Staff Applications: We are in Dire need of staff

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Deviation Actions

We need help! We went through and removed all of our inactive staff, and it left me, Bestestcat , Phoenix-Wing-Art HaruoKitty , and the pointbank/chatbot DevArtGalaxy in the group. So we are in need of active people who could be staff

If you want to help out in this group, please make a application and I will read it through and see if you can qualify.
No admin experience isn't always required, so if you'd wish to be an admin just fill at the form and attempt it!
It never hurts to try.
This is the form, you must note it to the group with the questions included as you answer them:
1. Username:

2. Any other Accounts? If yes, post them here:

3. Age of Current Account?

4. How often are you on?

5. Area of interests (in the art you make and the art you like to look for in the group) :

6. Have you got administrator experience for a group?:

8. Why do you want to be a part of this group?:

9.Now tell us a bit about yourself!:

completed forms must be noted to the group to be reviewed!
You must copy over the questions as well
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considering this post is 5 years old, y'all still looking for help?

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Would I note my answers to this group?
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Okay, thank you ^^
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may i do it in the comments?
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Preferably note it to the group. There are a few short follow up comments for scenarios, with these questions. :3 just copy and paste em on a note and answer 'em please.
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