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Abortion Postcard Back: Version 1



This was a Photoshop assignment during Year 10 ITM. Quite impressive.Very very very very very very important message.


There are many types of abortion; most of the time however, the baby is aborted by being ripped limb by limb and placing these individual bleeding pieces into a sanitised metal bowl and then following up with the crushing of the the baby's skull and brain and tugging this mess and leaving it with the rest of the carnage. Whatever method is used to abort the baby, the primary goal is to kill, and dispose of the baby with as little fuss and guilt as possible. All abortions and killing of babies (living breathing human beings) is wrong. A biological fact is that at the moment of conception the unique DNA for a new human being is created and human life is present; the baby's life has begun. That one cell is like a seed, life is existant but not entirley formed (precooked baby). Even Adolph Hitler himslef said of the Jews- they weren't human, so he could justify killing them.

A human is a human and murder is murder. Case closed.

Please, do not make any decisions about abortion until you watch "The Hotest Movie on the Internet" Seen by millions!

This came out 2015|similar to the artwork for the front| |…

Abortion Postcard Front:…

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Bullying Postcard Back:…
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