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153 - Bayleef



Species: Leaf Pokemon
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow, Leaf Guard
Height: 3'11" x 1.2m
Weight: 34.8Ibs / 15.8kg

Bayleef is a yellow, dinosaur-like Pokémon. Around its neck are several small leaves that Bayleef can shoot at opponents. There is also a large leaf on its head, which it inherits from its pre-evolution, Chikorita. This Pokémon is derived from a sauropod.

It is very outgoing like Chikorita, but is more cautious. It looks up to Meganium and other grass types for knowledge. It will hide from danger and have its mother fend for her young. If anything happens to the mother, it won't take care of its siblings, and rather join other grass types for protection, or join a herd of traveling Meganium. There have been instances where Chikorita joined groups of Jumpluff for help. Bayleef often can fend for themselves.

Bayleef's neck is ringed by curled-up leaves. Inside each tubular leaf is a small shoot of a tree. The fragrance of this shoot can make people peppy and want to fight, and is also used as a stimulant to restoring health.

Pattern made by :iconmakibird-stitching: and can be found here:…

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo

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