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subject: dock icons
software: adobe photoshop CS3

I wanted to change my dock icons, so I decided to share my work with all of you.
The .zip package includes a black themed suite and a white one.

101 PNGs in 512x512 pixels resolution.
Full of launchers from all OS [Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux applications].

The .zip package is almost 2MBs, it includes a white theme and a black one, a .psd template [to customize the launchers by yourself with Photoshop], a .xcf template [to customize the launchers by yourself with the GIMP] and the font I used [handelgotDlig].

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sorry for my ignorance, but how do i install this? i already have awn

great job btw...
Wow! very nice , thx
Absolutely WOW!! Love your work. Just have one question...I'm using the template you provided (thnx!) to create a couple of custom icons. How would I go about changing the line to white? BTW, I'm using gimp.
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I think this is the most clean and beautiful iconset i've ever seen! Congratulations for the good work! ;)
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Using it on my new desktop! Thx for the great work! ;)
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Neat icons. :)

Thanks for making these.
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Glad you like them.
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Grazie mille per il bellissimo set!
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ho installato rocketdock e le tue icone oggi, eh, beh non ti sarò mai abbastanza riconoscente.
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Sono contento che ti piacciano :)
A presto!
Ty for the psd... Thinking about making a pack just for mac.. can i get you permission too do that.?
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I haven't ever used a Mac... I would not be able to do it.
But I'd be grateful if you can do it..
Just remember the Creative Commons License which this deviation is released under.

And don't forget to link me your work, so I can see it! :)
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these look really good, would you mind telling me the font please?

:icongotchaplz4::icongotchaplz5::icongotchaplz6:: :+fav:ed
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Thanks for your support :)
Font is here.
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thanks alot for the font!!

i like your deviant ID card by the way!!
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nice icons man!!!! could you maybe release the psd file or tell me font you used?
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No problem man...

- Font
- .psd Template

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awesome ICONS!!!
thank you!
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Glad you like them.
Thanks a lot.
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