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Owl Portrait


Here is my latest piece. I am a big fan of birds of prey and wanted to try my hand at an up close portrait of this Great Horned Owl. I am very happy with the outcome.
Image is 6"x 8" on illustration board.
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Amazing artwork, well done

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Amazing details.Clap 
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Holy moly, this is truly fascinating Woohooooo! 
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Thank you :) glad you like it 
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Thank-you very much :)
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Stunning! Heart 
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This is absolutely amazing. 
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Excellent work! Don't know how people do that on such a small canvas. I must try it sometime, then maybe it won't take me a month to finish something :-)
deviant-art-guy's avatar never know unless you try. :)
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I love owls and i know you draw this in a perfect way!
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I am a big fan of owls myself :)

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I LOVE OWLS. <3 This is beautiful man. :)
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the amount of detail is hurting my hand. a lot.

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hahaha thank you very much.
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Nice work deviant-art-guy. Did the same piece in digital also used the reference photo of this owl. The reference photo was photographed by Mathew Hull. He allowed all to use his photo.
Check my page. Good work.
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Thank-you for the nice comment. Your gallery is great. You do some wonderful work.
Thanks for the name of the photographer of the owl. It has been so long since I got this reference from the "morgue file" I didn't know who had shared it. It is a very striking image for sure.

Take care
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This is a beautiful piece, i wish i were as talented!! ^^ Great job man!
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