1st Winner Hackathon Startup Asia 2012

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We are the 1st winner in Hackathon Startup Asia Bandung 2012

YubiNeji team
Oe Taisuke - from Hemplant, Tokyo, Japan
R Alviyan Jayadiars - from Binus, Jakarta, Indonesia
Juni Putra - from Binus, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Hackathon was held on October 13 to 14 at the Landmark Convention Center, Bandung. The event is a showcase for developers, hackers and designers who have ideas and innovations that can be used in a variety of mobile devices and the internet browser. Startup Hackathon Bandung Asia 2012 is also accompanied by some of the leading sponsor in Indonesia and abroad, among them; XL, SoftLayer, DeNA, Cacoo, Sixreps, Sent.ly, teamie, Vserv, Tiket.com, GEPI, and Lazada. The event was attended by more than 600 developers and 128 teams.

(Juni, Alviyan, Taisuke)
We, Taisuke Oe, R Alviyan Jayadiars, Juni Putra, the team with the number 56, making a game for android smartphone platform which we named Yubi Neji (in English means finger twister) managed to make all three judges chose our team to win the Startup Hackathon event Bandung Asia 2012 with a rating of 1 generally. The jury was such that, Andy Zain as director of Jakarta Founder Institute, Hera Laxmi as Senior Manager Portal and Digital Asset PT XL Axiata, and Suyama Tohoshihiko Director DeNA floating markets of Asia.

At first I was told by my Entreprenuership teacher, Rido Sarwono, BINUS invited to attend the Bandung Asia Startup Hackathon 2012. Tech In Asia provide full accommodation, ranging from transportation, food drink, get a place to rest. Then I was interested to participate in the Hackathon event and sign up to the 208 (BEC).
After I registered, we (representatives from BINUS) went to Landmark Convention Center in Bandung on October 13 at 8:30 pm. Up there, we immediately get a pass as the Developer Hackathon and given a table for our teams. Many of us do not know what we would do for 2 days in a row. Apparently there is a developer (Hemplant) named Taisuke Oe accidentally came to Indonesia from Japan to attend this event. Because he came alone and he only understands programming language he spoke in front to ask for help from the designer's in the room. And June I decided to volunteer to help Taisuke in designing graphical user interface of the game that we will create.
Games that we made fairly simple, implementing Finger Twister game to the Android mobile platform which we named Yubi Neji. We made this game because not a few games offered by various developers of online games, we want to give the 'real social game' (not online different places) to the user so they can play while socializing with friends is fun. They can invite their friends to play together Yubi Neji. Gameplay Neji Yubi provide some level or degree of difficulty, namely, Two Fingers, Three Fingers, Four Fingers, even for the future we will be adding the Five Fingers that may be we apply mobile tablet.
First we split the task with the members, I am designing a prototype interface and June along with the logo for the game Yubi Neji, Taisuke Oe while on duty for building prototype code game program. We started designing the interface for about 3 hours for first-design of the game is the main menu and playboardnya. Then we started exchanging ideas about the interface that we will implementaskan in this game, and eventually the three of us agree with that design. After that we went to register the team with sponsorship from VServ challenges and DeNA.
(Prototype design for interface)
Continues on making this game, we use a variety of tools, APIs, software, and programming languages that support the work processes of our team. During the process of making this game a lot of ideas and suggestions that we devote to each other to determine which is best for this game. We must work effectively and efficiently given the time given only 24 hours. No wonder if we were feeling a bit tired, but we as a team (although new to each other) we could actually throw a little joke to slightly increase energy. After all we are a team of developers who should be able to complete the task.
After a few hours we were getting some good progress in the making of this game. This game has an interface and gameplay is good but can not provide perfect comfort because a lot of things we do, the time that is given only 24 hours. From the features this game has an interesting plan to be implemented, but due to time constraints only a few important features of the new course we apply.
After 24 hours of elapsed finally we are ready to present this to the game Yubi Neji sponsor we have the previous list, which VServ and DeNA, which will then be chosen by 35 seeded teams based on an assessment of all event sponsors Startup Hackathon 2012 the Bandung Asia.

(Testing with Galaxy Nexus i9250)

After we presented our game Neji Yubi to sponsor, our team had finally made it into the list of 35 seeded teams, which will be a presentation on the main stage again for 90 seconds. During the pitch we have to be able to present this game effectively and efficiently without having to explain at length to the jury, sponsor, or spectator that comes on when pitching. We were able to present well and getting good feedback when we did a demonstration of gameplay on the main stage.

Finally, the announcement for the winners was held. Our team have a green light from VServ (Singapore) for publishing games Yubi Neji into International Market, we were hoping to win the prize of DeNA form new iPad. But it turns out our team did not win the challenge of the sponsor. We also feel a little disappointed not to win a new iPad, and start packing ready to leave the building the Landmark Convention Center. But, unsuspected by the three of us, was the announcement of winners at Startup Arena's first public mention that MC 1 winning generally falls on the team with the number 56, which is our team. We also felt very happy at all because to be honest we did not think that we can achieve the highest ratings of the three judges Hackathon. The three of us straight forward and up to the main stage and directly take pictures with the judges, sponsors and other winners.
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