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Wertzui here

1. When last time I stated that Sofarinrunning, our "founder" admin has returned to DeviantArt, I was wrong.
But say hello to ChaosDemonXXXAngel instead.

2. Quite belatedly, but I received a response note from the founder of the much controversy causing group, NEST-SPECIALFORCE . He stated that his group is just for roleplaying, so handle it like that.

3. I recommend a websites for those who want to follow independent news on online security and privacy, namely

It posts news on the latest hacker incidents, computer viruses and malwares, governement espionage and the Snowden relevations (it's not something that should be margrinalized), all kind of known software/hardware vulnerabilities (including smartphones), and similar.
If you are into that kind of things, it is a "must follow".

Another website I would like to recommend is
This is Richard Stallman's personal website. He is the president of the Free Software Foundation, the organization that maintains the license around the Linux kernel. He has his thoughts on many things, including online privacy, and the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) that is behind the still actual Net Neutrality debate.
(He is very biased against closed-source IT solutions although, so handle his writings like that.)

Journals from the new admin might follow soon as she stated previously.
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Submitted on
August 12, 2014