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radioactivekiwi's avatar
That's not hilarious. It's sad.
SteampunkSoldiers's avatar
I look too sweet for anyone to take me seriously, and yet, this is how I feel like inside.
UkimeOkami760's avatar
I know how you feel.
faff33's avatar
I absolutely hate being complimented on everything I do.
11marioboots's avatar
Sounds exactly like me
CookieofDestruction's avatar
Kalaricat's avatar
That escalated quickly.
ScorchBurst's avatar
Inner, outer darkness. You balance the supposed sweetness on your outside with the hatred and anger on your inside. Humans are beings of balance.
LittleMorte's avatar
This is my case for some of my house mates.... And some of the 'friends' I had
aviansie's avatar
Talk about being fake.
TheMoonlightCandle's avatar
I understand. My friends are nice people, and they think of me of the matron of our group, but I want to get rid of them at the same time. It makes me seem like a sadistic cynic, but I really don't care.
Jimmy-Zee's avatar
This made my day.
MonsturNao's avatar
Pft, that's the same thing with me.
PegasisterAmelie's avatar
wow youre so edgy and scary im proud of you
RiRiSqueak's avatar
its a bit the same here, but not ALL of them.
Pyrosaitan1's avatar
This one made me laugh, whoever wrote this really is a clinical little bitch, I really wanna meet her
devils-Apples's avatar
Honey, I'm the same way ^^
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