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Send your secret to

You are invited to anonymously contribute your secrets to DeviantArtSecret.

"Each secret can be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, feeling, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything - as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before."

Send your secret in a .jpg image format file to
Virus's are sent with more ease via a png which is why we dont accept them.
PNG's are larger making it harder / longer for helpers to upload. We want the secrets getting out faster not longer.
In this day and age, a jpg file is just as good as a png. Its just smaller so easier for us to work with.
Submit one secret per email. If you have multiple secrets, send multiple emails.

Please ensure that secrets are no more than 900 pixels wide as not all of our watchers have large screens. Secrets must be in a clear, easy to read text, and in English. We cannot accept non English secrets with an English translation in the artists comments. Secrets should be short and to the point - we do not need to know everything that led up to the secret, or what happened after. Just the secret itself. On very rare occasions, DAS may submit longer secrets if DAS thinks it necessary. If your secret is too long you will get an email telling you it has been rejected. DAS submits secrets in the order that they are sent, as long as they abide by DAS and dA submission rules.

Getting artistic

DAS needs Artistic Secrets. We realise a lot of you think all secrets should be accepted. We also agree with this, but like it or not DAS is a club on an art site. Because of this secrets need to be artistic. If your secret is not artistic, it will not be accepted.

Repetitive Secrets

We realise that everyone wants to get their secrets out, but DAS is starting to become very repetitive. A lot of secrets are about the same things. Before you send your secret in have a look see though other secrets and see if someone else has sent in a secret similar to your own. If there is a secret like your own, please read though the comments left in that secret and see if there is one that helps you in one way or another.
If you send in a secret that is much the same as the 1000's of other secrets in DAS, sorry, but your secret will not be accepted.

Messages sent if secret not accepted

Like always if your secret does not follow the basic rules of the group you will be sent a reply letting you know what rule you have not followed.
How ever If your secret is not artistic, or it is a repetitive secret you will not get a message letting you know. ( like always after a month if your secret has not been submitted you can email us asking about it though, we will then and only then let you know )

One Secret at a time per person

DAS has grown so much, we now get an over whelming amount of secrets sent in every day.
Because of this we have decided on a new rule about how many secrets a secret teller can send in at one time.
We now accept one secret at a time. This is a rather simple rule as well as easy to understand. Here is how it works.

Send in one secret.
Wait for it to be submitted to DAS
Send in your next secret.

See simple isnt it :D

Your email must include

All the information we need for your secret to be successfully submitted.
If a photo or drawing is used Please see this journal for more information.

When will your secret be submitted

DAS is getting bigger and bigger ever day. More and more members are joining. More and more comments have been given. This also means more and more secrets are being emailed to us. Because of the amount of secrets being sent in, it will take a lest a month for your secret to be submitted.

DO NOT send in more then one secret at a time.

Wait until the the secret you sent in first has been submitted, then send in your next one.
If you send in more then one secret before the one you sent in before it has been submitted, you will receive a reply explaining this rule.

DAS is now a very popular club, if members keep sending in too many at once, it is going to slow us right down again and we will be right back in R.O.M more often then out of it.

Please understand and respect this.

What to do if you cant see your secret

Before you do anything we would like to ask you all to add our email address to your contacts in your email. Once you have done that, fingers crossed if we need to reply to your email the email wont end up in your spam / junk mail.

So you have sent a secret in, but you cant see it, here is what you need to do.

1. Don't do anything unless its been over a month.
2. Keep an eye on your email inbox in case we have replied to your email.
3. Double check our gallery to be 100% sure your secret hasn't been submitted.
4. Check your emails again to make sure we haven't replied.
5. If you are 100% sure its not been submitted, and we haven't replied to your secret, you then need to send us an email from the account you sent the secret in from. ( not from a different email address)
In this email DO NOT resend your secret. All you need to do is ask about your secret. Something simple like "I sent my secret in a month ago but it hasn't been submitted, did you get my secret?"
We will then reply to your email.

That is ALL you need to do.
Please DON'T send in any notes saying your email address asking us to see whats going on. We never need to know your dA ID.
Please DON'T resend your secret even if you think we didn't get it. Just send a email without an attachment in it asking if we got it.

If you send in an email asking about your secret and you have added the secret, the email will be added to the list without being looked at with all the other emails with secrets in.
If you send the email without an attachment we can see clearly it's not an email with a secret in it, so it will be read right away.
If you send a secret in again because you don't think we got it the first time, chances are we have got it. So we will submit the first secret you sent in, then because you have sent it again, and because we see 1000's of secrets all the time we will not realise its already been submitted so it will get submitted again. This causes lots of problems

Special Requests

Special requests for your secret, such as turning comments off, (it may be turned off even if you ask it to be left on ) or having a short artists comment added (maximum of four lines) etc. When you email the secret and want something special done to it, please write what you want done within the email.
If you ask to have an artist comment added please make it very clear its to be added. Often it just looks like its part of the email just telling DAS not an artist comment to be added.
(more information follows about artist comments)

You can also have your secret link back to an older one (if your secret is a responding to a specific one). Text of your own can also be put in the artist's comments along side your image.  Any other ideas, just email them and if there is a problem we can talk about it.

Artist comment

You can still add an artist comment to your secrets, but there are a few guidelines.
If your artist comment is something like "I still love him / I'm so sorry / I wish I hadn't lied to him" etc these comments will not be added to your secret.
The idea of adding an artist comment is only when your secret is hard to understand. if we feel the comment you would like added doesn't make a difference to how the secret is understood it wont be added.

Comments ON or OFF

Over the past few months we have been keeping a close eye on the comments in secrets.
Not only the comments but the replies to comments.
It has come to our attention more and more of you either do not understand our rules about commenting, or just dont care.
Because of this we will now be coming down a lot harder on comments being turned on or off.
You will find a lot more secrets now will have comments turned off, even if a secret teller ask for the secret to have comments on.
This of course is not saying all secrets will have comments turned off.
The reason behind this is far too many of you are leaving some of the meanest comments I have seen in quite some time. Far too many of you have been arguing with each other, as well as chatting with one another about things that have nothing at all to do with the secret itself.
DAS is not your personal chat site, it is not a forum for you to have a little chitchat.
Comments should only be comments supporting or helping a secret teller.
There are many ways a person can do this, please find a way to do so within our rules.
Over the past few months the comments posted have been getting worse and worse, we are very disappointed in the over whelming immaturely in some ( not all ) or the comments passing by DAS lately.
You have all been asked on more then one occasion to follow our simple rules. But even after been reminded ( some of you many times ) some of you still think it's ok.
Well thanks to you, you have ruined it for those that do follow our rules.
We ask you please to follow our simple rules. Dont ruin it for everyone.

If over the next few months we dont see a large improvement we will be forced to take further action.

We are very sorry to those of you who do support DAS, who do follow the rules, who do contact us letting us know when people step out of line so we can get things sorted out quickly.
We are also sorry you are the ones who have to pay the price for others stupidity :(

We hope all of you understand why this is happening.
We also hope from now on each and everyone of you will start to follow our rules so things can go back to normal again.
Remember don't use DAS as a place to argue, or chitchat. Note each other or leave a message on that persons page, DON'T do it on DAS.
If ANY of you come across ANY comments you feel shouldn't be there for what ever reasons. Please send us a note with a link to the comment you are talking about.
FAQ #14: How do I create a link to a specific comment?

This is DAS it is not a place to attack a secret tellers art skills. It is not a place to attack a secret teller for spilling their heart and soul.
Comments like "You suck / You need to be shot / WTF kinda heartless bitch are you " These comments are not wanted or needed.

Please refrain from replying to other users commenting on their signatures. You can comment on their front page or note them if you like, but please don’t do it on secrets. Let’s try to keep it relevant to the ST and their secret.

DAS is not a school. We have people aged 13 sending secrets in, from countries all over the world. All from different backgrounds. In secrets, spelling or grammar that isn't perfect is not a problem. DAS is about getting a ST's secret out, not to make them feel stupid or dumb because their spelling or grammar isn't up to your standards. You are more then welcome to comment about a persons secret. But we do not accept comments about people correcting someone's spelling or grammar.

Tips on giving good comments

Read secret
read the secret again
read artist comment ( if there is one always check)
Stop and think about the secret
Put yourself in the secret tellers shoes
Read the secret again
Think about what you would like to say
Type out your comment
Read the secret again
Read your comment again
Would this comment upset or make you feel bad? ( if so backspace and think more about what you would like to say)
No chit chatting
No debating

What will happen if I don't follow comment rules?

A few of you have asked about this, so this is the method of how we deal with these kinds of things.

If you are found posting silly comments, depending on what its about, it may just be hidden. If we feel its needed you will be sent a note letting you know your comment has been hidden, then giving you a warning that we don't accept that kind of comments.  

If you make the same mistake again, your comment will be hidden, you will then be sent another warning reminding you of the rules, this will be your last warning.

Next time you dont follow the rules you will be blocked from DAS then unblocked right away (this will remove you from watching us)

You are more then welcome to re watch us, but be warned if you don't follow the rules you will be blocked for a month.

After that month is up you will be unblocked if you do the same thing again your will be blocked for longer. If this happens again you may find yourself blocked for good.

As you can see you are given many chances dont blow it for everyone else.

Are you a MSN /Hotmail user?

Those of you who use hotmail/MSN/Windowslive to send your emails, there is a new windowslive email program.
If you are using this, when you send an attachment it will send in a way that the only way it can be viewed is to download it.
This causes a big problem with us. As we don't download any secrets until we have first viewed the secret.
If you use this new program, you will need to go to the and send it the old way using the old method.
Sorry for any trouble this may cause you.
Thank you for your understanding.

Comment on your secrets

Nobody is an account that you can use to comment on your own secrets.
But  please remember to read all the rules the account has. If this account is abused again it will be blacklisted from DAS.

Examples and Inspiration

Inspiration for this project was from - PostSecret

“The ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a home made postcard”

We are not in any way affiliated with PostSecret but would like to call DeviantArtSecret a “Spin-off” project that was inspired by it. Check out the PostSecret website and buy the books. Examples of Secrets can be found here  or in the PostSecret books. There are now three different PostSecret books.

DAS does not reply to comment

It seems a lot of you still havent clicked on that DAS does not and has not ever replied to comments on its front page or in its journals or in secrets submitted.
Once every now and then DAS may reply to something, but this is a very  rear thing to happen.
DAS has NEVER been a club that comments, it never has been and never will be.
To those of you who are telling people we do, and those of you leaving comment saying we are lying. STOP your lying! we DO NOT and HAVE NOT ever been a club that comments. We ALWAYS add at the bottom "if you have any questions please feel free to note us or email us"
The ONLY time we reply to comments in journals is when we add in the journal its self that we will reply to your questions. Other then that we DO NOT reply to questions.
Once again.

© 2009 - 2021 DeviantArtSecret
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If I send one in, how do I find it me? 
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Oh my goodness I didn't see this and I sent :|
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If we send one in, how do we find it? There are a large amount already there.
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You need to keep an eye on the Club for it to be submitted.

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So watching doesn't work?
DeviantArtSecret's avatar
huh? You will see it come up in your watch list when it has been added.

eliviralikespie's avatar
DAS dosnt come up in my watch list!
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Then you are not watching us.. If you were they would come up :)
In that case, you just have to come in and look though the devs added all the time to see when its added.

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Hmmm...*reads the big bold letters at the bottom* They really want to get that message through...Hey! I have a question, why don't you reply to comments?

:iconteheplz: oh it is so fun being a troll.
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The don't be repetitive rule is one you most certainly don't follow, since we see some secrets that look, sound and feel the same as ones before it.
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Wait, why can't it be a PNG?
I use PNG because of better quality.
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they're not going to respond to this. LOL.
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;w; ..I know..
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Maybe because there's people that still use older computers? This is just a guess. Older computers can't view .PNG, only .JPEG. That MIGHT be the reason. I'm not sure.
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What do you do with our email addresses, eh?
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they're not going to respond to this. LOL.
DanB-Graphic-and-Web's avatar
Got Post Secret above on my shelf! It is an amazing idea to do this on DA!
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To the scary looking mowhawk dude standing out in the back church parking lot, shooting crows with a bee-bee gun........Nice!!!

There's my secret. :)
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Either I'm getting really temperamental, or you lot can't be bothered to read the last box.
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I know how you feel... these people. *sigh*

Coral-Spiral-Knight's avatar
I wonder how they get through life if they don't read things that are quite clear xD

Well, now, I'm just finding it hilarious :XD:
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:lmao: That's so true. xD.
Lil-Fwuffee-Kitty's avatar
hahaha yep! ;P And it really is hilarious!
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wait wait wait.... how.....what exactly is the thing your supposed to say in the email when you send it?

Just... "here's my secret" and "I want comments" and.. "I made this without any stocks"?

Is it that simple, you didn't really specify in one paragraph all that is supposed to be sent in the email.
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