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Hello, and welcome to deviantARMS! If you're a potential customer, head right on in to the gallery, if you're a member, read the rules before submitting anything:


Rule 1. IT HAS TO BE A GUN. We will not under any circumstances accept bows, slingshots, swords, knives, ninja stars or any other non-gun weapon. Energy weapons are OK, so long as they are ranged, aimed weapons that at least slightly resemble conventional projectile weapons. Power armor (Exoskeletons like Halo or Iron Man, not mechs or other bipedal vehicles) and soldier designs are also OK, as long as they are submitted in the proper folder.

Rule 2. This is a original weapons group, that means no art of existing weapons. As far as mods go: mods of existing weapons are OK, accessories mounted on existing weapons are not.

Rule 3. A.K.A. The reality rule, I.E., please, keep it at least semi-realistic, for example, no "man portable" weapons bigger than the man porting them, or weapons that employ magic or any non-scientific force. A good rule of thumb is: does it look like something a company would actually offer, or a military would actually use? if not, it's "Anime Nonsense" and doesn't belong here.

Rule 4. Original art only. that means no PimpMyGun, no Nerf gun mods, no stolen artwork, and ABSOLUTELY NO FANART

Rule 5. Regarding the Soldiers and Power Armor catagories, be realistic, a loli with cat ears and a camo bikini is not a soldier, it's porn... And we don't accept porn. Also, no fins, huge glowing lights, wings, or other anime nonsense. Again, apply the rule of thumb: If it looks like something a past or contemperary military could actually practically use (the Japanese military doesn't count) then it's OK, otherwise, don't bother submitting it.

Thats all, have fun!

Gallery Folders

SA-AR-1 ''Doberman'' Mod 3 family *penultimate* by parakitteh
HTEC - back by peterku
D.E.V.I. - Army version by peterku
DEWI - Black version by peterku
Autoloaders handguns
9 P 78 by Semi-II
Guns of Professional Meddlers: Katie's Ruger SR9c by ProfBathrobe
Guns of Professional Meddlers: Chuck's 6906 by ProfBathrobe
IDA Glock 17 and SIG P320 by ProfBathrobe
Revolvers, handguns
HM-45 by LoneWolfAssassin
FR-9 [Fire Storm] by LoneWolfAssassin
FP-18 by LoneWolfAssassin
SF-9 [Striker] by LoneWolfAssassin
Energy weapons, handguns
Personal EMP by wiledog
Taira Heavy Industries Model 2097A1 by Semi-II
Weps Collection 032014-B by wiledog
PR-10 A1 by LoneWolfAssassin
medium-low caliber rifles, semi-auto
ESK V1 by TheFrozenWaffle
Fictional Firearm: HC-SR514 Barracuda Sniper Rifle by CzechBiohazard
MIRG-M75X-SMOD by Krag7
AL-72 Napadyeniye Karabina 7.62 x 39mm by 1234theperson
medium-low caliber rifles, full auto
Bruise National PS80 by TheFrozenWaffle
EC14 Assault Rifle by TheFrozenWaffle
7,3 Sk 83 by Semi-II
Izhmash AK-18u by Sapphire-industries
Medium-low caliber rifles, bolt lever action
SI Nexus 308. by Sapphire-industries
S.I-Scott 1948 by Ernasty-The-Hunter
Fordorsia Service Rifle Mk.1 Ceremonial by Airborneleaf
Jake Yamagawa's Wasteland Gun 'Ancient Lightning' by JakezuGD
High caliber rifles, semi-auto
Fordorsia M1920 LSR by Airborneleaf
Fordorsia SA-24 by Airborneleaf
Fordorsia Model 60 by Airborneleaf
Yamagawa Industries XM95 Devastator by JakezuGD
High caliber rifles, full auto
Fordorsia IBR-65 by Airborneleaf
Fordorsia IBR-82 by Airborneleaf
Fordorsia IBR-57 by Airborneleaf
Object 9 by Hoborginc
High caliber rifles, bolt lever action
Corten 1868 by Sapphire-industries
Guns of Professional Meddlers - IDA M40A5 by ProfBathrobe
Guns of Professional Meddlers - IDA MSR by ProfBathrobe
Basilisk 50 by Ernasty-The-Hunter
Energy weapons, Rifles
Lyre Firearms: S8 Vyxius Gun by UltimaWeapon13
Shotguns, semi auto
SI Stallion 12 A2 by Sapphire-industries
Shotguns, full auto
Shotguns, pump or lever action
18,5 RAK 61m/1 by Semi-II
Machineguns, Man portable
SI NexMG 17 by Sapphire-industries
Machineguns, mounted
Fordorsia Autocannon Mk.1 by Airborneleaf
Rocket launchers, mortars, hand cannons
Guns of Professional Meddlers: IDA XM25 by ProfBathrobe
Heavy energy weapons
Rotary Plasma Cannon by wiledog
Power armor
Fordorsia Hardsuit Mk.3 ''Impetus'' by Airborneleaf
Security Droid by wiledog
Revolving Rifle M52/85 by Semi-II
XCorporation CSG-20 by AdamJensen27
Machine pistols
Guns of Professional Meddlers - IDA FMG-9 by ProfBathrobe


V.I.N.D.E.X HK 416 D by PhelanDavion V.I.N.D.E.X HK 416 D :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 40 4

Group Info

deviantARMS, or dARMS, is a group for gun designers who wish to ether market their weapons or simply share them with other gunnuts. dARMS is an OG (original gun) group, we are devoted to helping promote unique and innovative weapons. Designer? Join today and make some cash or just share your art! Videogame producer or movie propmaker? browse our gallery for the cool innovative weapon designs available for your projects, or request a design and we'll call upon our artistic talent to create one for you!
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Oct 2, 2011


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Gun Design

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It seems DA's pony problem has only gotten worse, and I invite all you gun nuts to join in the solution: the ML69P2 FIM anti-pony rifle!

It's just a silly joke contest, but should give you an idea of what to expect from dArms as far as contests go.

Ground rules:

   No PMG. Sorry, but that's an overall group rule.

   Has to be an original design.
   Beyond that, pretty much anything is acceptable

The system is two part, composed of Rifle and Bullet

Here's the specifications for the rifle:

1. Must be semiautomatic. Although a bolt action does make a better hunting weapon, unfortunately there are just so many ponies that a higher fire rate is necessary.

2. Must use a caliber powerful enough to kill a horse in one shot, no sense wasting ammo or letting them get away.

3. Must be capable of using the M69 intelligent frangible round .

4. Must be legal for a civilian to own under United States federal gun laws. We need everyone we can get joining in the fight!

5. Must load from a box mag inserted from underneath or on the side (no Bren-style top loaders) with a capacity of at least 10 shots. Again, there's just so many of the damn things!

6. Must have some form of RIS system compatible with current scope mounts logically placed for mounting a hunting scope.

7. Must have a bipod of some sort.

8. Must have a push button safety located within thumb reach of the grip

9. Must have a barrel at least 20 inches long

10. Must be physically possible with current technology

Other than that, you've pretty much got free rein, it can be either bullpup or standard layout but the magazine must be inserted from either the bottom or the side of the weapon, because it's meant to be used with a scope a top loader is unacceptable.

And for the M69 Frangible Intelligent Round:

1. must be frangible explosive

2. must  have some system that causes it to explode upon penetration

3. must be accurate out to 800 meters

Other then that, anything goes!

Have fun, due date is March 8th, you have one month! I'll see if I can't cook up some prizes for ya'all, update on that later
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SteamTank Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Do weapons based off of already existing weapon designs count?
ScrewfaceRomeo Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If it's significantly modified (i.e., more than just slapping an aftermarket stock or something on it) and not PMG, you're good.
Chigiri16 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Chigiri16 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are guns from games like halo, borderlands, mass effect, or gears of war okay?
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NVM, withdrew them
Krag7 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
awwwww crap. i accidentally posted several weapons to the wrong folder, can you ignore those few?
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Okay, I don't think it would, but would this "vehicle" be accepted in the "Power armor" folder?

ScrewfaceRomeo Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No. I'd call that a Mech, and that goes in a group for such things. This group tries to be as practical and true to real life as possible.
UltimaWeapon13 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay. I know the people here try to be as practical and realistic as you can be, and I respect that immensely, as I try to do such things with Lyre Firearms as well.
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