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We Recommend any one to submit to this group if they have a photo, art piece, poem or anything related to this groups main topic.
Contributers on this group would search through Deviant Art for anything that's larger than 800*600 in Resolution and Have only Animals as the Pictures main topic, and add it to this groups gallery.

The Gallery Would be allot of contents, such as:
> Featured
> Reptiles
> Birds
> Leopards
> White Leopards
> Lions
> Tigers
> Cats
> Dogs
> Elephants
> Insects
> Bears
> Other Mammals
> Domestic Animals
> Captive Animals
> Save Us
> Aquatic Life
> Traditional Animal Art
> Digital Animal Art
> Black And White Photography
> Contests
> Best Animals Of DeviantArt

And Other

Gallery would be sorted by the list of animals form A to Z [Alphabetical] :…

Anything can be submitted into the featured gallery but needs to be excepted, with the decision of an Admin it would be submitted.
The Best Of The DeviantArt Content in the gallery would be decided by a lot of people in the DeviantArt Community, a few judges would be invited to the group with the specialty in Animal Photography.
People can submit work to the judges, limited by 1 every 3 weeks.

Their Would Be Also A Few Donations of Save The Animals on this group. This Donation is to get enough money to donate to Animal Saviour groups who needs the money and getting abandoned animals to a safe location.

The Other Donation is to upgrade this group to a SuperGroup, to make people feel welcome to this group.

This is A Growing Group that I believe would be A Success in the future.
Founded 10 Years ago
Aug 5, 2010


Group Focus
The Love Of Animals

7,921 Members
6,455 Watchers
102,992 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Ceresia - Fancy Rat by DianePhotos
Louis, Fancy Rat by DianePhotos
Maybe it's too big... by Feiti
Green death by Svenimal
Deers, Goats, Bovids and Boks
La bande by photomik-art
The screaming goat by Alex-Br
Chamois by PierreRodriguez
Bouquetin hivernal by PierreRodriguez
Horses, Zebras and Giraffes
Horse Knowledge by FromSleepyHollow
Jawline by Htay5
He's got the look by TailAflare
horses love ..... by OrazioFlacco
Orange in winter by x-crossroad
kugu by pLateauce
Black-Legged Kittiwake 1 by ShadowsStocks
Cygne noir by photomik-art
Hyphen by wexdiexbyxthrees
baby optimus by EmoBlackKitty
Kittens, Cats and Wild Cats
Ok, you got my attention. by works-of-alchemist
Tom and Kitty by YukisYuuki
Hershey II by Desire87
Yes by ErikTjernlund
Big Cats and Cubs
Amur Tiger Twin by papatheo
The King by ZeeGraphix
Tiger 01 by Eternalfall1
I can just wait ... by OrazioFlacco
Mice, Ferrets, Gerbils, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs
Dellingr - Fancy Rat by DianePhotos
Ratties' Valentine's Day by DianePhotos
Inoa - Fancy Rat by DianePhotos
omi nomi wikis by MoNyOh
Meerkats, Squirrels, Beavers and Other
A Squirrel eating nuts by ZeeGraphix
South American Coati by amrodel
Baby Meerkat: Scout by TVD-Photography
Just Missed by mnorthey
Elephants, Hippopotamuses, Rhinoceros
Elephant by dabdob
il fait vieux avant l'age... by Prune13
Natures Finest Beauty by riotgirlckb
Chizzz by pheloy
American Bison 5 by ShadowsStocks
Primates, Monkeys, Bears
Take my Hand by Eternalfall1
Donkeys, Camels, Sheeps and llamas
donkey by Ketike
Amphibians and Reptiles
Green death by Svenimal
Aquatic Life
easy to catch? by Shuri-sama
Insects, Arachnids, Mollusk and Larvas
Arachnophobia by Rueppells-Fox
Mythological Animals
The Rebirth by Olvium
Traditional Animal Art
Koi pond by 71-Blackbird
Digital Animal Art
Stone by ltisrael
Save Us
another woolen pig by KIARAsART
Animal Literature
Sasquatch - Meh-Teh -by Cornish Poet Clive Blake by CliveBlake
Best Animals of DeviantArt
Daily Deviation Animals
Razorback by DeniseSoden
DeviantArt-Animals Homepage Images


DeviantArt-Animals Kicking off for September 2010

       With Each of our Folders:

    Featured Deers, Goats, Bovids and Boks Horses, Zebras and Giraffes Birds Canine Kittens, Cats and Wild Cats Big Cats and Cubs Mice, Ferrets, Gerbils, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs Meerkats, Squirrels, Beavers and Other Elephants, Hippopotamuses, Rhinoceros Cattle Primates, Monkeys, Bears Donkeys, Camels, Sheeps and llamas Amphibians and Reptiles Aquatic Life Insects, Arachnids, Mollusk and Larvas Mythological Animals Traditional Animal Art Digital Animal Art Save Us Animal Literature

Don't forget we feature Deviations that Stands out from the crowed in the Featured Folder

We Have a lot more to offer, but we need your help. Because we are a new group, we want everyone's opinion on what we could do to improve our Group. That's not all, we'll try and make not only welcome for the members and visitors of our group, but we'll make it home for each group we're affiliated with ( like Announcements ).

Help Out


Give Your Opinion:

    We need opinion of Folders in our Gallery, too much, need more, keep it like it is? What could we do to improve out group? What Should Our Upcoming Contest be About? Should we Twitter? Your Own Question Think of those Questions, and Post them here, or send a Note To The Group. Donations : As A new group we would like to make it more welcome to you guys by upgrading to a Super Group. To do so, we need all the Donations we can get. Donations are accepted at the Founders profile. :iconyolandibb: Donations by Each DeviantArt Member would be mentioned who donated for this group. Goal : 4,796 :points: Donations By :iconbeckores: - 3 :points: :iconbvswimmer33: - 2 :points: :iconaparazita-r: - 5 :points: :iconitacosharki: - 25 :points: :iconsayashi: - 20 :points: :iconvollyy: - 28 :points: Thanks again for those Donations. ______________________________________________________

Contest From FantasyStock
:iconfantasystock: FantasyStock
World Championship LOLCAT Contest

:bulletpurple: What is LOLCAT?

The word LOLCAT refers to a humorous Internet meme that depicts an image of a feline with a caption, often reflecting what the kitty may be thinking at the moment when the image was created. In the cat's own words. So to speak.

:bulletpurple: About The LOLCAT World Championship
Let's take LOLCATS to a whole new level! Both parts of this contest will test your ability to make something creative and artistic with a sense of humor. It may not be an easy feat, but we assure you that the prizes will be worth your time and effort...

:meow: Anatomy of a LOLCAT:

:bulletpurple: Part 1 - The funny kitty photo In this part of our LOLCAT World Championship, you'll be challenged to submit your silliest, wildest, most hilarious LOLCAT stock photos! These stock photos will be judged on merits of technical quality, silliness, and awwwdorability.

:bulletpurple: Part 2 - The funny caption The second half of our LOLCAT World Championship will test your skills in creating text art to caption the stock photos collected from Part 1 of the contest. These images will be judged on technical skill, goofiness, and charm.

You may enter just one of these contests, or you can try your luck with both parts of the LOLCAT World Championship!! Any member of deviantART may enter.

:bulletpurple: Dates:

Contest Part 1: Stock LOLCAT Championship

Start Date: Monday, August 23, 2010
Deadline Date: Monday, September 20, 2010

Enter The Stock LOLCAT Championship


Contest Part 2: LOLCAT Caption Battle

Start Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Deadline Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Enter The Stock LOLCAT Caption Battle

:bulletblue: Prizes: :bulletblue:

Laptop Messenger Bag
Complete Set of Emoticon Stress Balls
1 year subscription to deviantART

For More Info:
World Championship LOLCAT Contest


Contact Us if You want us to announce something for you.
Must be Animal Related.


Post Edited By : YolandiBB
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DeviantArt-Animals Get's Jolly for Christmas

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As A new group we would like to make it more welcome to you guys by upgrading to a Super Group. To do so, we need all the Donations we can get.

Donations are accepted at the hosts profile.

Donations by Each DeviantArt Member would be mentioned on One of the Main Blogs of this group.


:iconbeckores: :iconbvswimmer33: :iconaparazita-r: :iconitacosharki: :iconlain-awakeatnight: :iconsayashi: :iconvollyy: :iconbrian-b-photography:

Donation Amount:

Scroll over deviant usernames to see the amount
donated to DeviantArt-Animals.

Sharrafrost Vollyy
Dragon2129 Sayashi
Imperator-Lain Cternetea
XSini Beckores

Getting Closer to our 4,796 deviant point goal
Thanks for all the Donations





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