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This is a BLM free zone. If you insist on supporting a criminal group that has been proven to be a criminal group several times, leave!……………

I have a problem with BLM, not black people in general. I have a problem with BLM because it is a criminal group that has been caught ON VIDEO several times committing criminal acts.

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I'm doing vampire themed commissions and abstract commissions for 1 point each.

I'm also designing planet adopts for 1 point each as well.
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NSFW and SFW Commissions Open! Fetishes welcome*Hi everyone!(Both Points and PayPal Welcome! I currently live in a country that uses €. Be mindful of that when chosing PayPal as a payment method)I would like to practice my drawing more and thought it would be a good challenge to myself to open up commissions! I both draw NSFW (be it gore or porn or what ever) or just normal SFW stuff and anything in between! BUT there are a few rules!!!! If you don't like these rules don't commission me.Firstly what will I draw?I'll draw anything furry or anthro related, but I can also draw humans, aliens or fantasy creatures.What I wont draw: (pay special attention here if you want some yiff or fetish pictures!)I use references for drawing, so I will NOT draw anthro/furry characters with actual animal genitalia. I'll just draw them with regular human genitals. Also I will not draw full on feral characters nor children or lolis (even if they're a 1000 year old demon or what ever)I am open to drawing fetishes, like inflation, giantesses or feet among others, but if I feel like I either can't properly fulfill your commission, or I feel personally too uncomfortable with the subject matter I reserve the right to decline the commission!Lastly, my skills in regards to drawing backgrounds or scenery aren't that great, so if you want a picture including a background, like a city or a forest or whatever the background might not look that great.Rules:-Do not get rude/agressive with me or other customers. I will block you asap.-I will show you a sketch of your commissions, at this stage and ONLY this stage you are entitled to ONE free redraw. If you STILL don't like the pose or whatever I'll charge a small fee if I have to redraw it again.-This is less of a rule, and more a warning: I still have to attend classes, do homework and study so it might take me a while until your piece is done.Payment:I can take DeviantArt Points or PayPalOne full-body will be 1000 pts ($10), half-body 500 pts ($5), head 250 pts($2.50).A detailed background, like a scenery will be 700 pts ($7), a simple background like a pattern or something abstract will be 250 pts ($2.50), a blank background or a solid color will be free.Please note I am very new to Paypal, um... if you want to pay Via Paypal please help me out a bit since I don't know what info I need to give you so you can actually send over the money...You bought a commission and want to know how things are going? Take a look here!Art Examples (More will be added when I finish more pieces!),,,,,,,
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Untitled by Alena-48
Dolphin by Alena-48
Johnny Test is at the Beach! by TheLivingBluejay
Untitled by Alena-48
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Drawtober: Magic eyes by Doodlevolts

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Sabrina swimming stock 05 by Rembrandt2007

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Sabrina swimming stock 04 by Rembrandt2007
Harley Quinn by SuperTiti09
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Starry witch by flocktogether
Adoptable slime OPEN by flocktogether
Piggy back YCH 4/4 OPEN by flocktogether

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Ai YCH example by flocktogether
Birthday Raffle 09 Sept - 16 Sept CLOSED by SuperTiti09
CLOSED|Snowfallen Star by Ardent-Skies
2/3 OPEN - MLP Spring Unicorn Adopts - OTA by DrawingJules
Adoptable Auction - Oni Girl (With Commercial Use) by FallenAngelGM
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Rey And Padme by Neville6000
Nyota Uhura by Neville6000
Doctor Octopus, Rule 63 by Neville6000
Ghostbuster by Neville6000
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Derecho, Uxbridge, Ontario, 2022 by FougereMarchant
Still place by flanuu
Harley Quinn by Neville6000
The Challenger At My Local Comic Book Store by Neville6000
Kinktober 2020 - Day Five - Immobile/ExposedHer kidnapper had yet to speak a single word since he’d drugged her into unconsciousness, content to remain a figure of silent terror beneath the black mask and cloak he wore, and Kira felt herself growing increasingly unnerved as he paced away around her bound form, the silence broken only by the snap of his camera and the muffled pleas that managed to escape past the firm rubber ball gag wedged tightly in her mouth. Grunting, the slender brunette strained against the leather straps securing her spread-eagle to the St. Andrew’s cross, the bonds at her wrists, ankles, thighs, elbows, waist and throat creaking mockingly at her futile struggles. Whoever had abducted her was a professional. The room in which she’d been imprisoned was wholly bare of any furniture or decorations she could use to identify her location, there was not a centimetre of slack to be exploited in her bondage, and for all intents and purposes, he’d left her completely immobile.Not to mention naked, Kira remarked inwardly, blushing red with embarrassment. The black minidress she’d worn to the club had vanished upon awakening, leaving her pale flesh utterly exposed to her abductor’s scrutiny, and she tensed up, feeling his gaze sweep over her small breasts and toned stomach. A thousand different possibilities played out in her mind, each more horrific than the last, and frightened tears welled up in her grey eyes as he set the camera aside, hands reaching for her gag. “Be still. I will not harm you,” came a gentle voice behind the mask. Nodding as much as her bonds would permit, Kira complied. A few moments fussing with the clasp, and the loathsome ball was finally removed, her slender body shuddering with each breath. “I will get you something to drink.”“Why are you doing this?” Kira whispered.“For the ransom, of course. You are Kira Clearwater, daughter of the rental estate magnate Roland Clearwater, correct?” Kira answered with a small nod. “Then I figure you’re good for a ransom of at least ten million. After all, I doubt your father would want to have pictures of his darling daughter so exposed online, would he?”Without waiting for a response, the kidnapper restored the gag into her mouth, and Kira slumped back, trying to get comfortable. Her father was stubborn and immovable as a tree stump, especially where his money was concerned, and she shivered, wishing her kidnapper had the grace to offer her a blanket. I might be here for a while…

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Mature Content

Mature Content

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Monty Butterworth Wearing Snow Gear - Johnny Test by TheLivingBluejay
Binoo HUGS Patchy-Patch by TheLivingBluejay
Dukey - Johnny Test by TheLivingBluejay
Baby Brother Bot - Johnny Test by TheLivingBluejay
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Girls N Guns by Angelblade69
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02 - AB - French Class by Angelblade69
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The Show Must Go OnDid you have a dream when you were young?Do you still have that dream?I’ve had dreams about being a famous writer since I was a little kid, though only in high school did I really start to take that dream seriously. I’ve weaved many tales, sometimes on paper and sometimes just in my head with many more still drifting around in my brain. I finally wrote a proper full-length novel in 2016 and published it online for the world to see, and those that did see it offered praise that I genuinely wasn’t used to. I made something, and people liked it? I mean, yeah. I didn’t get bucketloads of cash or nominated for a Pulitzer or what have you, but it’s not like I need it. I guess all I really wanted was to be seen and heard after spending too much of my life skirting away from every last spotlight. So I wrote more. Long stories, dark stories, serialized stories, funny stories, all the stories I wanted to be a part of in one way or another. Maybe they’d be enough to take me to all the heights I’ve ever wanted to scale. To make people know who I am.Well, it’s seven years later. Not much has changed, and through all the sadness and loss and failure and anxiety I’ve faced in that time, I find myself sometimes stopping and asking myself why I even bother. More often than I’m comfortable with, really. While all my friends have moved on and made themselves known and gotten married and had kids and all this other stuff, I’ve been stuck in this rut of self-deprecation and stunted growth. Why do I keep trying to spin the next great story when I can barely take care of myself? When am I going to suck it up and assimilate myself into the working world? When am I finally going to wake up and put this stupid fantasy to bed?Yeah. Some days I’m too hard on myself and let that nasty little voice in my head dictate everything. Like a runaway tick that’s bloated on all the hopes I have for the future and injecting anxiety in its place. I like to think we’re all that way. We do something in the hopes it’ll lead somewhere amazing, and then when it doesn’t work, all the shame piles on until we crawl back under the rock where our inner demons say we belong. “No”, they say. “You don’t get to have all these things. You don’t get to be the next Stephen King or President of the United States or Nobel Prize winner or any of that shit. You get to be a janitor or an office temp. How dare you ask for more, and how dare you ask why you have to be this way? You have to because we say you do. You are not in control. We are. We decide who you get to be, and who you get to be is...nobody.“Now, are you going to suck it up and play along? Or are we gonna have a problem?”I’ve struggled time and time again with these little brats in my head, and brats they most certainly are. They’ll take everything you have and give nothing in return if you let them. Lord knows they’ve bullied me from one edge of the emotional spectrum to the other and back again. Because I’ve tried and I’ve failed. I’ve written stories only for them to go unread. I’ve put myself out there only to be met with stone silence, and too often I’ve just blamed other people for being jerks while I retreated into the little bubble I built for myself. Because of those brats...because those ticks and leeches and demons pinging off the walls of my mind, my dreams are stumbling through a desert of fear and resentment. Desperate for a drop of the love I’ve secretly been pining for since...well, since forever.So...why haven’t I given up?Because you can’t give your dream up if your dream is who you are. I don’t know if I was put on this Earth to write stories. Hell, I don’t even know if I was put on this Earth for any reason other than dumb luck, but you know something? That’s all the reason I need. “Life isn’t a support system for art. It’s the other way around.”One of my favourite quotes from Stephen King that’s resonated with me ever since I decided to take this dream a few steps further. It rings truer than ever when I’ve been pushed to the edge of surrender and those little brats are starting to take the wheel. They have to pay the rent like everything else in my head, consequences be damned.To hell with it. To hell with all of it. Telling stories is in my blood, just as your dreams and talents are in yours. Even if I’m just dancing on the stage with no one watching me, singing a song only I can hear, writing a story that won’t ever be told. I will not give up. I may waver, I may burn out, I may slip into hiatus, but I will not give up. I have too much to say and too many stories to tell. It might take only a minute or it might take a lifetime, but those stories are getting told one way or another, and if I can cling onto this silly dream of using words to bring people a little happiness, you can all take your dreams and shoot for the moon.So stand up and show yourselves for the world to see. I’ll be right there with you, smiling and singing along. We're all here together......and the show must go on!,
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I have other problems by SuperTiti09


"Well this group is obviously racist."
You are denser than the core of Jupiter slothboy. I do not have a problem with black people. I have a problem with the BLM organization itself. I have a problem with BLM because it has been proven to be a criminal organization several times.
Welcome to the group CarlineTheLeopard
Edit May 26, 2023 : Seeing as the BLM has now been proven to be a criminal organization (which I kept telling people for years), could I have my account reactivated please?
If anyone actually has read this please type "I have read this" in the comments section of this journal or the comments section on the main group page please.
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