The Gift, Chapter 1: Story Time

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    "Mom! Dad! Are you home?" a female, teenaged voice echoes through a large, Victorian house somewhere in the countryside, just arriving from home from school, "Mom? Dad?"

    An agitated voice replies from the kitchen, and the teen walks towards the voice, seeing her mother working at rolling some dough. The girl smirks, leaning against the doorway and watching as her mother struggles with her baking, "Mom, why don't you take a break from the dough-rolling and find Dad and meet me in the living, why don't you?"

    Her mother turns around to look at her daughter with deep purple eyes, a smile gracing her lips, "Alright, Juliet. He's probably in the living room anyhow with Emil." A curious look flashes through her mother's eyes, an eyebrow raising. "What do you need to gather us for, Jules?"
    Juliet gives her mother a smile that she had obviously gotten from the woman in front of her, "A school project about our parents' lives before they met each other and had us. I thought that our story would be...interesting, considering our circumstances."
    The woman giggles, putting an arm around her daughter as she walks her to the living room, where her husband was trying to get their son to take a nap. As they arrive in the area, she grins, seeing her husband laying with their son on the couch and stroking his head.

    "Dad, I need to interview you about life." Juliet says, poking her father with her finger, "DAD WAKE UP OR EMIL WILL."
    Her father jolts awake, scratching his dark head of hair as he glares sleepily at his daughter, "You got that from your mother, didn't you?"
    She shrugs, "She's my mom. What did you expect?" 

    He sighs, slowly sitting up in order not to wake up his sleeping son. His dark eyes flash relief when he manages not to wake up his temperamental child. One way or another, he figures, his children got a more or less bad trait from their mother. Then again, they also got a good trait. For Juliet, she got her mother's strong, stubborn personality, and with Emil, he got her humor and charm. He loves them both equally and he would never let anything happen to them.

    As he thinks this, Juliet sits sown across from her parents, settling down and straightening her dark skirt. She makes eye contact with her parents and smile, seeing how perfectly they were made for each other. Then she sighs, nodding her head, "So, about your past. What was it like before you had Emil and me?"

    Her father's eyes darken, but her mother's brighten up, holding a mischievous glint in her purple eyes. "Juliet, honey, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into," she sighs, tapping her chin, "Let's see...well, it started about 25 years ago, quite a while before you were born. So, it was a nice, sunny day in Pennsylvania..."

    And that's where the story begins.

Ocean is a girl about 15, and this story, "The Gift" tells about her journey to Camp Half-Blood, meeting new friends, conducting a romance, and going on her first quest. During her quest, she discovers that she has more power than the average demigod does.
EDIT: I added the preview image (very crappy, i know)

Chapter 1: You're Here!
Chapter 2:…
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No problem! Ene (Smile) [V7] 
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Cool start :) Can't wait to read the rest.
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