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This is to the submitters of DeviantartSecret Just something to show them..

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Awwww Thank you very much :heart:
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Just came across this again. Glad I did. :)
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So glad I have this in my fav's. Need to come across it today ~ was needed ♥
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I wont lie, that actually helped. Thank you
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that is what i need literally EVERY day, just to remember i am strong, because sometimes, i dont think i am..
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Wow,if my computer says that to me I'd believe so quickly XD
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You know, I love this secret so much, I refused to delete from my Notifications, so that everytime I go through my Messages, I'll see this secret, which makes me smile so much :) <3
Der ST I think you are a beautiful person :)
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I wonder what it would be like if computers periodically did this in real life.
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Akward `Okaaay`
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Aww!This is so cute!I wish I could put this on my computer so instead of saying the internet browser stopped I'm pretty :p
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Inspired me...:iconhappytearsplz:
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i needed this actually! thanks!
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This shout pop up every now and then :)
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seeing such nice secrets after reading through bunches of sad, depressing, tragic ones really is uplifting ; u ; made my day
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i like how some of these secrets are nice
:) thank you
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This is amazing. Way to be.
This message made my day, so i've created a site with it...
[link] (, ignore url)

If you want, you can add ? to send the user to another page...

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