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A year 10 ITM assignment.

Just in case you cannot read the message:

Everyone is bullied, even adults. One in four children in Australia experience bullying. NO ONE IS ALONE!

Bullying is "when someone with more power than you, repeatedly and intentionally uses verbally, emotionally, physically, socially or technologically harming intentions against you, which causes you distress and risks your wellbeing" . Bullying can lead to Suicde (or thoughts of) and self harm.

Self-harm is defined as someone deliberately hurting themselves without wanting to die. It is used to cope with difficult or painful feelings.

Suicide is the leading cause of death in Australia (6 deaths per day or one every four hours). 30 attempt:s: 1suicide (180 attempts per day), 1014 people think about suicide every day, 249 people make a suicide plan everyday,.

If you are a bully, victim or someone who may risk their lives, talking you feelings out with someone you trust or authorities is the best option. If you see someone being bullied, do not be a bystander; TELL SOMEONE!

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