nice, but I would make a note. If designs logos of open-source operating systems, you should use the software "open-source".
Try to draw with Inkscape, you'll get the same result without much effort.
Thank you for sharing and good work.
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Fellow Ubuntu Linux users on all my systems
These are awesome! You should have used GIMP and Inkscape instead of Photoshop though lol XD

Some things I would have done differently:

--Remove Foresight (discontinued)
--Possibly remove forks? (such as Mandriva, Mint, PCLinuxOS, Sabayon, Slax, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu)
--Replace Mandriva with Mageia (Mandriva continuation) (if forks are kept)

--Replace RHEL (Red Hat) with CentOS
--Add FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD
--Add OpenIndiana (OpenSolaris continuation)

Then all the major Windows and Mac alternatives will be represented! :)
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R.I.P Foresight Linux
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Much appreciated, but done in Photoshop ...
Here is interesting solution for all linux:…

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That is interesting! Thank you!
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Excellent thank you, gonna try and use them all :)  Would it be ok with the author if I used one to make a Manjaro sticker? and possibly some others that I would like to add.

Edit: I would repack them and post them with full credit to you :)
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love these, thanks! do you have the .pds you could share so i could create some sd card stickers for my RaspberryPi?
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Powered by Arch Linux would look really nice in place of the Vista sticker on my computer at home. And Powered by Debian would look really nice in place of the Vista or Win7 sticker on a decent laptop.
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Thanks for this.
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time to make a custom openSUSE case badge
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Really nice !

Now, I've print it with a good printer :)

I think, magnet, moupad or mug might be nice. A big mug of coffee powered by Debian for me :D
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I love linux!
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This looks very good.
I tried to build a similar looking debian sticker as svg-file.
I don't know if it's usable, because I've never used Inkscape before.

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Gran colección. Buen trabajo.
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Thats so damn true. Linux is the king of all the free software availlabe but nobody really know it. Is we could just make it famous,maybe we ain't see all of those expensive ass Microsoft softwares right gttting bigger and steal all of the parts of our actual market.
Very nice work :). Downloading and printing a Kubuntu and Xubuntu sticker. And good on you for including the mighty Linux Mint!! Needs Lubuntu and Zorin OS, though :P.
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