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Our friends. We support them and hopefully they will support us back.


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SuperGroup Donation Features And current events

Our chat!~

Read Current event number 4 to learn how to be featured here!

  1. Admin applications
  2. Staff Applications: We are in Dire need of staffWe need help! We went through and removed all of our inactive staff, and it left me, Bestestcat , Phoenix-Wing-Art HaruoKitty , and the pointbank/chatbot DevArtGalaxy in the group. So we are in need of active people who could be staff
    If you want to help out in this group, please make a application and I will read it through and see if you can qualify.
    No admin experience isn't always required, so if you'd wish to be an admin just fill at the form and attempt it!
    It never hurts to try.
    This is the form, you must note it to the group with the questions included as you answer them:
    1. Username:
    2. Any other Accounts? If yes, post them here:
    3. Age of Current Account?
    4. How often are you on?
    5. Area of interests (in the art you make and the art you like to look for in the group) :
    6. Have you got administrator experience for a group?:
    8. Why do you want to be a part of this group?
  3. Free Features
  4. You want a (free) feature?..You want a feature?
    just fill this out by noting it to the group.
    1.What do you think of DeviantartGalaxy?
    2.Have you posted a lot of your art to our group?
               -your art-
    1.What types of art do you do?
    2.What influences your art?
    3.How long does each drawing take you?
    4.What program(s) do you use?
    5.How many layers do you use? (if you use a large amout just say many)
    6.What file do you often save your work as? (jpg, gif, etc)
    7.How frequent do you upload something?
    8.How do you come up with your ideas?
    9.Do you have some sort of a series? (comic, story, etc)
    10.Do you use refrences, and where do they come from?
    11.When you look up a toutorial what types do you look up?
    12.How have you got your art known online so far? you read all your comments? Do you reply to them all?
    14.Where else can we find your art? (ex. Twitter, tumblr, etc)
  5. Twitter Icon Contest (a twitter isn't needed)
  6. ~Twitter icon contest!~(winners recive points)YOU DON'T NEED A TWITTER at all. And you don't need to be apart of our group, this is for everyone.
        1st:-5 points
              -one month free feature on the main page.
              -Your Devaintart page and icon tweeted through our twitter, and your twitter as well (if you have one)
        2nd: 1 week feature and a journal feature
        3rd:1 week feature and  a journal feature (your choice)
        4th:1 week feature OR  a journal feature (your choice)
        5th:1 week feature OR  a journal feature (your choice)

    If you want the prize to be raised: please donate to :iconDevArtGalaxy: DevArtGalaxy

    This contest ends when we have 20 entries linked through the comments.
                            How to enter
        -You must pos
  7. featured by donation points as we save up to become a super-group.
  8. SuperGroup Donation! Every point helpsHelp us become a super group and donate!
    Total needed: 4,750 points
    Total saved: 46points (as of 1/22/14 7:33pm EST)
    Click here to donate-> I want to donate!
    Thank you for helping, it's to make this group even better than it is.
    Anyone who donates 20 points will be featured in a blog, and on the group page for for a month.
    10 more adds another month.
    (name) Donates 20 points-> 1 month feature.
    (name) Donates 30 points-> 2 month feature
    (name) Donates 40 points-> 3 month feature
    And so on.
    So what are you waiting for? Donate!
    I want to donate!
    ***NOTE*** Feature will go into effect as soon as they are seen, or unless you put a date on the note to start. If it goes unseen, post a note to the group.
  9. Free art class to improve fundamentals of art
  10. Free Art class: General Art class: OpenInformation
    Hello guys for anyone who is interested, we have decided to begin our art class that is open to anyone and everyone, even those not in the group, so pass this around!
    There will be different classes and we would like to use an external site that also has access for those using a mobile device for there are apps for it.
    For now it's opening just one class that is a general class for the basics of art.
    This site provides realtime grades, although they will never be on your art itself but structures.
    This site will not yet be disclosed, as we need to make sure this will be a seccesful project.
    About the opened/current course
    The general course you will be able to cover the basics as well as master portrait level through practice and building.
    This first class will be traditional works, and it starts as the basics.
    It's recommended to have a pencil drawing set, but not required.
    How to join
    For anyone who wants to join this, it




This is the new Galaxy.




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