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Abortion Postcard Back: Version 2



Main Difference:

"Just imagine if you accidentally aborted an important person from history e.g Albert Einstein, Van Gough."

Just image if you accidentally aborted a one and only important historical figure or future historical figure e.g.:

The creator of the cure for cancer
The inventor of a spaceship capable of interstellar travel
The man/woman who brought peace to the world
Inventor of the hologram
First capable astronaut to travel to Saturn
The one who stopped global fammone, suffering war etc.

This came out 2015|similar to the artwork for the front| |…

Abortion Postcard Front:…

Abortion Back Version 1:…

Abortion Back Version2:…

Bullying Postcard Front:…

Bullying Postcard Back:…
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Well, I do understand that this conversation can easily become an intensely heated argument within a few comments.

It will go back and forth with no real answer or compramise.