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A heads up to people applying for membership: be sure to include the name of your NationStates nation in your application (not in the group comments)! Since this group is for NS Members, if we can't confirm you're an NS player, we won't vote you in! D:

Group Rules:
1) You must be a NationStates user to be in this group.
2) Contributors, do not vote on your own submissions.
3) When suggesting a featured favorite:
     A: Do not vote if you are the one suggesting the favorite
     B: Do not vote if you are the original author
4) Be kind and courteous to all group members.
     We are all friends here.

Gallery Folders

Namjyut History Factbook Top Banner by Komminland
The Cimbri Grand Armee, Late 1920 by Another-Eurasian
Pelernan Armor, Gundor Campaign '24 by Another-Eurasian
Jane's Fighting Ships of the R.u.B Navy by Lubyak
Flags, Maps, and Emblems
The Flag of Romano Neo by BaronVonSteam
Hatsunia v3.0 by mikusingularity
Flag of the Eternal Republic of Hoshira by Stingra
Tiramina Emblem by Komminland
People and Scenes
Combatants of the Tekeri Peasants' Revolt by B0iledEgg
Children Of The Nakai by EmperorMyric
Norcourtian Standard Infantry Uniform Pattern 1928 by norcourt
The Elixian Hispastios by norcourt
Personal Equipment
Stoarmgewear 1947 - Tiperyn Battle Rifle by matsudesign
Maschinenkarabiner 94 - Teutonic Assault Rifle by matsudesign
Goncharov AB-83 - Yarovan Assault Rifle by matsudesign
Masinekarabyn 1961 - Tiperyn Submachine Gun by matsudesign
Vehicles - Past
Interception by BlastWaves
[Commission] Yokti Rewu-class Super Battleship by TheoComm
A-91 Adler Heavy Fighter by BlastWaves
Grosser Seiger-class Super Battleship by TheoComm
Vehicles - Present
Cz.15 Jednorozec by CountGooseman
The afternoon patrol by Stealthflanker
MA12 MAV(W) DFA Production Standard [Coloured] by SixthCircle
Globetrotter-class Submarine by CountGooseman
Vehicles - Future
Security Sweep by BlastWaves
Express Delivery by BlastWaves
Armed Commercial Vessel - Thunder and Fury by Stingra
AV-87 Shrike Gunship by Stingra
The Trescrucian National Mansion by BaronVonSteam
Valac-152 by Stealthflanker
NSBalls: Game of 'Thrones' by Stingra
C.A.R.A. by MusketsGoBoom

Mature Content

Mature Content

Vehicles - LEGACY
Archer Jaguar by TheArmsDealer
Archer Hummingbird by TheArmsDealer
Prototype Tank (Animated) by BlastWaves
LT-34 Three-view by gool5000



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SkullynasKisses Featured By Owner Edited Oct 24, 2018
Hello. I am Sompandinn on NS. I am very VERY glad to see that there is a NationStates community on DeviantArt. Also quite anxious as well.

What an absolute coincidence.
CaliopeSafari Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017
Hello. I am Torsiedelle/Rostavykhan on NS. It took me two days to figure out that mobile/phones had no "join" button for apps. I don't use Deviantart often.

Also, I wanted to post cause I like to be sociable sometimes.
TheOneTruePi Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Hobbyist Artist…
come join if you guys are looking for a new region! :D
sry if i shouldnt  post tht link here, not sure of all the rules yet :/
tonytoucan Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looking to start a region with someone. PM me if you're interested.
Aquitayne Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016
Looking for someone to do some work for military unit patches and some medals. If you're interested, please PM me. Thanks.
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