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Gallery Folders

Emerald Green Mermaid  by Destiny1234567
Mermaid Gipsy (Gift) by BurgerForLunsh
Mermay 2 by YarArts2
Pond beauty by Peach-Coke
Traditional Art
Comm.: when they ask bout sth while ya gaming by NekoMaon
Approach by Feedington
Mermaid Rachel by uglygosling
Ready To Splash by uglygosling
Digital Art
Mermen Designs by CartoonJohnStudios
Velvet Crowe Mermaid Digital by Azure-wolf96
Mer!vannash by starwarssith

Mature Content

Honey, I Shrunk the Twins by MaxWhittemore
Photo Manips

Mature Content

Slave Mermaid Masami by Mermaidkodama

Mature Content

Emily and Flippy at The Cal Academy by MaxWhittemore
I'm a Monstergirl saison 2's poster by tsilver

Mature Content

Mermaid Katy ~ Dockside by sirenabonita
Rerik by ladyshetan
Hey. Meh. by TFSyndicate
Tanning mermaid by TFSyndicate
Breathe by Nikita-The-Furry-One
Mermaid DDs only
Captured by gabrielleragusi
Blow by RedPear
Mermaid Melanie 4 by Della-Stock
Twisted Corals by tetramera
Arts and Crafts
Secret Mermaid Treasure Chest / Box by LumCheng
Tales of Ancient Seas - Handmade copper pendant by IkushIkush
Electroformed Octopus Necklace with Labradorite by IkushIkush
Agate, Labradorite, Moonstone and Tentacle Pendant by IkushIkush
Mermania 2016
NCMania 2016 by cookiebaby722
Johnny Dep Mirror Image by cookiebaby722
Happy Mermaid by cookiebaby722
NCMania 2016 by cookiebaby722
Fanart AND cosplay
Valentine 11/14 - The Little Alana by C5000-MakesStuff
Valentine 2/14 - Sleep with the mermaid by C5000-MakesStuff
Ada Wong :nsfw optional: by Emerald--Weapon

Mature Content

Frankie 2.1 hybrid mermaid (art-nouveau) 02 by Westerlund1-26
Lionfish Mermaid by Eirone-Siderius

Mature Content

Backstroke siren by QueenWerandra
On the Rocks by MermaidSandie
My Mermaid Prom Dress by SirensFantasy
NCMerfest 2015
MerWedding Party by cookiebaby722
MMPPP CM Beta 2.0 by JackieEisenDrache

Mature Content

Down Under Strip 15 by MaxWhittemore
Stamps, icons, pixel etc
A mermaid on garbage by TFSyndicate
(GIF) Bubble kiss practice by QueenWerandra
Merpalooza 2012
Holding Mermaids by onelilmermaid
Demsel in Distress by cookiebaby722
World mermaid awards 2011 ONLY
World Mermaid Awards 2011 by presenze
NCMania 2016
NCMANIA2016 by cookiebaby722


Alluring Fish by LaCroixGrimoire Alluring Fish :iconlacroixgrimoire:LaCroixGrimoire 13 2 See the Sun by elf-mermaid See the Sun :iconelf-mermaid:elf-mermaid 16 1 It Is You by elf-mermaid It Is You :iconelf-mermaid:elf-mermaid 7 0 Yu-gi-Oh Mermaid Girls by The-Sinnerz Yu-gi-Oh Mermaid Girls :iconthe-sinnerz:The-Sinnerz 710 22 [C] Mermaimon and Bastemon by emarex96 [C] Mermaimon and Bastemon :iconemarex96:emarex96 430 33 Rikku the Siren by Medusa-the-Eternal Rikku the Siren :iconmedusa-the-eternal:Medusa-the-Eternal 208 35 A Punished Mermaid by Mermaidkodama
Mature content
A Punished Mermaid :iconmermaidkodama:Mermaidkodama 8 0
Slave Mermaid's Oral Sex Service by Mermaidkodama
Mature content
Slave Mermaid's Oral Sex Service :iconmermaidkodama:Mermaidkodama 6 0
Mermaid in The Lab by Mermaidkodama
Mature content
Mermaid in The Lab :iconmermaidkodama:Mermaidkodama 15 0
Mermaid Mitsuki's Destiny by Mermaidkodama
Mature content
Mermaid Mitsuki's Destiny :iconmermaidkodama:Mermaidkodama 14 0
Slave Mermaid Mitsuki by Mermaidkodama
Mature content
Slave Mermaid Mitsuki :iconmermaidkodama:Mermaidkodama 8 0
Equestria Mermaids Rainbow Toss by PhysicRodrigo Equestria Mermaids Rainbow Toss :iconphysicrodrigo:PhysicRodrigo 65 9 Singing for perdition by YokaMycelium
Mature content
Singing for perdition :iconyokamycelium:YokaMycelium 93 21
PATREON REQUEST//Sidonia by Shadako26
Mature content
PATREON REQUEST//Sidonia :iconshadako26:Shadako26 323 18
PATREON REQUEST//Iridescent Beauty by Shadako26
Mature content
PATREON REQUEST//Iridescent Beauty :iconshadako26:Shadako26 258 20
Sky Mermaid by Kriniere Sky Mermaid :iconkriniere:Kriniere 60 3

Newest Members

Hi All I am so busy I really need some more mods!
The big thing I want is to be sure things go into the correct folder. Most things are autoaccepted except for a few folders, so sometimes things need to be moved around. I'm also not ok with ANY screencaps from shows, art theft, or manipulation of TV stills etc. Original work or stuff used from stock only.

Anyone up for the challenge? I don't want the group to die but I am too busy as a pro mermaid!
More Journal Entries

The Rules!

I dont have many rules about submitting but I'd like them to be followed.
I have it set so people can submit a whole wack of things to the appropriate gallery without a mod needing to vote. That being said:

Do NOT submit things that have nothing to do with our group

DO NOT submit screen caps of the little mermaid, motivational posters that use copyrighted work, or manips of POTC 4 stills and posters etc. All of these things are against DA policy and will not be allowed in the group. The same goes for manips of h20 or any other copyrighted material. We have a wonderful stock folder full of mermaid and mermaid related stock. If you're manipping, please use that.

FEATURED FOLDER is for Admins to feature people, work we feel everyone would really enjoyed, or is under appreciated. I frequently comb through it to take things from that folder and put them in others to keep it fresh.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, here's how the galleries work:

Traditional= any 2d image created with traditional materials. NOT sculptures, arts and crafts, etc they have their own section to keep the traditional folder from being too big. Likewise, traditional FANART will go to the fanart section, not the traditional art section.

Digital= any work created with the use of a computer, or any work that it's majority digital. Fanart will not go here, it will have it's own folder, again to keep from making the digital uploads overloaded. Photomanips will also not go here, they have their own section.

Photomanips= anything done with photomanipulation. Note: if you include any art theft it'll be removed. This includes lifting images from google.

Photography= here's where we get tricky. If you have an image of you in a tail that you did not make, and you are not cosplaying a character, it would go here. If you have a mermaid related portrait it would go here. This can also be a good spot for mermaid inspired work.

Mermaid DDs= you can't submit here, but if you find a DD that's not already here please leave a comment or send a note so we can request the image in the group

Arts and Crafts= any traditional art that is not on paper. Sculpting, dolls, jewellery, scrapbooking etc

Costumes= a mermaid tail YOU MADE YOURSELF or a mermaid costume that is NOT cosplay (meaning a character that already exists)

World Mermaid Awards= Photos from the first mermaid convention

Merpalooza 2012= photos from the second mermaid convention

Stock= images of mermaids, of water, or of something related to mermaids that people are allowed to use for manipping purposes. This is a good example of a place where you can submit something mermaid inspired as well

Stamps, Icons, Pixels, Etc= pretty obvious

Fanart AND cosplay= any fanart from an existing character and any cosplay of an existing character. I decided to merge the folder because the majority of fanart and cosplay we get is The Little Mermaid, so this is essentially, The Little Mermaid Folder.... anything TLM goes here, regardless of if it's digital, traditional, etc.

Text= anything text based, so text based imagery, literature, fonts etc.

Thanks for your understanding. Im pretty liberal with the group but these are just the basics folks.

Finally, still looking for some contributors to help out.
Please invite your friends.












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merlover3 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2018
Looking for a mermaid story. Does not seem to be on internet anymore. Called Mermaid Mating Season. Anyone ever read it? Do you have a copy or a link? Thanks
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How do you submit to this group?… I can't seem to? >.<
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Do you like mermaids? Would you like to meet more fellow mers in the community? The Mermaid Pod Discord server may be right up your alley. We're just starting out so we're small but very enthusiastic! Hope to see you!
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