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Imoen, quite sexy....

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Imoen, de Baldur´s Gate. Me inspiré en una foto de Angelina Jolie, por lo que quizás queda un poco demasiado sexy, pero mola.
Imoen, from Baldur´s Gate. I get my inspiration from a photo of Angelina Jolie, and maybe finally it´s too sexy for imoen
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For me she looks totally like Natalie Portman
I think it's just right. In addition to growing up, she grew on me, and I like this take on her. Good job!
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I don´t like her very much, but in this pic she finally doesn´t seem like that "little girl smiling all the time" (which is arrant, becouse in Tob she´s definilty NOT acting like a little girl :-))

Anyway... cool.
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Es genial descubrir fan-art de este increible videojuego!

Éxito en todo!
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About time someone realized Imoen is sexy (or would be once she grew up a little).
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Awesome drawing, I love it =D
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Muchisimas gracias!!
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Bueno, que decir esta re-buena pero ese cuerpazo no queda muy acorde con la Imoem del BG sin embargo unos años despues del juego talvez...
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Bueeeeenoo. Ya que vas a dibujar a una tia......que esté buena!! :#1:
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Whoa, this is the first time I see her that sexy! And I like it *__*
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Do we want to sleep with Imoen now?

Yes, yes we do.
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thaaanks for comment!
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your so welcome:)
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Oh, i wouldn't say that ^^
Came out very sexy, yes, but I like it that way ;)

The only thing I would change is her haircolor.
In the game she is presented with light pink hair.
I have no idea how she managed that kind of color, though :P

Nice pic, but my favourite is still Aerie :D
I don't know, maybe I like acting all hero- and protector-like for a girl who needs this ^^;
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