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261 - Poochyena



Species: Bite Pokemon
Type: Dark
Ability: Run Away / Quick Feet / Rattled
Height: 1'08" / 0.5m
Weight: 30Ibs / 13.6kg

Black/White Sprite

Poochyena is a black and grey Pokémon with a black face and paws. It has a red nose and red eyes. Its tail is unkempt and messy. Its body and tail is grey and its underbelly is black. It looks like a dog, though its name indicates it's a hyena.

Poochyena is an omnivore - it will eat anything. A distinguishing feature is how large its fangs are compared to its body. This Pokémon tries to intimidate its foes by making the hair on its tail bristle out. At first sight, Poochyena can take a bite at anything that moves. It has a very tenacious nature. Its acute sense of smell lets it chase a chosen prey without ever losing track, until the prey becomes exhausted. However, it may turn tail if the prey strikes back.

Pattern made by :iconmakibird-stitching: and can be found here:…

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo

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