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280 - Ralts



Species: Feeling Pokemon
Type: Psychic / Fairy
Ability: Synchronize / Trace / Telepathy
Height: 1'04" / 0.3m
Weight: 14.6Ibs / 6.6kg

Ruby/Sapphire Sprite

Ralts is a small, humanoid Pokémon with a white body that has wide legs and long green bangs that have two red horns. At a certain angle Ralts's red eyes will be revealed.

Ralts has the ability to sense the emotions of people, and it does this by using the two horns on top of its head. This Pokémon rarely appears before people, but since Ralts is an empathic Pokémon, it draws close if it senses a person with a positive disposition. Light and happy emotions make them a little bit braver, and if someone is in a cheerful mood, this Pokémon grows cheerful and joyous in the same way. Whereas negative emotions will drive it away.

Pattern made by :iconmakibird-stitching: and can be found here:…

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo

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