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The Bounce Jasper To Colors by JonathanPiccini-JP
The Amazing Spiderman 2 illustration by JonathanPiccini-JP
Illustration games by JonathanPiccini-JP
My Soul Hurts by Aart-ish
Digital Art 4
Flowers are dope as fuq by tack00
: theo : by Bastard--Prince
In Vino Veritas by RRoehrig35
Igni - creatures of renewal by Noctualis
Digital Art 3
Moonsong (Commission + Speedpaint) by Windshade94
En garde! (OC pageant2021 theme 6) by Cranash64
Dance with me [c] by RustSR
The last fight [c] by RustSR
Digital Art 2

Mature Content

Gwen Murphy by Emerald--Weapon
Rainfall by AmencA
Windows 10 CLOCK (UPDATED 24-APR-2021) by xxenium
Windows 10 Air Quality (UPDATED 23-MAR-2021) by xxenium
Digital Art
In a hurry by KershokArt
Fever by AndreVarlet-Green
Guitarist by AndreVarlet-Green
Asian Girl by IAmAClaesAndIhateIt
Photography 2
Music of rain by MaritaSorre
Sejbsky dub by sumie--dh
Lagertha by RGPC
Zygaena filipendulae by Kartumandurix
Lyon Roue HDR by bribesdemoi
Miss AMTS IX 3 by V-kony
Miss AMTS bikini IX 9 by V-kony
Tower Bridge by FelanUk
Traditional art 2
YCH collab with Kotik_rin - [2\5 OPEN] by Cogamori
YCH auction #33 (closed) by Yuikus
Great Hotel Albacete (Spain) by carlosvillodre97
Diane by ClarkRankins
Traditional Art
Day 5 by ArthurRoberto
Rainbow behind by Roky320
Khajiit by Roky320

Mature Content

The silent observation by rollarius55
Alcedinidae aka kingfisher wip by NN-way
[Fanart] Gawr Gura by Lunafleurr
BLACK/Adopt Autumn fairy/Auction/CLOSED by BLACK-FIL
Kayukayu Kayuu by MariposaBullet
Wireframe Shapes,Graphics by GraphicAssets
Fan Art
Iron and Steel: Page 5 by systemcat
Adoptable {OPEN} // auction by sukibache
Philosophistry #2 by schemantics
Creepy Pastas
{Commission} - Almasi Animated Pixel Doll by LeoKatana
Emma. by RGPC
Journal Dolls
[2/4 OPEN] 2 characters/COUPLES YCH AUCTION by NatsuGumiArt
Journal Skins
Too confident, mister Vale (OC pageant2021 theme3) by Cranash64
Commission Round Leaf by SewManyTeddies
Rocky, The Red Ranger - BLADE And BLASTER! 2 #MMPR by DashingTonyDrake
Pixel Art
Qiras Parting Look MS PAINT by CaptainRedblood
Stock and Resources
[3/3] OPEN 2 CHARACTERS/COUPLE YCH auction by NatsuGumiArt
The Legend of Zelda: The Dreamwaker (Chapter 2),Chapter 2: The City of DreamsideSo, after writing a letter to the address on the poster & sending it off with the postman. I started to pack up some things for the trip, not knowing what I will face when heading to this Dreamside location. Impa made arrangements to manage the kingdom until I got back. She also gave two of her best scouts to ride along with me for protection.I soon went to the town square to announce what my plans were to my people. "Citizens of Hyrule. Today, I'm heading out of Hyrule on a personal journey to clear my thoughts. I am heading to a place called Dreamside, a place catered to ease my mind & absolve my thoughts. I shouldn't be gone long, but in the meantime my guardian, Impa, will be carrying out my will for the kingdom until I return. So please give her the same reverence as you do for me. When I return, I promise I'll be a more effective person & able to take care of the needs of you all."After that, I mounted Epona. As you know from the other records, Epona was the horse that helped Link travel across Hyrule to save it. Malon gave her to me as she was the most dependable horse for the duty to take me where I wanted to go. After that, I heard cheers from everyone."Safe travels Princess" "We will pray to the Goddess for you" "Return to us safe and sound," said the Townspeople. I wept and smiled, and I said my goodbyes back to them as we set off for the southern border of Hyrule.I have never been outside of Hyrule before Ganondorf took over; I was never sanctioned to leave the castle after my father took care of me. My mother passed away & Impa was always by my side during my more youthful years days to give me comfort. Nevertheless, as I was passing out of Hyrule's southern border, I felt scared that I was leaving my comfort zone, but maybe that is what kept me stuck with the repeating nightmare & this was the first step to recovery getting out of my comfort zone.The journey took about two days of travel on horseback; we traveled on the path through some small woods to what became a clearing of a vast open field larger than Hyrule's. As we came down the hill into the valley, I saw a grand city at the center of the field with a massive moat around it. The walls looked to be made of white stone, much like what the buildings that stood taller than the walls were also built out of. There were four entries to the city, going towards North, South, East & West. As we came up to the North entry, I was brushed with a calm wind, which I did not think anything of it as the drawbridge came down in front of me. In front of my party, two ladies looked very Hylian and wore a deep blue garb that looked like something of a guard's uniform.One of them spoke, "Welcome to Dreamside, Princess Zelda of Hyrule. My name is Remy or Rem for short. We are honored to be in your presence. Please come in, your journey here must have been tiring, letís get you & your escorts into the guest house. After you are settled and relaxed, I'll take you to the Master of Dreamside."As we traveled through the city, my mind & eyes were in a state of wonder. Theaters were hosting different plays, marketplaces where loads of goods were being sold. The townspeople were all wearing garments of different colors and styles from other lands, and maybe before I leave the city, I will have to shop for some new garments myself. The air was filled with the sound of calming music and the smell of fresh apple pies that were cooling on the bakery windows. My thoughts of wonder went to being curious, so I asked Rem about the city."How is it that I've never heard of this place before, is this city fairly new?" I asked."Dreamside was founded over five hundred years ago." Rem explained, "Our city was founded on the idea to be a peace keeping place who ever needed comfort, in fact it was Goddess Hylia's idea which tasked the first sage of dreams to build an anchor location that seemed to be a close connection to the spiritual or dream realm. I believe it was Hylia's intent to create these Dream or Silent realms so she could train heroes so if evil returns, Hylia's champions would be ready to stop them. Over time the realms merged into a one which most people believe they go to another realm when they sleep, so we call it the Realm of Dreams."I was still in a state of shock that our Goddess Hylia was also helping founding places outside of Hyrule & making sure that when evil was around, there would be a hero that would link them back to her. "I wasn't aware that our Goddess Hylia was helping other lands, because it isn't written in any of our ancient texts about this place.""Well even Goddess's have their own secrets that they keep tight lipped from their followers," Rem replied as we approached the guest house. "Here we are, letís get you to your rooms."A guest house would be an oversimplification, and the house looked to be a size of a small castle. It seems they want to treat everyone like royalty. Rem took us to our spacious rooms. Attendants helped with our belongings and such. Then I landed on the bed and relaxed for a quick spell. Oddly enough, I was able to have a different dream than what has plagued me in the past, which was a pleasant change.
Contest Entries
31 days of art, theme 2, Geometrical chaos by PencilframeArt
Photo manipulation
Ciri by arion69
Mature Art
Zapateros Street Building (Plaza Mayor Albacete) by carlosvillodre97
secret Santa 2013
Spring Contest 2014
Sweet, Sweet, Evil by SneakyNinja95

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I have created and sold many Adoptables. Which become loved and even have fan art drawn for them but I can't seem to get my own character to be loved. I don't want to sound selfish I just want to know if my character is good or not. So here comes my questions


Does this character look good or not?

Would you (if become a fan of her) draw fan art of her?

If you don't like her, what can be done to change her?


Does this character look good or not?

Would you (if become a fan of him) draw fan art of him?

If you don't like him, what can be done to change him?


Does this character look good or not?

Would you (if become a fan of him ) draw fan art of him?

If you don't like him, what can be done to change him?


Does this character look good or not?

Would you (if become a fan of him) draw fan art of him?

If you don't like him, what can be done to change him?

Jo Anna:…

Does this character look good or not?

Would you (if become a fan of her) draw fan art of her?

If you don't like her, what can be done to change her?
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