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Hi guys! It has been recently discussed among admins that we should introduce a way for members to easily find and/or share pieces of writing or ideas to collaborate and work on with other members!

If you have something that you would like to collaborate on with other members, or alternatively, if you are seeking for a piece to start collaborating on, then you shall look no further. :boogie:

We have created a Google account for Deviant-Writing, specifically for the purpose of acting as a holding account in Google Docs, where you may share your pieces of work with other writers.

:bulletblue: How It Works: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: If you have a piece of writing, or a story outline, or anything in particular that you would like to collaborate on with fellow writers, then all you have to do is login to your Google account and upload the piece to your Google Docs (that is, if you haven't already), and then share it with! (Remember the dash between 'deviant' and 'writing'!)

:bulletblue: It would be great if you could either let us know your deviantART username when you send the document to us, or once you've shared it, you could send us a group note on dA letting us know your Google account email address.

:bulletblue: We will then review the piece and place it in a journal that will be displayed as a link on the home-page for ease of access. The journal will list the pieces that have been shared with our Google account, along with the member's username and any relevant information they wish to share.

:bulletblue: Members seeking to collaborate can then view this list, and any pieces they wish to participate in, they may contact the user who's work it is via either deviantART note or by Google messaging.

And that's it! What do you think of that? :D

Before you submit pieces to, however, please read and abide by the following rules below.

:bulletred: Sharing & Collaboration Rules: :bulletred:

:bulletred: You must be a member of Deviant-Writing in order to share pieces via Google and/or collaborate on already-shared pieces.

:bulletred: All pieces that you wish to share must abide by our 'Submission Guidelines' which are stated on our home-page, as well as deviantART's and Google's policies.

:bulletred: Please be polite when contacting members through either deviantART, Google, or any other messaging site, and respect others' contributions on writing collaborations.

:bulletred: If a member is not following these rules, or you feel that you would not like to work with them for whatever reason, please try to resolve the issue as calmly as possible and, if need be, please contact an admin for assistance.

Thank you for reading! We would love to hear your feedback on this; whether you like this idea, whether you don't, or whether you think there may be a way to improve it. It can be very difficult to receive feedback, but we do value your input. If you have any opinions, suggestions, or anything you would like to say, please leave a comment here or send us a group note. Thank you very much, and I really hope to hear from you. :huggle:
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Neat idea! I'm not much of a collaborator myself, but this ought to create some interesting projects!