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Hi guys! We're proud to introduce a brand new feature in our group, Deviant-Writing, where you can receive more comments on your literature pieces! We call it...

The Feedback Loop

:bulletgreen: Basically, our new gallery folder, entitled 'The Feedback Loop', allows you submit 2 deviations a week. (This number is not part of your global-gallery weekly limit of 3 deviations!)

:police: However: there's a catch! (Isn't there always.. :hmm:)

:bulletred: For every deviation you post to this folder, you must comment on at least two deviations from 'The Feedback Loop' folder! For instance, if you would like to post your maximum allowed of two deviations per week, you must comment on a minimum of four deviations from 'The Feedback Loop' folder.

:bulletred: And, guess what? There's a second catch! We don't want our lovely members to just receive a simple, 'cool!' or 'this looks awesome!' on their pieces of writing that they put time and effort into. Therefore, we would like you to take a bit of time and say at least three, little things that they did well. You could take it a step further by giving them helpful, constructive criticism, and you could even say what feelings/memories this piece made you think and feel (as this shows the piece really connected with you, which writers are ultimately trying to achieve.) And this doesn't have to be long at all! All in all, the comment must be 30 words or more.

:bulletgreen: So, leave two comments per deviation you submit, 30 words per comment, and you can submit a maximum of two deviations per week. Makes sense? Of course it does! Hopefully, this will allow people to start commenting more and receive feedback more often and with more thought.

:bulletgreen: It would be lovely to hear what you, my lovely members, have to say on this matter. Do you like this? Could it be improved? Is it the worst idea you've ever heard of? It would be great to hear it. :)

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new folder! :huggle:
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Gotta say this is pretty frigging genius *w*