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Hey, contest-hungry deviants! :)

Stay safe!

Be sure to send us the winning entries in the contest, we will show them in the group.
Also, check the :new: tag, as it points you to the newly posted contests.

If you want to send us a contest, please Download Our Contest Format Here or check our main page where the format is provided without a download.

Thanks, and on with the contests!


:bulletred: Fierce Wars Fan Art Contest
Any visual medium.
Fanart of the artist's manga.

1st Place: $20
2nd Place: $15
3rd Place: $10

Deadline: May 20th
More Info:…

:bulletred: March-to-May Make-a-Script Contest
Literature, Specifically Scripts & Screenplays.
For three months, contestants have the opportunity to write a three-scene play (or trio of inter-related monologues) based on a set of randomly assigned prompts.

Prizes for Best Overall Script:
1st Place: 6 month CORE membership OR 2400 :points: + 1 Critique
2nd Place: 600 :points: + 1 Critique
3rd Place: 1 Critique

Prizes for
(A) Best Opening Scene or Monologue
(B) Best Mid-Play Scene or Monologue
(C) Best Closing Scene or Monologue:
1st Place: 2 month CORE membership OR 800 :points: + 1 Critique
2nd Place: 200 :points: + 1 Critique
3rd Place: 1 Critique

Deadline: May 31st
More Info:…

:bulletred: Digimon Genie Contest :new:
Traditional art, digital art, mixed media, 3d art, animation.
Draw the Digimon Genies; Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo, and Gummo as if they're part of the Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 canon.

1st Place: 2600 :points: + more!
2nd Place: 1200 :points: + more!
3rd Place: 800 :points: + more!

Deadline: November 23rd
More Info:
More Journal Entries






Rules & Getting Involved


:bulletred:  Deviant-Contests lists contests with concrete prizes:
Books, movies, subscriptions, prints, gift certificates, and money are examples of concrete prizes.
Stamps, journal features, and artwork do not necessarily count as concrete prizes.

This has been the general rule for years, so be aware that we may not feature your contest if the prizes are not concrete.

:bulletred:  Please do not just give a link to the contest saying the information can be found there, we are people and we do this for fun, that's why we have a format for the publishing process.


Send us a note with the contest information like this:

:bulletred: Name of the Contest
What mediums?
Brief description.

1st Place: X + Y + Z
2nd Place: X + Y + Z
3rd Place: X + Y + Z

Deadline: Month date
More info: provide link of your journal entry or wherever the contest info is posted

Download Our Contest Format Here

Please do not just give a link to the contest saying the information can be found there, we are people and we do this for fun :)

Gallery Folders

1st Place
Zodiac Aries - Contest Entry- by Jean-Jeano
The Gravekeeper by Caustic-Substrate
Falls the Shadow contest by lildebbie
2nd Place
Two sides of the same coin by Th3Frgt10Warrior
Lady of High Wood by KristinaToxicpanda
Happy Bug II by Ninina-nini
Cassidy by ArtByEdyn
3rd Place
Contest entry - falling down by Khaifer
Art Contest Entry! by HarmonyArt
ReVamp Fuu by Vashtastic
Contest entry Reilyn by simonpark81


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AngryPastaNoodle Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there! Just a little custom character account hosting a celebratory milestone DTIYS contest. Feel free to come by and check it out!

DTIYS Milestone Contest
HAKDurbin Featured By Owner May 15, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm hosting a contest for my original characters that's going until July 15th. Anyone who wants to enter needs to


1) favorite this journal

2) share this journal using a journal on your profile and tag up to three people who may be interested in competing.

3) leave a comment with the link to your journal and typing the word "Muzvil" to prove that you complied. I know that sounds like a silly word to use, but screw it. It's my contest.


1) Any form of art is welcome.

2) It must be new work. I know not many people have made pictures of my OCs, but I'm putting this rule in just in case since it's a common rule for contests.

3) Absolutely NO NSFW or lewd content. Please keep things rated G/PG

4) Keep true to the characters' outfits and general appearance, though there are some exceptions.


1st Place - $100

2nd Place - $50

3rd Place - $25

For more info: 200+ Watchers Art Contest with CASH PRIZES!!!

anmark989 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2021
:bulletred: Creator's Corner - February Contest
All mediums accepted? All mediums are accepted.
February Art Contest - $200 Award for 1st Place

Simply join this group and post your artwork (anything goes except for NSFW content, it must be safe, family friendly content):…
The post with the most likes by the end of the month (February) wins the $200.

1st Place: $200 (Winner takes all!)
2nd Place: $0
3rd Place: $0

Deadline: February 28, 2021
More Info:…
nebu-ta Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Character Redesign Contest 2,000 POINTS PRIZEHello everyone! I am hosting a character redesign contest for one of my characters I made very very very long ago. I found this old drawing I did of her on Paint and I was like wow she had a lot of potential but she lacked something. For main dragon OCs I drew often back then I had Harmony, WhiteWind, and this dragon here was named Violet (yeah how creative) She was meant as a villain to my other dragons but I never worked on her design or character development further. I lost all art of her except this piece I dug up from my stash, and I must say I'm not a huuuge fan of her like this, I'm also very unmotivated to redo her completely so here is where you come in! I'm hosting this contest to redo her and then use her as my own.I probably made this like 7 years ago so the art and anatomy/structure/colour scheme is cringey to me. ,My art is more improved so obviously I want a good quality character to draw. (example of my newer work below(not my character)),HOW TO ENTER!-Make a journal about this contest and link back to BOTH my profile and this journal in it and tag me in it so I may see, wouldn't hurt to rave about me to your friends uwu-Watch me if you haven't already-Favourite 5 pieces of my art in my gallery-Submit your art piece of the new character design and in the description tag me and link back to both my profile and the journal I made-Art must be submitted before the deadline!That's it!Now. ****PRIZE IS 2,000 deviantArt points!****(Or equivalent in actual $$ if winner prefers via paypal) ****THE CONTEST WILL END FEBUARY 5TH 2021****WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR -You may change her design in any way, but please keep the original in mind as a sculpt-I rather her have a similar colour scheme to what I made her with just not as ugly LOL (don't make her red or something else silly)-I want you to come up with a new name for her! I rather not basic names like ... u_u Violet, or Sarah, be creative! I'm open to ancient sounding names! BONUS if the names originate from somewhere or mean something! Please add that if so!-I really love her long horns and tail blades... you can change them but I really like it, maybe make them similar or at least anatomically correct! haha -I like the fur hair but I welcome traditional crests (neck/back spikies) as well. Both are OK!-You can change and/or add accessories! -You can change her overall structure, meaning her entire shape, want to take away her front legs or change her face structure or somethin' ? Go ahead! -In your art or the description I want you to give her POWERS! she is a evil dragon! so think evil dragon thoughts! Does she do necromancy? Does she have dark aether fire that melts skin off of bones? who knows! be creative! The more powers the funner she becomes!-A short backstory! I never made one for her. -_- Be creative on her origin its completely open minded!-Interesting things about who she is! Have fun with this-Can change eyes and eye colour too if you wish!-Be creative! My goal is a non mary-sue dragonRULES -Art style does not matter-Art talent level does not matter so beginners welcome!-Don't worry I am looking for full heart and creativity!-NO bases allowed, meaning you must DRAW the character and use no pre drawn lines to colour in from someone else.-Please no begging or guilting for me to let you win-If you act immature (whining or complaining) during the contest or after the results then I may block you-New watchers are welcome-The art/reference you make of her can be as detailed or as simple as you like, if simple then add more details about her to the description!-No headshots please! Must be full body.-Prize is not negotiable-If you don't win please don't be upset :C You did your best-If you don't win you can keep or use the design however you like!-I may even want to buy the design off you if you didn't win but I liked it!-If you win you may not keep or use the design-Be as creative as you would like to be with both her design AND biography-I will be adding all design entries to the final result journal and put a link in this journal to that one! -All entries artist will be tagged under their entry art in that journal-Have fun and goodluck to all entires!-I will be actively participating in the contestnebu-ta
Pumpkin-Days-Game Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2020
Fanart Contest for my farming rpg game Pumpkin Days on Steam. 
1st prize is $100 and other cash prizes and steam keys to the game. 
Deadline Jan 8th 2021

Pumpkin Days Fanart Contest! 1st place $100
DoodlAnne Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
800 Watchers Art contestLast jun when I did the last contest I didn't expected to be celebrating 800 followers now! You are fantastic!But let's get down to business. This time there are three categories of prizes if we have enough entries for each:1 - Digital drawing2 - Traditional drawing3 - Story/poem/literatureThe 1 prize will be for the most voted of all categoriesEach category will have its own prize.There will be 4 prizes for the contest and 1 for the voters' raffleWhat is the contest about?,Redesign or write a scene with my characters in Christmas/new years outfits/theme Who are they? You can chose one or several of the characters in that folder.Just have fun!More details and information in this gallery: Rules:- Be a watcher (new watchers are welcomed but only if you want to keep up with me after this)- Share this journal and link it in the comments- Creativity over quantity, any medium is accepted- No gore or NSFW- Don't forget to link your entry in the comments of this journalYou will chose the winner - All my watchers are invited to vote after the deadline!I'll post another journal then.Donations are welcomeContest unlocks after 5 entriesDEALINE - 31 NOVEMBERPrizes: OVERALL WINNER- A complex digital painting,PRIZE FOR EACH CATEGORIES - Mixed media - Choose by the winner from this examples,,,,,I'll add all entries in this galleria:I need help to promote my contest.
Hidden by Owner
PalomaDyz Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2019
Please send the contest via note with the format we provide, so we can help you spread the word :)
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