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These pack includes 868 PNG icons 128x128pixels wide.
These wonderful icons are the result of a hard work made by the developer of, which will be included within KDE4.
The GNOME port has been wonderfully made by nanolx, and widely available on the web.

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
This version of the GNU Lesser General Public License incorporates the terms and conditions of version 3 of the GNU General Public License.

To install Oxygen-Refit icons within Ubuntu [or on any other Gnome based GNU/Linux distro, like Fedora, Linux Mint, etc.], please refer at this link or my blog.

Like Oxygen Refit? You'd also like my hydroxygen iconset.
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Bro this still so sick ! Congratulations!

Hello Deviantark, it is possible to own icons in a community board.
What about copyright?
thx, Paule
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The Firefox icon is so cute! ^.^
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aww the fox, i want to hug him.very well done
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Absolutely awesome even though you did not create them. Could you upload these in ICO as well?T That'd be appreciated (and sorry for bad spelling I always own my iPad when I posted this)
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I love them. Candies for my eyes! Arrgh! How to create them? I have only Inkscape and GIMP.
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thanks, it's truly wonderful
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TY !

Nice share.

N :)
looks great.. thanks
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FYI, the inkscape icon is actually the icon for Apple's Pages [link]
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No it is not. I checked. FYI as well, I have Inkscape on my netbook AND I looked on Wikipedia for Pages icon. They're not the same, liar, so get ur facts right! :(
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i love this Icons bro thanks!!
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awesome icons! love them. Thanks!
You are a man of greatness. I live in your shadow.
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wow, am impress :)
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Very nice dude!!
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I created an IconPackage for Windows with these wonderful Icons..
I was wondering if I Credit & Link you, May I have your permission
to release this as a Deviation of mine?
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I guess you should take a look to the release license these icons are released under.
The most important part is quoted within the deviation comment.
And, as I also stated elsewhere, these icons are not my own work.
I just collected and shared them here within dA :)
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