How to get a Secret submitted.. OPEN!

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can we notes secrets
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Is your mission to reveal all the secrets in the world? xD
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Guess I'll be posting on my own account. It just seems really stupid not to be able to comment on your own secrets. I want to get it off my chest and communicate with people, not hide away.
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You found the perfect solution, the point of DAS it to be anonymous, so if you don't want to be of course you post it on your own dA. I don't see the problem here?
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I'm with you there....
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If people want to be anonymous that's fine, but I don't think it should be a requirement.

I suppose one could simply post it on their own DA, then submit the secret into groups.
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Sure, it's called a secret, but isn't the point of this to get it out there as yourself?
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Do you guys mind maybe making a simplified checklist for what is REQUIRED in the secret? This journal entry is kind of long, and it's easy for someone to miss a rule or two.

Something along the lines of:

DAS Submission Checklist
□ Size is no bigger than 900 x 900 pixels
□ Saved in JPEG format
□ Written in clear English
□ etc.

Where each task is something short and quick, and makes sense to those who  have read this journal post.

Or if DAS Helpers are too busy with things, I wouldn't mine making it. :) I think this checklist would help make sure ST's submit secrets right the first time.
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That is such a good idea. ^^
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I know right? lol It makes it a lot easier to read than this wordy journal everytime I want to submit a secret. :(
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That's a really good idea!
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Must the secret teller always remain anonymous or it can reveal its identity/alias?
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That's the point of DAS? If you sand to tell your "secret" so that everyone knows who you are, just post it on your own account.
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but what about an alias? something non-related to any account? 
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Read the FAQ. There's a special account you can use to comment on your own secrets, but that's about it.
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All this is going to accomplish is the mass-production of rushed, shoddily made deviations with a lack of personal creativity. No stank you.
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isn't that what it's been from the beginning? most of it, anyways.
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Why is it that there is a max of 65 words on the poems?

For the people who actually write poetry/stories, to actually get out a secret in word form without the aide of pictures, that is a very limited word count.

Or was there a mistype and it's actually a minimum of 65?
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Not a misstype at all :) Its a secret, not a novel. The idea is to be short and to the point. Not long winded.

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55 words is just holding back any creativity a person could put into something, it should be at least 100 that's still very short
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Not for a secret it isnt...  Words have great volume to them. You dont need to use many at all to get the point across, strong and loud.

A poem secret can be a little longer..
Also as explained, these are not all 100% yet, still getting the fell for things see how they go :)

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