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Gallery Folders

Daybreaker by WhiteDove-Creations
Daybreaker WIP by WhiteDove-Creations
Waitress pony by thediscorded
Darth Tempest by Ardail
Official characters
Battle Ready by NixWorld
3D Movie Night Glimmer - Glitchy VHS Version by TheDarkSatanicorn
A nice grassy snooze by Porygon2z
Original characters
COMM: Demos The Windigo by MadBlackie
Remade Next Gen by BlitzCaliber
Gala Goldenstone #1 by Suramii
The Fabulous Radio Wave by deepseacreep
Multiple characters
Relooking by Sinrar
It's your turn to pin the tail, Blaze by Porygon2z
Baby, you're in for double the laughter by Porygon2z
This makes us even, kitty cat by Porygon2z
Human and Anthro
EG - Shake Things Up (AJ) by charlieXe
In the Dance Club [C] by Scarlet-Spectrum
Adagio Dazzle by RacoonKun
EG - Pet Project! (Shy) by charlieXe
The Lunar Eclipse Act III Part 1 (2 of 3) by Axel-Doi
MLP - Timey Wimey page 113/115 by Light262
Fun in the Sun - Warning by StePandy
Fun in the Sun - Cover by StePandy
Out of Space - Luna by iSeppe
Moonscape by Malte279
Star Chaser by Bloodatius
Fall of Everfree by Shamanguli
Artisan crafts
Shadowbolts Pyrography - gift for thewatcher by Malte279
Moonlight's dark reflection  by Malte279
Graystan Pyrography by Malte279
Windseeker Pyrography by Malte279
Pie Sisters On A Fortress Of Stone by Mr-Kennedy92
OOAK Friendship Games Surprise Doll by Oceanblue-Art
ala 2016 - cheerleader derpy by antshadow13
I'm just loafing around by brandonthebeast34
Adoptables and Merchandise
OTA - Dream Spectrum - Open by AzurasQuill
Suggestive themed images

Mature Content

Sunset Shimmer daki by FoxInShadow
Dj PON3 india ink acrylic watercolor painting by bloodyslices
Sorc Art Tips- Expressions: Keeping Eye Shape! by SorcerusHorserus
Critique me
YCH Just my music and I by Pingwinowa
Bases and resources
[OPEN YCH] //P2U - GoodFeelings [MLP] by Dhabquin
Wallpapers, themes and Icons
Dashu by Laszl
Non-Pony Crackships OTA (OPEN/Prices ADDED) by Claire-Cooper
Submission Folder
Commission\62\Pony in the bathroom~ by AiriniBlock
Submission Folder II
Sunset by CloudDG
Submission folder III


:star: -Our admins Sort the art and keep our group up and running!

-The Elite artists Are a special class of members appointed for their great artistic skills.



Head admins




Elite artists




:star: Our partner groups :

:icondeviantbroniesunited: & :iconmlp-ocs:

:star: Our affiliates :
Q:"Why is the group called Deviant Bronies Elite"

A: We strive for quality and have a strong belief that practice makes perfect. We strive to be Elite and in order to help eachother on the way we feature the best art to inspire you, tutorials to guide you and we even have a special folder where you can submit your art in order to recieve constructive criticism on your work ! how cool is that ? we hope this way the faith in the self will improve.

we understand the misunderstanding here and there, we're not exclusive for artists with Elite art skills, we're a fun group for motivated people and the name references our mild quality standards.

Q: what makes this group so much better than other groups?

A: The quality of a group is something that differs from opinion to opinion, having quality standards does NOT mean we look down on other groups or lesser skilled artists. Besides displaying your art we also :

:bulletpurple: Feature your commission info,contests,adoptables,etc.
:bulletpurple: Feature Livestreams!
:bulletpurple: help artists improve their skills (tutorials gallery).
:bulletpurple: Have a specific folder to request constructive criticism.
:bulletpurple: Feature the best of the best art a Pony artist can make, sweet and Elite!

we've been on deviantart longer than today and know it can be hard it is to get watchers, favs, points etc. so we hope to help you with that. We also care about your opinion very much! we appreciate feedback and take it seriously.

Q: "Do i need to be a brony to be accepted here?"

A: nope! whatever you identify as, if you love ponies as much as we do you're more than welcome to join !

Q: Am i good enough to join? can i invite a friend?

A: Yes you are ! all we ask and aim for , is art that shows Effort. if it's a traditional artwork, submit a scanned version. use actual drawing paper instead of lined paper and so on. even if you don't make art but simply enjoy it, you are welcome.

Inviting a friend is a good thing to do! if you enjoy being in our group and what we have to offer we hope you spread the word about us, Affiliation requests are also always welcome. The more the merrier! :D

Q: what's with the Featured folder?

A: The featured folder for the best art out there,and the best of the best we display with pride, this is NOT a folder to dictate you what your art should look like and how good it has to be, it's to motivate and inspire you. The featured folder has the best art of our group and only Elite artists can submit to it directly.

Q: My art is very much appreciated, and i even have Daily deviations. What do you offer me?

A: What we can offer you is display your art in our Featured folder and welcoming you into the Elite class, great art is to be admired and most of all displayed! We believe the most wonderful thing about art is that if it's your passion it is great to share that with others in order to motivate and inspire each other and to be an example to others.


Our group has a variety of member and admin classes, here's basically what they're about.

:star: Founder : the Founder, PrismaticStars, is the leader of the group and appoints/demotes admins and head admins. basically the head moderator. creates new folders, makes the rules, appoints the Elite and calls the shots.

the previous founder and creator of the group is aNIGHTLYpony .

:star: Head-admins : these admins make sure the group runs smoothly like the founder does, they sort the art, invite members, report stolen art when needed, can submit journals, organize contests, make sure everyone abide the rules, may suggest rule changes and elite artitst and they also ban members when needed. like the founder they respond to notes and provide a listening ear.

you can become this after being an experienced admin and having proven your qualities over time.

:bulletblue: Admins : They mainly sort the art, report stolen art when needed and make sure people abide the rules,

you can become this if you're a member and feel like lending us a helping hoof ! to apply, simply send us a note !

:bulletpurple:Elite artists: The Elite artist class is a special member class appointed for their great artistic skills, they have the ability to submit to the Featured directly and have double the submission limit of regular members !

Note : Elite artists are NOT admins, they have no administrative tasks, only more privileges. they are hand-picked by the founder and head-admins.

:bulletgreen: members that's you ! you can submit your deviations, request critique, submit tutorials and feature your art livestream, commission status, adoptables and merchandise.
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Malte279 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
is the group falling silent again? :(
It seems submissions are not being accepted anymore. Is anyone still here?
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robbieagray Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
We're at size limit again. :D
EchoWing Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
And the submission folder is full.
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