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Black Gnome Panel

By deviantdark
subject: gnome panel launchers
software: the GIMP

Content of package:

48 Application Launchers

A collection of many popular applications launchers, designed for Gnome Desktop Enviroments.

.xcf template included!
Used corbel fonts ;)
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Sorry for that "RED FUCKING THINK"...must click someone or something...nevermind. Sorry for that.
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Glad you solved ;)
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That is really interesting & very tasteful artwork. Like most Yours composition. But one think, U said:
"Then I simply changed the default launchers icons with these ones"...I can't do that :/ When I try change icons, don't see any availables...only empty locations :( Help?
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Just wondering how to use this?
Please explain :D
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As you could have seen in my last desktop screenshot, I added a new bottom gnome panel.
I set up the height to 48px, and added some launchers to it.
Then I simply changed the default launchers icons with these ones :)
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Why don't you just called them Simple Text Icons or smth like this? :D :D
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Because they are designed to fit a black gnome panel :D
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Nice argument! :D
Wonderful idea and concept, having the background image seperate from the png files allows others and myself to edit and add to it with incredible ease.

Trying to edit a couple and make a few of my own to match up with the set, what font did you use for these?
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Corbel. If you don't have it, you can google it.
Or just ask me ;)
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Thanks a lot for your support :)
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can this be used with objectdock plus program?
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Yes, you can use them.
But you have to adjust the opacity/brightness of your panel.
Let me know if you have some trouble... =P
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ok thanks a bunch...i'll let you know if I have problem
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There a few mismatch, for example:

top -> FIREFOX (name?)
bottom -> BROWSER (kind of?)


top -> EMAIL (kind of?)
bottom -> THUNDERBIRD (name?)
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Yes, you're simply right.
But just because the upper name has a higher font, something like "Thunderbird" didn't fit... so I had to put it down and write "Email" as upper title.

If you don't like this way, you can edit it by yourself :)
This is just a share!

Thank you for FAVing...
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It's to much work to edit it :-)

Anyway it's best "text panel" I've seen on
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The best?
Wow.. thank you very much! :)

If you want please send me a note and I'll edit for you.
Just tell me which application you need and I'll do it for you.
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