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Hi guys! I would just like to share with you a list of groups that you should definitely have a look at to become more involved in the literature community and develop your skills as a writer!

Firstly, I’d just like to share with you a new group which would be great to join to help with your creativity and gaining more exposure on your account.


dA-WritersRevolution is a new group willing to host literature writing contests to give you a flair of creativity, gain more credible acknowledgments on your work, and even gives you a chance to win prizes!

Not only that, but with a new range of gallery folders to select from to increase your popularity, and a refreshing start on building a community of writers which you can expand upon, so join dA-WritersRevolution today! :D

Other exceptional groups to join as a writer!


CRLiterature is a central part of the literature community, which showcases literature features and daily lit deviations, interviews with established authors and self-independent writers, and articles, tutorials and FAQs for new writers and for writers wanting to improve.


Authors-Club is a renowned group that allows its members to communicate, critique deviations and showcase their own work in their chatroom, and suggestions of pieces of literature to be featured. They also provide helpful info in the FAQs and tips to new members and writers, and this group makes an immense impact on the writing community. I highly recommend that you join, or at least watch, this group, for the tremendous amount of work that they do!


Expose-Lit is a wonderful group to help people who feel out-of-the-loop, in terms to the writing community. Not only that, but they also host competitions, forums, critiquing, and info on daily deviations, and articles on how to improve your writing and how to go about meeting established writers.


Writers-Workshop focuses purely on helping writers improve through their carefully planned and executed programs of practice, critique and discussion, which run for a month each. If you’re really dedicated to learn and help others, check out this remarkable group!


LITplease focuses purely on writing prompts and contests, so if you’re interested in writing to a specific theme for a deadline, then please check out this group!


DALiteratureContests purely focuses on... you guessed it: literature contests! You can find so much info about contests and prompts that are currently running, and you can even get your own writing contests featured! They also provide useful links to writing tips and resources, so it’s worthwhile to check this group out.


SixWordStories is, again, pretty self-explanatory. If you fancy the challenge, or maybe you’re a little pressed for time, six-word stories are a brilliant way of channelling your creativity with huge restraints in place. SixWordStories also provide prompts and competitions on a regular basis for stories in just six words, so be sure to sign up to them today!


LitResources is a wonderful collection of tutorials, helpful links, templates and resources for both new and experienced writers, alike. Members can also post their own tutorials in the gallery, and the group also provides prompts and contests for members to enjoy.


Adopt-A-Writer is an excellent group for writers who are dedicated to writing and want to improve. This group teams up each writer with a mentor, where you can get in-depth advice, personal to you, on your deviations and you can also bounce ideas with them for your upcoming works, and your mentor can help you with works-in-progress. This is such a hard-working group, so check it out!


DearWriter offers many categories to submit, with an active ‘Favourites’ folder and occasional writing contests and prompts, this is definitely a thriving community and one to watch!


AuthorsEscape have exceptional contests, prompts and critiquing on literature deviations, where any member can join and be part of the mass community that make up this spectacular group!


Writers--club offers writing prompts, with thousands of members to compete against and get to know. Also, they offer member features, critiques and point prizes in contests.


Amateur-Writing also provides a gallery folder for members to contribute writing tutorials, as well as folders to for members to expose their own stories and poetry.

That’s all, folks! :D

I hope you found this list helpful! If you’re looking for more groups to join, check out our affiliates, which are displayed on our home-page. Thank you for reading! :hug:
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so are there any other active groups like adopt a writer that's more on a pen pal basis ?