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Commission: A Tail of Alien AbductionA Tail of Alien Abduction Although she had been born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico, Vera Armijo was always skeptical of the notion that a UFO had crashed near the city years before. There were a number of reasons she felt that way, and not just because her parents had noticed and encouraged at an early age her uncommon interest in things scientific and mechanical. Her level of interest was not only higher than that of most girls in her high school, but of the majority of boys as well, and she pursued her somewhat iconoclastic interests without ever coming across as nerdy. Even so, whenever anyone asked, she always maintained a skeptical attitude when asked if she believed that an alien spacecraft had crashed outside the city, and if she believed that humans had ever been abducted by aliens from another world. "Have you ever noticed there never seem to be any witnesses, and they are never willing to be tested to back up their claims?" she would sometimes say as a way of rebutting believers' claims. Vera's parents were not able to offer her much financial help when it came time to apply for college, but she did well enough academically she gained a scholarship which enabled her to attend a university with a well regarded space engineering program. After graduating she moved to Albuquerque to begin what she had already come to consider her dream career. Even though Vera soon discovered Albuquerque was a far more varied locale than she had already imagined, she still visited her old hometown whenever she could. That included visiting her parents and younger siblings, friends, and attending her old church whenever she was in town on the sabbath. One place which she never visited was the International UFO Museum and Research Center, which was located several blocks from her childhood home. Although Roswell was located in an arid region with scant average annual rainfall, several sizable lakes were nearby, and she would regularly swim in some of them while growing up. The largest was in a state park and had a beach; Vera would often swim there, but she, and her siblings, enjoyed an occasional nighttime swim at another lake which was about a fifteen minute walk from their home. This was a favorite because they could swim whenever they liked, and not only when lifeguards were on duty, as at the public lake. Despite their occasional adolescent or teenage contrariness, they were cautious when they swam thusly; never alone, and returning close to shore when they got tired. Sometimes, they just lay in the water on the sandy bottom with little but their heads showing above the surface. On her latest visit to her old home town Vera decided, after having dinner with her parents and an early evening nap, to go for a nighttime swim in her favorite lake. She didn't tell anyone she was going alone, as she simply desired to swim alone this time. She was a good if rather slow swimmer, but enjoyed good buoyancy, like her mother, in contrast to her father who would sink like a stone whenever he stopped swimming or treading water. Tonight the moon was full, but shoreline shrubbery prevented unwanted human eyes from gazing upon the solitary swimmer in the water. Suddenly, Vera found herself bathed in a beam of brighter light. Not taking the time to see where it was coming from, she immediately tried to dive under to escape the glare, but for some reason she could not do so. Instead, in moments she found herself slowing rising up into the air within the mysterious beam of light. As she rose higher the light became brighter, until she finally closed her eyes against the blinding glare. Even then she could still sense the light shining through her eyelids, until she lost conscious awareness. When she awoke again and opened her eyes once more Vera saw she was in some sort of room, round and with walls and ceiling both a shade of light blue. She tried to raise her head so she could see more of her current surroundings but could not; her head seemed to be locked in place even though she felt as if she were merely wearing a hoodie over her head. She next tried sitting up, only to now feel as if she were being held down by straps across her chest, and her waist. She then tried moving her arms but with no more success; they seemed to be strapped down as well, at her elbows and wrists. Even her legs were somehow restrained, at the knees and ankles, so she could do little with her lower appendages except wiggle her feet. 'Why am I here? Who did this? What are they going to do to me?' she found herself wondering. Vera did not have to wait very long. Only a few minutes after waking up, she heard a whooshing noise, followed by the sound of soft footsteps, as if several people were walking in barefoot. There was also the sound of faint whirring, from multiple sources as well. Several voices began speaking, male and female, though Vera could recognize none of them. She was fluent in spanish as well as english, and had some knowledge of a few other tongues, but none of it was of any help in deciphering what they were now saying. Eventually the bed to which she was strapped began to rotate, until she was almost but not quite fully upright. For the first time she was able to lay eyes on her captors, they bore little or no resemblance to the aliens supposedly killed in the nearby UFO crash or 'little green men.' Instead, they were various shades of blue fom head to toe. Even their hair, and the skin on their hands and faces, were blue. She also noticed they wore no clothing as such. Instead, the men, who were about the same height and build as their Earth counterparts, seemed to be covered in very short and dense hair, except for their faces, hands, and feet. They differed in their appearance much less than Earth men would have, but clearly had no problem telling one from another. As startling as the appearance of the men was to Vera, they paled in comparison to the women. They were blue in coloration like the men, but unlike them, they had tails instead of legs, and rode in hoverchairs (a concept she was researching) to get around, which made the soft whirring sounds she had heard when the group first entered the room. Like the men, they wore no clothing, even on their breasts, but were covered in scales from their necks down to the tips of their tails. Also like the men, the women differed little in their physical appearance. All had fan shaped caudal fins with slightly convex trailing edges, small pelvic fins, and fully webbed fingers. The visual stimuli was now too much for Vera, and she resumed her struggle against her restraints as she similtaneously let out a piecing scream. One of the alien mermaids picked up a device similar in appearance to a TV remote and clicked a button. Abruptly Vera's scream was silenced, but her mouth remained very active for several seconds more, and she continued to thrash on her tilted bed. One of the other mermaids now reached up to touch a pendant which hung around her neck, and when she subsequently spoke her voice came out in slightly accented but perfectly understandable english. "Please, try to calm down...we need to study you...we mean no harm..." Vera was, to put it mildly, skeptical of her claim that she and her companions meant no harm, but she did force herself to stop struggling against the restraints which locked her in place, and to stop her now-silent screaming. "Thank you" the translator-wearing mermaid now said "we will need to do many scans on you, and we will need to runs tests on you too, but we will not touch where you do not want us to touch you. However, until everything is concluded we will need to keep you muted..." Vera was just as skeptical of her latest statements as she was of her previous claims, but did notice her captors seemed to take notice of and respect the bikini she was still wearing. She could see her reflection in a mirror on the opposite wall, and noticed that it did not look in any way to be in dissaray, as she expected it would have if they had handled her at all roughly while she was unconscious. It was a silver color, which stood out against her long dark brown hair and tan skin complexion, as befitted her hispanic heritage. Some of the mermaids now opened up laptops while some of the men walked up so they were now standing directly in front of their test subject. Try as she might, she could not hide her nervousness over what experiments they were about to do on her. The mermaid who had been speaking english to her now switched back to speaking in her strange tongue to her coworkers. One at a time, the men ran their hand held scanners over various parts of her body. Occasionally they would briefly stop to talk with one or another of the mermaids, before resuming their scanning. Vera's head was the subject of much early interest, but her breasts seemed to draw only minimal interest. Why, she could not imagine, but she did feel some measure of relief; she had heard some of the horror stories of some who claimed to have been kidnapped and experimented on by space aliens. Her lower body was the subject of the greatest interest on the part of her captors. Once more the men scanned her legs and feet with great curiosity, as well as the area between her legs, but refrained from physically touching her in that area. At no point or place when they scanned her, did Vera feel any physical sensation, even in her head. No headache, no dizziness, no odd sounds seemingly coming from within her head, nothing. Her legs themselves, however, were subjected to some direct physical examination. One at a time, the men, on their feet, and the women, in their hoverchairs, ran their hands over her legs, both up and down. At intervals they would gently squeeze the muscles in her legs, check the tendons in her ankles, and flex the toes on her feet. Vera could understand nothing that they said to one another, but the tones of their voices seemed very much matter-of-fact, and at no time could she sense any overt hostility on their part. The oddest moment thus far of her captivity came when one of the mermaids produced a rubber mallet like the one her doctor had used when she was a child and gently tapped it on both her knees. Tonight, as way back then, her lower legs bucked against their restraints whne struck. Vera was actually rather bemused by the episode, but kept a very straight face as she did not want her captors to get any satisfaction from seeing her react thusly. More indecipherable (to Vera's ears) conversation followed those tests, then the mermaid wearing the translator, who Vera guessed was in charge, turned it on again and turned her hoverchair to face Vera before speaking to her directly. "Your exam came out as we anticipated...your legs are indeed unsuited for swimming, and very underpowered...therefor, we will commence immediately to transform your legs into a tail...your swimming ability will be greatly improved...and you will be able to breathe both air and water..." What most now impressed, and chilled, Vera was not what the mermaid had just said, but the tone of her voice and the expression on her face; no hostility whatsoever, and a genuine conviction that she and her compatriots were indeed acting for her benefit. It was also clear to Vera that they had no idea whatsoever that Earth humans were very much terrestrial beings who depended on legs to get around, and giving her a tail in place of her legs was in fact placing her under a severe handicap. She opened her mouth to protest but as she was still muted by her captors, no sound came out. Nonetheless, she emphatically shook her head and mouthed the words 'no, no, no' but to no avail. None of her captors were then looking her way, and when they did the lead mermaid told her "We are going to place you in the tube over there (gesturing with a webbed hand), it will transform your lower body. The process will be very quick and will cause you no discomfort, however, for security reasons we will have to render you temporarily unconscious before returning you to your home world. We will also have to erase your memory of ever having been here..." Before she was rolled into the tube, Vera was lowered back to her original horizontal position, so she could not get a good close up look at the tube until she was actually in it. To her surprise she was only rolled into it up to a point just below her breasts, but could get no glimpse of the tube's interior due to a black rubberlike covering which sealed the end of the tube and also enveloped her around her chest. When her transformation process began to the accompaniment of a faint hum coming from the machine, Vera had an assortment of thoughts and emotions before she dropped off into sleep as though she were still at home on Earth. The sensations coming from her body were strange yet not unduly uncomfortable. She thought she felt her bikini bottom seemingly merge with her body. Next, she felt as if her legs and feet had somehow become glued together before turning mushy, before the muscles firmed up once more. Even stranger were the sensations she could feel coming from below her abdominal area, as the various openings which been between her legs seemed to reposition themselves. Lastly among her conscious awareness of what seemed to be happening to her body, she felt equally strange sensations coming from among her ribs, though the ribs themselves were not the source of those sensations. From out of the corners of her eyes she could glimpse some of her captors, whose facial expressions continued to suggest they had no malice toward her. She wished she could ask them what their real reason was for turning her into a mermaid as they had said they would do, but she was still muted. She also wondered again why her captors were as they were, unclothed and covered from head to toe, or tail, in their blue scales or dense blue fur, and why the men had legs and the women had tails. She tried yet again, in vain, to comprehend why they thought they were improving her quality of life when she felt they were doing the exact opposite.... Vera was just waking up again, and stretching her arms, when she heard a voice calling out to her. "Vera, are you in there?" as some branches of nearby shrubs rustled gently, despite the lack of any significant breeze. The voice was that of her boyfriend, Ian Peres, who had arrived at her parents house a couple hours after she had left and been told she had said something about going for a swim. He was not overly worried; though they had been together only a few months he already was familiar with her penchant for nocturnal solo swims, and subsequently falling asleep in a secluded spot by the lakeshore. He was careful not to wake her up too abruptly, so he called out to her as her gently shook a branch of a shrub. She responded in moments. "Ian, is that you?" "Yes, it's me, Vera." "Come on in" she now said in a quiet but inviting tone. Ian now waded into the lake and slowly, so as to not make more than minimal noise, made his way to where he knew from previous experience his girlfriend would be lying. When he walked back on land and got his first glimpse of her in the moonlight he let out a gasp and said "Good Lord, Vera, what happened to you? Are you alright?" His reaction startled Vera, so her initial reaction was "Uh...I feel fine...why do you ask?" "Look at your...uh...legs." Vera now sat up to take a look. Moments later she too let out a gasp in shock, for what she now saw was not legs but a single silvery appendage. She had never been into mermaiding but it only took a few moments for her to realize she was not wearing a tail over her legs but now possessed a tail which was all too real, and which could bend in ways human legs never could. Her slightly convex caudal fin could likewise bend and flex in ways human toes never could, and when she finally noticed the small pelvic fins jutting from her hips, she soon discovered she could flex them both together, and independently of each other. Tail, pelvic, and caudal fins were all a silvery color, and matched the shade of the bikini top she was still wearing. She was somewhat relieved to discover she appeared to be unchanged above the upper edge of her tail, with her skin texture the same as before, and her dark brown hair the same as before as well. "Any idea how you were changed?" Ian now asked. "I have no idea. All I remember is I had legs when I went in to swim...and then you calling to me. I don't remember anything in between, not even coming back out..." Neither Vera nor Ian could remember any unusual bright lights in the sky that evening, as the brightness of the full moon was enough to blot out all but the brightest stars, let alone most meteors, and the only moving lights they did see clearly belonged to ordinary Earth aircraft. A far off flash of light, followed by a distant rumble of thunder, alerted them that a thunderstorm was headed their way. Ian waded to where he had entered the lake, while Vera crawled back in and swam alongside (discovering as she did so she could indeed breathe water, thanks to the gills among her ribs), then he picked her up in his strong arms to carry her to her parents' house. "Please, don't let them see me like this" she said as they neared the back door. "Your parents? How are you going to hide your tail from them?" "No, I don't want any scientists to see me, I can't help but feel they would want to do all sorts of...tests and experiments on me...and I don't want to be put on display in some aquarium. Please..." "How would your parents react when they see you now have a tail?" "I am certain they will help me any way they can...even more than my early teachers they encouraged my interest in science and technology..." When Ian got Vera into her parents' house, just before the light rain turned into a downpour, her parents were indeed shocked by her mysterious change, and quick to recover and begin to ponder, with her and her boyfriend, what they might do to help her cope with her change. They too cringed at the thought of Vera being caged in some sort of test lab or put on display somewhere like just another zoo animal. Vera wasn't even sure she wanted to return to her job in Albuquerque, but she did have the potential good fortune of having been transformed on the first day of a planned three week vacation from work. Maybe she, her boyfriend, and her parents would come up with a solution to her present situation in the coming weeks...
Demsel in Distress by cookiebaby722
World mermaid awards 2011 ONLY
MerMay #31 - Smartphone by LuisaDraws
NCMania 2016
NCMANIA2016 by cookiebaby722


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