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cinty-insanity's avatar
Holy shit. Holy shit. Um. Please??
writersneversleep's avatar
I hope it can be too!

Tell them nothing has changed and that you're still there. I bet you might find that the little hearts just had a screen blip or something <3
Crawling-meower's avatar
I forget, what does the yellow lightning signify?
Rapauldo's avatar
Chemistry between two sims.
Crawling-meower's avatar
Rapauldo's avatar
You're welcome!~ C:
damina's avatar
Just remember, you have to sit down and chat with them a lot. Flattery works too. If it's meant to be, it'll happen again. If not, move on and live life.
Rapauldo's avatar
Your comment. Ohgod.
damina's avatar
lol, I always make them chat forever, and force my flirtatiousness on them until they like me, darn it! They have to like me! :P
homosexualityx's avatar
Love how this was done, sims is awesome
Markenkeks's avatar
This is the coolest idea ever :D
(me = sims obsessed)
ST, it can get back to that stage, but you'd better not count on that to happen fast.
Try to be happy with their friendship, and if you're lucky enough it can work. Good luck!
rawrjustlooking's avatar
Maybe it's best to move on, it's never fun/cool to be the one left wanting
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