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Tutorials galore

Mon Mar 19, 2007, 7:41 AM
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  • Watching: Heroes (Vote Peter Petrelli!)
  • Playing: Devil May Cry 3 (finally!)
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*** EDIT : Whoops. Heads up to let you know I mispelled the link to OMU ^^;; ***

Alright, so I've decided on doing those coloring tutorials that I keep promising. There's still more to come because I haven't quite finished coloring the picture. I'll probably do an eye and hair tutorial. And then upload the finished picture.

I'll also give these tutorials to Eunice_P, who's hosting a whole bunch of tutorials at her Drunk Duck account… . It's a great place to get tutorials by many different people, ranging from anything from "anatomy" to "lightning" to "how to draw anime characters".

Also, kudos to Renmazuo for creating such a lovely picture to color… snagged this image off of in their "please color" section. But it's the most complex picture I've colored in a while (apart from my commissions and comic cover art), so I thought it'd be nice to make tutorials out of. I was actually going to just make one or two about basic coloring, but while I was at it I figured I'd throw in some stuff about how to color different elements.

The list of tutorials:
Photoshop layers basics :…
Coloring basics :…
Coloring anime faces :…
Coloring cloth :…
Coloring metal and jewels :…

If you have different ways of doing things, or use my tutorials as a guide to color your own pieces, I'd be delighted to hear from you! Drop me a line/comment/email and show me your stuff or disagree with me.

In other random news, I finally got to play Devil May Cry 3 (aka the game I'm so obsessed over that people actually think I own it. Ha! I don't even own a game system except the old school Nintendo. Yeah ... I need a life ;3). Anyway, it was tres cool, except for the fact the bosses are so hard to beat. But Dante is pretty to look at so who cares!


1. I've been drawing since forever. I used to have a few friends who were artsy like me, but sadly they've since turned to other things. Sometimes I feel that I'm just clinging to art because it's something I'm comfortable with (ie. rather than trying new things). But I've come to realize that it's something that I need to do, rather than something I've chosen to do. In the end, my muse calls me, and I answer. That was waaay deeper sounding than I intended o_O;;

2. I used to draw unicorns and puppies and bunnies and teddy bears oh my! (I was ten at the time ... so don't worry, you can still talk to me without fear or horror). My friends have actually kept those drawings, and to my dismay, still gush over them.

3. My first inspiration for anime-type art was Sailor Moon.

4. I hate my sketches with a passion. That's why most of my stuff is inked and colored.

5. I still have trouble drawing legs and hands.  -_-;

6. I like drawing bangs. Especially when they're angstily covering someone's eyes.

7. My favorite part of any art piece is coloring it in. Mostly because it means I'm almost done and can sit back enjoy what I've done ... for about a day before I see all the mistakes in it XD

8. I take my inspiration from movies, cartoons, media and other art I've seen.

9. Every time I draw someone human, I must resist the incredible urge to give them long pointy ears.

10. My art has been published! lol, I had to find a way to plug the anthology in here. On to for more info ^_^

Thanks to KJ for the tag! Hopefully these people haven't been tagged before ... Modesty, Animetor Lily, Hawk, and my animethon buds poohpoohbear587, kittycat78, sarah-echidnahog
Over the weekend I participated in my very first Artist's Alley. Apart from a few things, I had a blast. I met a lot of ultra cool people, many in ultra cool outfits. It was pretty funny since a few people were dressed "as themselves" and I asked them who they were cosplaying ... only to get blank looks. Some people are just creative fashion ... people. One guy looked like Reno, complete with red hair, black shirt and sunglasses. He, of course, was dressed as himself. Then came along the two junior high school girls dressed very funkily. They looked rather insulted when I asked them who they were cosplaying :P

In the middle of the last day, some random girl dressed as some male gunslinger dressed all in white suddenly whipped out her gun and started yelling melodramatic threats to a giant guy dressed as Cloud (whose sword was 8 feet tall). Cloud was right in front of me, and as a dutifully little newbie I started snapping pics of the action. Too bad I was drawing at the time, so I actually threw down my pen and exchanged it for a camera. I hope the girl I was drawing at the time didn't mind -_-;

The day was completely filled with drawing after drawing, which was pretty gratifying. My artist's ego has been satiated ... for about a month. Though on Sunday morning, I thought I was going to get carpal tunnel because my wrist hurt like the Dickens. I was terribly worried since I'd only been drawing for 5 hours the day before, because I had to run back and forth from the con since one of my friends was having her wedding that day. Thankfully, despite drawing for 10 hours non stop on Sunday, my wrist survived.

For anyone who wants to take a gander at my con pictures, check out my forum:

Go to Hear ye, Hear ye --> ME + CON = MECON

In other news, I finally got my copies of the anthology!!!! *droooools* I'm posting pictures of the antho in the forum as well under the board "Anthology" --> "Dark Souls is finally OUT"

To order your own copy, go to or
Yay! Finally done. Phew. For the last couple of weeks I've basically been breathing, eating and sleeping and then working on the anthology. Sooo glad it's finally done.

Final count:
- 24 comic pages and 5 pages of extras
- 4 magic attacks
- 3 familiars and 1 baby bird
- 27 elfies

The Dark Souls anthology, related art and fanart by :icondeviantbluebug:, :iconmodesty:, :iconzue: will be available for sale at RiverTown Comic Con rivertownentertainment.netfirm… and JAFAX

(These conventions are in Grand Rapids Michigan).
Apparently there's been a sudden uproar concerning the submission agreement at dA. Like the majority, I glanced over the TOS (terms of service) to make sure there wasn't anything glaringly wrong about it, then happily clicked the "I agree" button.

After checking out Raymei's journal [], I realized that there was more to this TOS than meets the eye. I figured I'd better look into it. I checked out the forum, and there were a number of ardent dAers who were quick to point out the folly of anyone who would consider leaving dA over the TOS. Their arguments weren't very convincing, consisting mostly of "Why would dA want to steal people's art? They'd get sued!" Unfortunately, if we all agree to a TOS that allows dA to effectively "steal" our art, then that legal document is binding and it protects dA from getting sued. In other words, if we agree to let dA make use of our art, then they can do whatever the heck they want.

That said, legalese is practically like another language, so I wanted to see if I could find an actual interpretation of the Submission agreement. I found one here:

There's a table of contents, and you're free to read the whole thing, but what's at issue here is the section under "License to use Artist Materials".

The difficult part about this agreement is that the terms are quite broad. They not only allow dA to function, but they also allow dA to "abuse" their power. After all, dA does need our permission to publish our artwork on the site without having the pay us royalties. Without such an ability, dA would have to pay everyone each time a thumbnail popped up, or a favorite. However, the agreement is written so broadly that it seems to allow to publish any work, in any media, at any time. That's pretty disturbing.

In the end, it really rams home the point that anything you put up on the net can, in reality, be stolen. It makes it all the worse when organizations like Cafepress and dA make such action legal, and thus render artists powerless to protect their work.

All in all, this discovery has set off little warning bells in my head. Nevertheless, I don't plan on dA just yet. It's a nice little community. Still, I will think twice about what I upload here. Methinks there will be a sudden rash of fanart of videogames and movies from me.
It's that time again! Another little bit of philosophical meandering on the latest fad to hit the runways: anorexia.  Ok, facetiousness aside, though anorexics walk the runways of fashion and dance through the nightclubs of Hollywood, anorexia is a problem that permeates every day society.

I've learned that one of the greatest myths about anorexia is that it's all about thin is beautiful. Critics blame the media for expousing such ideals. But while models and media darlings may lose weight to aspire to a perverse ideal of beauty, anorexia, oddly enough, is not always about being thin.

For some, it's to excel in sports. Gymnasts and ballerinas tend to be small and petite for a reason. So are many wrestlers ... not the kind in WWF, but the school teams and such. I don't pretend to be an expert in sports, but when competitions and skills are based on lightness, flexibility and speed, it's easy to see why weight becomes the lowest common denominator.

For others, anorexia becomes all about control. When life spins out of control, the one basic thing we all can all micromanage is what goes into our mouths. Anorexia in such a form is less about self-image and more about self-worth. That is, it's not about being thin anymore. It's about disappearing. It's about dying little deaths. For some, it's a form of slow, chronic suicide, to put it bluntly.

In all its various forms, anorexia also becomes addictive. Like drugs, like alcohol, like smoking, it becomes a behavior, a need. It's more than simply an act of restricted eating and overabundant exercise. It's a mindset, a set of beliefs concerning one's self, one's place in the world.

Finally, I end off with a little caveat. I DO NOT under any circumstances claim to be an expert on anorexia. I'm part of a group that uses the medium of art to educate people about various illnesses, and this year, we chose to focus on anorexia. As such, we were privy to hearing individuals talk about their experiences with anorexia. This was an eye-opening experience for me, and I wanted to share a bit of what I personally learned with you.  

If there's something that I've said that doesn't jive with what you know to be true, feel free to correct me.
10 things you like/love:

1- Art
2- Writing
3- Gaming
4- Shrooms (not the magical kind)
5- Dragons
6- Furries
7- Cute things
8- YOU (ok, not really)
9- Being morbid
10- Being facetious

5 Things That Make You Happy

1- Chocolate
2- Good rock music
3- Creating things
4- Sleeping
5- Spending time with people I care about

10 Things You Dislike Or Hate

1- Vapid pop music
2- People who take up the entire hall as they walk down it because they can't walk straight to save their lives
3- People who walk in heels ... but can't actually walk in them
4- Superficiality
5- YOU (you think I'm kidding, don't you!?)
6- Poverty
7- I hate hatred
8- People who sees things as black and white and not grey
9- Arrogance
10- Pink (the color not the singer ... she's not bad)

3 Facts About My Name

1- It doesn't rhyme with anything
2- I don't know anyone else with the same name
3- Apparently some famous people have my name ... and some people ask me if I'm those people. Which I'm not ... ... because I'm not famous ... yet!

6 Facts About Myself

1- I like deep philosophical conversations with people who aren't judgemental about anything.
2- I can type something like 62 words a minute (hey! What kind of fact do you expect while I'm typing away?).
3- I say "eh" at the end of sentences sometimes. It's quite horrific. Cuz I'm Canadian, eh. But I swear it's not a Canadianism!!!
4- I'm not really a giant blue bug.
5- I'm really a five eyed purple and red caterpillar.
6- I hum tunelessly.

2 Things you expect

1- Humanity will destroy itself through war, global warming or a freak twist of fate.
2- I'll always be writing and drawing, no matter what.

4 Random Throughts
1- My comic will end when hell freezes over. Mwhahaha! Wait. That's not a good thing >_>
2- Plushies are squishy!
3- I think my head is shrinking.
4- Yellow submarine ... yellow submarine.

Song you're listining to right now: Not actually Yellow submarine. Only the sound of my own mind. Scary.
First off, thanks for all the responses to my previous post on nudity and violence in the media. I love having philosophical discussions but find I don't get much of that in real life. If anyone else wants to add their input on the subject, please do!…

Now .. onto the subject of this journal. The "tell us about yourself" tag. I admit, normally I don't like these sorts of things. I consider them chain mail and I usually don't do them. But I figured I'd give this one a try. And imagine my surprise when I actually found this fun to do. Most likely because it was nice and vague .. other ones are usually too specific for my liking and I never have much of a response to the stock questions.

Ah, without further ado, here's my response to Mystfyredragon's tag

1. I love mushrooms. Especially shitake shrooms.
2. I still like Saturday morning cartoons. The new X-men is an old favorite. Now it's the Avatar - I could totally see it as a webcomic XD.
3. I'm a pediophobe (thank god for google).
4. Most people I know are addicted to coffee. I'm addicted to gum. It keeps me awake without keeping me wired.
5. I get motion sick. A LOT.
6. I want to be able knit.
7. I'd love to travel, but I've never been outside of North America.
8. I've gone to Disneyland twice. The downside is that I don't like rides. So yeah, didn't enjoy myself muchly. Except for the Universal Studios art dept tour. That was AWESOME.
9. I love heavy metal and alternative. My friends don't actually believe me … because I'm deceptively quiet.
10. I once lead a group that aimed to make an hour long animated movie. We got as far as four script rewrites and character designs. Then we realized that we needed about 20 frames a second.
11. I've won a national art contest.
12. My English teacher wanted me to major in Native Studies. And I was sorely tempted.
13. I still remember with shame a limerick I wrote in grade 6. It went along the lines of: A cow name Mow wanted to sow … And I think I might have had to say it to the class too … it's fuzzy … I think I was traumatized.
14. I was in the origami club. I still have a box full of my little origami animals.
15. I'm a terrible pack rat.
16. My awesome friends still have drawings that I made for them in grade 6.
17. I'm a sucker for sales. I almost bought a $10 set of china (24 pieces!). But then I reminded myself that I have no need of china. And that $10 china looks noticeably like $10 china.
18. I've been working on a novel since I was 11. Five gazillion rewrites later, I've gotten 372 pages and I'm still not satisfied. The terrifying thing is that it's only the first book in a trilogy, plus I've got prequels floating in my head.
19. My goal in life is to one day be able to eat a whole jalepeno without flinching. And I'm a good way there, too.
20. I don't like talking about myself … and yet I found this surprisingly easy. Thanks for the tag, Myst!
Okay, so this is probably going to make me sound like a prude ... but is it just me, or is there an unnecessary plethora of nude pics in this community? Maybe I wouldn't mind it so much if it weren't for the fact that virtually everytime I visit my page there's a nude pic showcased as the daily deviation.

Now, don't get me wrong. I understand that all the masters sculpted and painted nudes ... and that the basic tenant in learning how to draw the human figure is to learn how the human body works on an anatomical and physical level. In fact, most artists start their basic sketches as nudes, because clothing just gets in the way of understanding proportion, positioning and form.

My difficulty is when people photograph nudes in provocative ways and call it art. Is it really art? Or it is just porn, plain and simple? I mean, starting with the nude figure to understand anatomy is one thing. Lauding pictures of naked women in a community where artists include preteens, and likely pre-preteens makes me question the whole scheme of things. I suppose I'm a little biased as I read a recent article which noted that dA quite happily allows countless pictures of naked women, but tends to eliminate pictures of naked men. Not that I'm asking for that o.O ... but it suggests that there's an alternate agenda going on, as well as points out how our society views nudes.

I mean, it's all fine and dandy to sit here and acknowledge the age-old adage that the human body is in and of itself a piece of art. And thus we shouldn't be ashamed of it and it should be considered art, whether or not it is clothed. But most people, when given a naked form to look at and a clothed form to look at, don't have the same emotional reaction. In our society, a nude body is not just art. And most (if not all) people who depict nude bodies understand that. They create a piece not just for the sake of art, but for the sake of pushing the envelope and being provocative and being different. In a way, I think many of them rely on the fact that their piece immediately induces shock value, or some sort of visceral reaction.

Take a picture of someone standing in a doorway. One picture has a nude, and one is fully clothed. They could be in the exact same position, same lighting. But the first one immediately elicits a response - it's edgy and it's different. The second one, well, it's just a person standing in a doorway. So is the first one really art? Or is it just relying on shock value? What I'm suggesting is that sometimes, using shock value is a way to create art without actually creating anything. In broad terms, I believe art is something that generates a response in virtually everyone who sees it - whether that is emotional or intellectual or whatever the case may be. If a nude can generate a response just by it's presence, it doesn't take much effort by the artist. Whereas generating a response by depicting a clothed person in a doorway is much more difficult and takes a lot more creative and artistic acumen.

Anyway, that's my rant.  If you made it through all of that rambling I applaud you. Hopefully I haven't insulted anyone or made anyone question my sanity or abilities to appreciate art. There's some generalizations in there, but I needed to generalize if I was to give an opinion on a very broad topic.

I'd love to hear what you guys think ... though if I really did insult anyone, don't flame me please. I don't mind hearing thoughtful commentary and I do like hearing different sides of a story. Perhaps contrary to what the above spiel suggests, I wholly believe that the world isn't black and white, only shades of grey. There's always exceptions, and there are no rules. I just ask you not to rave at me if you're seeing red.

Peace out and thanks for visiting.
For those of you with dirty minds (QG! XD) ... ew.

The other day, I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant, watching Prison Break. If Wentworth Miller was a crab, that is.

If you've ever been to a Chinese restaurant, you'll have noticed the live crabs, fish and lobsters hanging out in these open roofed tanks. Most of the time it looks like these beasties have all died ages ago ... the giveaway is when they start listlessly somersaulting and bobbing near the pumps.

But these particular crabs were staging some kind of escape. One was scrabbling near the corner of the tank, and soon after, another one scampered onto its back (again ... for those of you with dirty minds ... no.) The interesting thing is, they almost made it over the tank. The sad this is... there was another tank full of crabs waiting for them on the other side. So really, they were going nowhere fast.

Being persistent little buggers, they decided to try the same gig on the other side of the tank (where they would have at least fallen to the floor had they succeeded in escaping). And what do you know, two other of their fellow crabs joined them. I don't know where crabs hide their brains, but they're in there somewhere. Course, they still didn't make it. *sad*

One of these days, Pixar will make a movie out of this. It would be like a cross between Finding Nemo and Toy Story. They'd make double the cash. Picture the Claw from Toy Story (remember those three-eyed aliens and the Claaaaw?). Now think about plucking crabs from the tank to boil them alive. Yes?

I know, uncanny.

And yes, now you know what goes through my mind. Ah, heck, you're only here for the art anyway.
On a whim, I decided to finally join dA. Last time I tried, all IP addresses from my neck of the woods had been blocked for some sort of illicit activity, so imagine my surprise when I actually managed to create an account today. But as luck would have it, "bluebug" had already been taken, as was "blueDeviant" which I thought sounded pretty cool (apparently someone else did too). So I settled for the rather lame (but obvious) deviantbluebug.

In any case, since I use my keenspace/comicgenesis space for shameless plugging of my comic and anthology, I thought I'd use this space for my mindless ramblings. Who knows, perchance even the characters from my comic will make an appearance or two ... if they manage to hijack the keyboard from me.