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040 - Wigglytuff



Species: Balloon Pokemon
Type: Normal/Fairy
Ability: Cute Charm, Competitive, Frisk
Height: 3'03" / 1m
Weight: 26.5Ibs / 12kg

Wigglytuff appears to be a light pink, oval shaped Pokémon with a piece of fluff on its forehead along with blue colored eyes and long rabbit-like ears. The ears contain large black openings and a piece of white on top. It also appears to lack arms and legs and has stubby and small hands and feet. It has a round white belly. 

Its body is full of soft and rubbery elastic. When angered, it will suck in air and inflate itself  to an enormous size. Once inflated, Wigglytuff bounces along lightly like a balloon, but can still attack with a heavy Body Slam.

Wigglytuff has large, saucerlike eyes. The surfaces of its eyes are always covered with a thin layer of tears. If any dust gets in this Pokémon's eyes, it is quickly washed away.

The rich, fluffy fur that covers its body feels so good that anyone who feels it can't stop touching it. If two of them snuggle together, they won't want to be separated, and sleeping alongside a Wigglytuff is simply divine. It is the ultimate in luxuriousness.…

Pattern made by :iconmakibird-stitching: and can be found here:…

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo

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 very cute Wigglytuff cross stitch
Wigglytuff #040 Wigglytuff