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shuuos's avatar
I have an army of flying dragons! Wanna borrow one, anybody?
AndyVR27's avatar
Today I was telling my mom how I'd love to have a dragon ^.^
Whn I'm in the bus , I like to imagine I'm actually riding a beautiful black horse
YumiSmiles's avatar
I do this. I'm not alone! :happycrypls:
copperandsparks's avatar
this is the freaking story of my life.....see, i have no life! I DON'T WORK!!!!
Luvira's avatar
Wind-Bandit's avatar
I'm so glad I'm not the only person who thinks that...
cutofakiss's avatar
hells to the yes.
urban-lingo's avatar
sure as hell beats the bus :P
RinahMcKaii's avatar
This has to be the best secret EVER :D
I'm a lame person, I've watched How to Train your Dragon like 40 times since I got it :)
copperandsparks's avatar
oh my god i love how to train your dragon! -_- thanks for nothing, you useless reptile! ahahahah
CiarawrCathostrophe's avatar
Agrodolce's avatar
YESSSSS! :woohoo: :icondragon--plz:
I think it would be really cool to ride a velociraptor, too!
piinky-giirl's avatar
Haha. XD Love it. xD
SoBo113's avatar
Me too, ST! xD
DelinquentsShrine's avatar
That would be awesome!
LukieK's avatar
Best secret ever.
I wish I could ride a tiger to school.
WeiWuShu's avatar
That would be so awesome!!!
Or a dinosaur! Either one would be amazing! xD
SatoshixKasumi-4eva's avatar
Haha, I sometimes imagine I'm flying a Phoenix to school (in the design of Heroes 3). I've always wanted to fly one (even though they don't exist either T.T).
Writer-Girl1993's avatar
That's so awesome! You rock, st!
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