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He's dealing with too much right now for me to pile more on.

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and it did frown.. and it did..
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Funny how this was mostly my experience, and that all the numbers in the title is just the same as my I.D. Number.^^" T^T Is it in my nature to just fall in love, and then... hardly admit? T^T... but you know... not having to admit can be so selfless which is a good thing too ;3; <3... ^^" Gahhh... story of my life...Somehow... But I don't know if it's still like that.
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Cut down on the smileys and then maybe someone will take you seriously
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Sometimes...Maybe true love only admits itself on the presence of silence...T^T.......... ^^"
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.....i can relate..... *sigh*
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I told who I loved that I love her.
It tore my heart to find she didn't feel the same way.
But I'm her best friend still..
So don't be afraid.
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i feel the same way....... *sad face*
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Im in love for the first time and I fell in love with my best friend. All of he's friends tell him that im just perfect for him and that we are the same. But
He likes a girl that is 5 years older than him and has a boyfriend. Im just there for him he sees me as a friend and it BREAKS MY HEART. I cry myself to sleep and it hurts me that he does not notice.
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But Im to afraid. He is a otaku (one of the reasons we are the same) and what if he laughs in my face or starts to avoid me. What did you do when she told you.
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When we are alone he tells me his secrets and always has this big smile on his face. And always looks me inthe eyes(makes me look away couse im to scared to look at him in the eyes) he has this thing where he licks
his lip. But when Im talking with his friends he doesnt even look in my direction and just keeps his head down. Im just so scared. I can read others like books but him I cant figure out. None of my friends know I like him and you(a perfect stranger) are the only person i have asked for advice.
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We have been friends for 7 months. We are realy alike and share the same opinions. I dont know his family but he says that our familys are alike. I think we are close. The problem is he is an airhead and doesnt realise my hints. I just cant imagine him reacting in a good way if I tell him. And we have the same best friends. I think about asking his best friend for help.
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Ooh... this one pulls a heart string. I felt the same way about my best friend -- still do, but she knows how I feel now. She pried it out of me when she noticed something was really bothering me. Now I get to play jealous best friend around her boyfriends, but really, anything that makes her smile makes me smile, because I just want her to be happy... as cheesy as that sounds.
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thats really sweet!
but you should really muster up the courage, because you might lose him/her! ask one of her other friends to maybe ask her/him what they think of you
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Gosh... I LOVE THIS. T^T
Krasher124's avatar true...............
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I have a guy friend who I've been friends with for around 4 years -- and I love him inside. Yet I don't want to tell him, in case he doesn't love me back -- I don't want to break our friendship.

It's not about embaressment due to rejection...
It's about being rejected.
And loosing him.
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I know how the guy feels, I just....... a lot has happened between me and him, and he's broken my heart to many times. Now I find someone else, and I find out my other best friend likes him. So yeah I get this.
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I understand how this person feels. It's hard loving someone, when you're not sure how they feel in return.
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Why would saying you love them make them frown? Sorry, I'm bad with emotional stuff XD
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