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Zillah-08's avatar
I've always fallen in love with guys who were assholes... pity they never felt the same.
halperin98's avatar
You know what? I'm 14 and a girl, and everytime I meet a group of people that say someone's an asshole, I find that they don't really know him or her. So I get to know the person, and we end up being best friends. That's what happened with my best friend and me.
You want to know what happened after that? Not many people talked to me. Some ran away or jumped back when they got close to me. So you know what I did? Ignored them! Why? Because I knew that beneath all the rumors and obviousness, the real her was amazing. I couldn't care less for other peoples' opinions then.
She's one example.
I have one friend who shows her affection by being mean calling us bitches all the time.
One that is too frank about things.
One that is too innocent.
One that goes with the flow.
One that cuts, and only two of us know it.
And me... I don't know how to describe myself... But I do know that when there's an outsider in the year group, I'll always try to befriend them. And if they want my friendship, I'll accept them, and who they are. If they don't want my friendship, I'm fine with that too. It won't be the first time... and it won't be the last.

I made a speech from that.... Oops...
bluebat2568's avatar
I'm jealous. I dont think i hv the confidence to be myself like that. I wish i did though
1. In this world EVERYONE can be loved. Seriously, and no just for "merits". No for being prettier, or smarter o whatsoever. Sometimes, you just find someone who start to love you without any apparent reason for the rest of the world. Because people say we want someone perfect, but at the end we all love imperfect people, just because of what they are.
2. That DOESN'T MEAN you shouldn't be nicer. I think people tend to confuse what means to be themselves. Some because they trash their personalities just to please everyone, and other because they hold the stupid sentence of "This is who I am, and I can't change". That's a lie. Being faithful to yourself is not about not-changing-anything-because-that-could-made-you-some-kind-of-artificial-human-made-by-the-society. Living is changing, and being faithful to yourself (in my opinion) is just judging what direction you want to choose, what kind of person you want to be. So... is being a jerk any ideal? Your idea of a wonderful life is being bitter and hateful, o making people feel bad, or laughing about their preoblems? (I don't really know what kind of jerk you are). And...
If you find someone who likes you despite being you, is being a jerk the way to treat them?
What if... you are nicer, because that person who likes you can be anyone near to you, and they could deserve a better treatment?
What if you are nicer just because being nice is something good and fullfilling, and because you may need true reasons to like yourself?
zepIyn's avatar
I think I know who submitted it.

XxwhitewolffirexX's avatar
i like the little print XD
Hayli-Copter's avatar
Oh, crap. I think I know who wrote this... :/
Toflun's avatar
The person who wrote this secret, you shouldnt worry, there is always someone who will love you for exactly the person that you are. :)
AquosBoost's avatar
This is the problem with sharing secrets... No-one will accept you at all.

I am not currently looking for love and I'm a girl.
But yes, I'm an asshole.
Like Major Asshole.
:icondarkhelmetplz::iconsaysplz: How many Assholes do we got on this site anyhow?
LyFaye's avatar
What an idiotic sentiment. Most people aren't going to like you (maybe in the short term, most likely not in the long term) if you're an asshole. You can't simultaneously celebrate how you're an awesome special snowflake because you're a jerk and then cry because no one loves you. You want someone to love you? Be fucking lovable. You're not entitled to be loved by society because you're being yourself.

When I was a child my mom told me that I was a brat and I needed to stop treating people like shit. Judging by the insipid comments, more people need parents to tell them to stop being assholes. I don't find I betrayed myself be being a nicer person, I just became a nicer person. Most people are just too lazy and self-centered to put forth the effort to be less terrible.
aprilfear's avatar
Well, if they treat you badly, then why treat them any better?
LyFaye's avatar
This is the same logic as "I only respect people who respect me". If we're only being nice to people who are nice to us, no one's going to be nice to anyone. Why not be kind for the sake of being kind? It's stupid to complain no one likes you for being a jerk. Of course no one likes you, you're a jerk. If you treat someone badly, why do you expect them to treat you any better?
aprilfear's avatar
*shrugs* I guess this is the secret teller's problem. I just don't talk to people in general. I tried being nice, but they continued to treat me like dirt. I have four amazing friends, and that's all I need.
LyFaye's avatar
I get treat badly and don't have any amazing friends. I did, but they always turn out to be jerks. Being mean just turns you into a hateful husk of a human being who no ones likes. Kindness is much more spiritually fulfilling even if people don't deserve it.
Toflun's avatar
Then why are toy the one being an ass to the secret teller right now?
LyFaye's avatar
In what way am I an "ass"? Because I told people that if they want to be loved they should be kind? I'm so vewy mean. Bluntness =/ ass. I did forget I'm on deviantart where constructive criticism is non-existent though, so I guess by the community standards I'm a terrible person.
Toflun's avatar
I am sorry...It is my fault for missuderstanding.
Toflun's avatar
* I meant you, when I accidentally wrote toy ^^"
Mopofcurlyhair's avatar
Wouldn't mind the "asshole"-thing, but you´re just too young, pal.
YouJustGotAnimated's avatar
The weird thing is that he's thinking about love..... at the freaking age of 14.
Toflun's avatar
You cant be in love when your 14? :O
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