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Would it be geat to have a site like DeviantART but for submitting other work (DeviantART is limited to what you can submit you know).

DeviantGAME. Submitting .exe. gamemaker games etc. (maybe not Flash, this site already has flash games and transferring them would be hard work.

DeviantMUSIC: Submitting your musical talent. Digital: 8 bit, remixes etc. or instrumental recordings, singing etc.

DeviantSPOTLIGHT : For those beginner/intermediate/professional actors etc. who want to display
          LIMELIGHT   their talent e.g.:…

What I'm thinking is. Not just have these alternatives. But link them in the same sight.

DeviantART will function the same. But at the top, the tabs you choose will send you to the alternative sections (of which with the same llayout as DeviantART).

Each section could have its own colour scheme.

E.g. DeviantArt: Greens
DeviantGAME: Oranges
DeviantMUSIC: Purples
DeviantACT: Blues

All of your data and statistics (watchers, pagviews...) carryover but you art is only in the one section, your music is only in the one section etc. Or maybe you could have singular watches and pagvies (singular ie. only in the one section) Oh, and maybe an Overall statistic.

Maybe not Mascots for every section. Or Fella could be Deviant Mascot:

DeviantART: could have its wn
DeviantGame: has it's mascot: and they could have an overalll: "the mascot gang image".

Tell me what you think in the comments bellow. Maybe we could make a petition.

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