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Tails goes to the Dentist
"But Sonic, my teeth are fine!" said the fox, who was being pulled by Sonic. "Now Tails, you need to get your teeth cleaned if you want to go to Cream's birthday. You know how Vanilla doesn't tolerate filthy teeth." Sonic explained. After five minutes of complaining to Sonic, Tails gave up. When they reached the dentist's office, Sonic walked to the receptionist and Tails sat down in a chair, sighing. After looking around the room, the fox felt a little better. Sonic sat down next to him and said, "Now I know that this is a new dentist you're going to be seeing from know on, but Dr. Morty is a brilliant dentist. He works on all of our teeth,
Sonic+Tails new daycare days11
Sonic and Tails new daycare days ------------------------------------------ When Sonic was finally finished, he set the bottle down and burped loudly. He chuckled from the sound and felt himself sigh with satisfaction. "Baby Sonic is happy!" Sonic chuckled with a giddy voice... Tails chuckles more at the burp than what Sonic said after it. "Goodness Sonic, think was loud enough?" asks Tails as he does continue to chuckle over the burping sound. Sonic had always been much louder, since Sonic usually ate a lot more gassy foods too. Sonic laughed along with Tails. He felt great all of a sudden. His baby side was being rejuvenated. "Well the
Sonic+Tails new daycare days10
Sonic and Tails new daycare days ------------------------------------------ The fox watched Sonic waddle over to his crib and stick the pacifier into his mouth like that and does smile a tad but waits until Sonic gets back over and does gladly shake his hand. "You didn't need to put the pacifier in, but if you like it, I would say keep it in there. If you are someone that likes them, tell Ms. Koko, she gives those who like them a string to keep them around their neck." says the fox. Sonic smiled and took it out. "I honestly don't but... it just felt like something that had to be done for right now..." Sonic said while blushing. This scene
Sonic+Tails new daycare days-9
Sonic and Tails new daycare days ------------------------------------------ Sonic slept in his bliss. He was dreaming about running, as he usually did, but with a strange twist. For some reason he was wearing a diaper and had a pacifier in his mouth. What was he running to or from? He couldn't say. But the dream must not have bothered him, that much anyway. In the mean time, Kokoro brought one kid at a time into the room and carefully placed them in their respective cribs, since she tries to keep the kids sleeping in the same crib every day, so that they get used to that particular crib. She always kept spares, in case new kids came in lik
Sonic+Tails new daycare days-8
Sonic and Tails new daycare days ------------------------------------------ The moment Sonic walks back into the main playroom the other kids do all start to look over in his direction, but seeing him in those clothes now, most of them all start to shrug and let him go, they figuring he was probably just a new big kid coming to stay here with the rest of them. Most of the kids were over at one of the tv's right now looking up at it, to what looks to be one of those really young kids shows that like to sing to you alot is on right now. There were a few others that weren't watching but the majority of them were watching it. Sonic sat down in
Sonic+Tails new daycare days-7
Sonic and Tails new daycare days ------------------------------------------ Kokoro finally makes her way over to the changing table and shifts Sonic up and actually lies him down flat onto the changing table. The table was just long enough for him to lie down flat on without stretching over the edges. "There we go. Have a little detour to make before I put the clothes I picked out on you." she says and starts to squat down and go threw the contents under the table while leaving him up on the softly padded table. Sonic reaction to this was one of intense dread and discomfurt. A changing table didn't spelll good new for him in a place like t
Sonic+Tails new daycare days-6
Sonic and Tails new daycare days ------------------------------------------ Kokoro makes her way into the room with all the cribs, as well as two more changing tables over in one corner apparently for more convenience. She makes her way over to a large sliding glass door and pushes it open to reveal a very large supply of close, though many of them look to be more kidish looking clothes with animals on them. There were several pairs of shirts and shorts and pants in there. There however were also onsies, many many pairs of overalls, running pants, new pairs of shoes, and socks on lower levels too. There also rain jackets and heavy winter ja
Sonic+Tails new daycare days-5
Sonic and Tails new daycare days ------------------------------------------- Kokoro turns the corner and finally approaches a small building in the distance. She walking up the small drive way and up towards the door. When they get close enough a sign is visible in the front yard of the fenced in building that said "Kokoro´s Daycare Center". The front yard had several bushes and a pretty well kept lawn and the backyard able to just barely be seen around the corner looked to be high fenced in as well and full of children's playground equipment. "Were here." she says smiling happily heading for the door. Sonic looked on completely baffl
Sonic+Tails new daycare days-4
Sonic and Tails new daycare days ------------------------------------------- Sonic shocked himself when he realized he was staying quite in this babyish position as they went through the streets to wherever they were going. He still had an odd feeling about all this but decided to not dwell on it too much for right now. Realizing he was being craddled like a toddler made the blush creep back up on his face again. It was strange as he rarely felt this kind of embarrassment. Not only that but he wasn't rejecting this for right now. Maybe his mind was simply opening up to a new possibility. But his sense of freedom and following the wind will
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